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The scariest sci-fi movie on Netflix mirrors a real-life threat

The Mist reveals a supernatural horror, but deadly mist (or fog) is a real-life phenomenon.

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Is 1899 Season 2 renewed? Everything we know about the Netflix show's future

When will we visit the Prometheus again?

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1899 ending explained: Full spoilers for Netflix's wild new sci-fi show

In space, no one can hear you say “Huh?”

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Wednesday review: Tim Burton's Addams Family reboot is a surprising success

Creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky? In this economy?


Netflix's The Punisher is still Marvel at its darkest and most dangerous

In 2017, Jon Bernthal explored the darkest regions of the superhero genre.


1899 release date, time, plot, and cast for Netflix’s Dark follow-up

Everything you need to know.

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Stranger Things Season 5 could finally fix the show’s biggest problem

David Harbour, Stranger Things’ Jim Hopper, noted in an interview that Season 5 will be a "home run" for audiences.

The Inverse Review

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is a sharp but puzzling sequel

While a sunkissed repackaging of Rian Johnson’s 2019 Knives Out, standalone sequel Glass Onion has its own cutting take on the classic whodunnit.

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Neil Gaiman takes on The Sandman’s worst critics [Exclusive]

And if you look at their profiles, they don’t like vaccines, they don’t like Democrats, and they’re not big on voting.”

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You need to watch the most inventive time-travel thriller of the century on Netflix ASAP

“What we know is a drop. What we don’t know is an ocean.”

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Netflix's master plan for streaming looks eerily similar to cable TV

Netflix made its name giving you ad-free movies and TV whenever you wanted, but now it's strategy looks a lot different.

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Netflix’s 1899 is an ambitious follow-up to Dark that falls painfully short

The multi-lingual series loses something in the execution.

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You need to watch the most underrated gothic thriller on Netflix ASAP

This 2021 Sam Raimi-produced Netflix original is an ode to horror storytelling with a devious twist ending.

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Netflix could finally do justice to Stephen King's most "unfilmable" epic

This epic sci-fi/fantasy/horror/Western series might be brought to life by Midnight Mass boss Mike Flanagan.

Master of Puppets

Stranger Things Season 5 teaser could mean the return of a dead character

Fans believe they've been given a clue by the Duffer Brothers. Is it legit, or just wishful thinking?

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The best retro sci-fi on Netflix reveals a worrying scientific debate

Could Knight Rider become reality? Here's what experts say.