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'The Last of Us' Episode 3 Director Reveals the Secret Meaning Behind the Last Shot

Peter Hoar reveals what it was like filming 'The Last of Us' Episode 3 and that heartbreaking ending.


5 years ago, the most heartfelt indie platformer changed video games forever

We are all climbing our own mountain.

Persona Week 2023

14 years later, I still can't forget the most underrated Persona love story

“As long as you understand, I don’t need anything else.”

The Inverse Awards 2022

The best video game smooch of 2022 makes me feel less alone

The depiction of love in Signalis is heartbreakingly beautiful.

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Willow's LGBTQ+ relationship is part of its legacy, star says

Willow star Warwick Davis and EP Jon Kasdan talk honoring and building on the progressive legacy of the ‘80s cult fantasy flick.


You need to play the spiciest mobile game of 2022

A couple that hunts devils together, stays together.

Rebel with a cause

Star Wars theory reveals the heroic origins of an overlooked character

Have we seen Vel before?


How to get a free Destiny 2 rainbow transmat for National Coming Out Day

Show your pride, Guardian!


Blizzard explains Overwatch 2 tournament's "gender verification system"

You know what they say about the road to hell?


Last of Us HBO trailer hints the show won't ignore a key romance

This pivotal character won’t be left behind.

Game Recs

Final Fantasy's most underrated love story leaves Game Pass in a few days

Kiss kiss fall in love.


Clapping for Hogwarts Legacy is bad, and you should feel bad

Take a stand.

Set Sail

Our Flag Means Death fans are redefining historical fiction

What happens when beloved characters are based on terrible humans?

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For All Mankind’s game-changing Season 3 twist had been planned since 2018

Jodi Balfour hopes her queer presidential icon won’t remain limited to science fiction.


It’s time for Street Fighter to make Poison canonically trans

She deserves better than Capcom is giving her.


Guilty Gear Strive just made its new DLC fighter a queer icon overnight

Trans representation in fighting games.