LGBTQ Communities

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DC Comics

First-of-its-kind study reveals transgender children are extremely unlikely to retransition

And if they do transition to another identity later, chances are it’s not cis.

The Inverse Interview

Steven Moffat on J.K. Rowling's anti-trans stance: "Just be nice"

The 'Doctor Who' showrunner comments on his social justice stance and the Harry Potter author's "gender critical" views.

How to Save the Earth

If humans go to Mars, we need an Earth Flag — here’s why

Opinion: We are approaching the point when humans make the leap off Earth and onto other planets. When we get there, how will we represent ourselves?

Long Reads

Gay yearning drives fandoms — here’s why it deserves more attention

From Killing Eve to It: Chapter Two, gay yearning allows stories to endure beyond the last scene.

Pride Flag

'Our Flag Means Death' finally portrays historical queerness correctly

The HBO Max series delivers a shocking twist with more historical merit than you may think.


Batgirl casts trans actress in a historic superhero movie first

The DCEU breaks new ground.

Out and Proud

'Thor 4' could feature a surprising and historic romance, Tessa Thompson reveals

Finally, there’s space for Valkyrie to lead her own story.

Star Wars is for Everyone

The Acolyte casting news fixes a huge Star Wars fandom problem

The “female-led” series may have a nonbinary star.


Inside Superman’s historic reveal: Why DC is right to redefine its hero

Jon Kent is bisexual, reveals an upcoming comic. Changing everything we knew about the Man of Steel, the development keeps his essence intact.

Hanging on by a Webb

NASA may still rename the controversial Webb Telescope. Here's how.

NASA shows no signs of relenting on its stance to not rename the James Webb Telescope, but a New York State Senator suggests this it's a long game.

We Are Venom

'Venom 2' redefines Eddie and Venom’s relationship in one revolutionary way

'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' didn't just break box-office records. The sequel also breaks ground in how it depicts its main couple.

In the Beginning

Phastos: Marvel’s Eternals rating reveals a historic new character detail

Marvel's first openly gay superhero will make his big-screen debut in Eternals.


Strange New Worlds could change Spock in one huge, historic way

Star Trek fans know that Spock isn't strictly heterosexual. Could it become canon?

Gamer Pride

"Toxic online mentality": Trans employees of Activision Blizzard speak

At Activision Blizzard, LGBTQ+ employees say they experienced a toxic work environment and were forced into the closet.


The science of sexual orientation

Can genes explain sexuality? Should we even try to know?

Robin takes Wing

Is Robin bisexual? Maybe, but it shouldn’t matter

The comics show Tim Drake accepting a date from a male suitor, but that doesn't mean anything concrete just yet.