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Not Sports is an occasional series from Inverse celebrating the weird and wild organized competitions that fall just short of being a sport.

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Not Sports

How geeky charm turned a WWII maneuver into a competitive sport

Where am I? Which direction is the transmitter? Hopefully I don’t get lost.

Not Sports

A circus act turned extraordinary sport is making its case for the Olympics

“Things are about to get real.”

Mind and Body

Why a 120-year-old game is the future of sports

“If you're able to combine the strength of women and men in your team, then you really have the best opportunity.”

Who let the dogs out

Skijoring: Where human and dog athletes work as one

Not Sports

Inside the gutsy counterculture of the American skibiking scene

Not Sports

The quirky sport of cup stacking is surprisingly intense

How the best make it look like "juggling air."

Not Sports

Dodgeball's transformative journey from gym class to world class

The future of dodgeball might look nothing like its past.

Not Sports

Why Slamball's founder thinks the topsy-turvy sport may finally succeed

Is the world ready for Slamball?

Not Sports

Meet the dog surfers who have reached "a new plateau"

"I think the spirit of surfing opened her up to new experiences."

The Abstract Podcast

From Space Invaders to Floor Is Lava: The evolution of gaming

In this episode, we discuss the many ways gaming continues to reinvent itself.

Not Sports

How parkour's creative culture withstood a decade of controversy

Not Sports

Bodyboarding's chaotic quest to be more than a 'sleeping giant'

"We were actually making surfing look like it was the poor cousin of bodyboarding."