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Luminaries 2022

The Last of Us devs bet big on accessibility — and made a better game

“I was in very much a mood of, like, we can do anything.”

Luminaries 2022

Ikumi Nakamura won E3. Now she wants to fix the games industry

The breakout star of E3 2019 has gone indie.

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Gaming Interviews

Forspoken devs are “not worried” about early narrative backlash

“I do have to admit, some of those memes were pretty funny.”

PAX West 2022

Return to Monkey Island devs on the innovations that enhance the sequel

A modern take on an old formula.

Luminaries 2022

Ikumi Nakamura won E3. Now she wants to fix the games industry

The breakout star of E3 2019 has gone indie.

Virtual Road Trip

Forever Ago aims to change video game protagonists forever

A different kind of road trip

Inverse Gaming Interviews

'Sims 4' devs reveal why the Sexual Orientation update is free for all players

The newest feature update in 'The Sims 4' continues to show the franchise's commitment to creating an inclusive gaming experience for all players.

Critical Hit

Ancient Bengali myths inspired an epic D&D adventure in Radiant Citadel

Mimi Mondal talks writing “In the Mists of Manivarsha” and creating Shankhabhumi.

First Class

Crisis Core Reunion devs reveal how the remaster will “enhance” FF7 Rebirth

Zack is back.

Inverse Gaming Interviews

Fire Emblem devs reveal the surprisingly honest reason they made Three Hopes

An unexpected sequel.

Gaming Interviews

Stray producer on how a design limitation led to being "utterly inspired"

The cat’s out of the bag.

Inverse Gaming Reviews

Diablo Immortal is one of the decade's biggest gaming letdowns

Inverse score: 4/10


'The Callisto Protocol' creator says it's way scarier than 'Dead Space'

Inverse speaks with Striking Distance Studios' Chief Creative Officer Chris Stone about how 'The Callisto Protocol' will stand apart from 'Dead Space.'

Inverse Gaming Interviews

"Play is a fundamental human need": Xbox exec on the future of accessible gaming

Dream big.


"Life is Strange in Japan": Square Enix devs explain their lifelike new game

How Shijima evolved.


How an underrated Final Fantasy game inspired 2022's quirkiest indie

Nothing ever goes wrong here.

Stolen Valor

Game devs aren't getting proper credit for their work — here's how to fix it

“Special Thanks” is sometimes an empty gesture.


Reggie Fils-Aimé reveals the surprising secret behind an iconic Nintendo E3 moment

He always had a knack for disrupting the game.