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Inverse is committed to bringing original stories to light on LGBT growth and its evolving representation in new entertainment spaces like video games, comics, and mainstream action movies. It also covers how the fields of science and innovation are including issues that have been traditionally important to LGBT communities through research and cultural inclusion.

SDCC 2020
At Comic-Con, LGBTQ+ actors reveal one way the industry needs to change
Mae Abdulbaki
LGBTQ+ actors from Star Trek: Discover, Sense8, and other shows spoke at a Comic-Con@Home panel over the weekend.
The Abstract Podcast
Comic-con and the future of conventions
Inverse Staff
In this episode, we discuss the future of fan communities and what’s in store for LGBTQ superheroes.
the future
It's time to abolish gendered government IDs
Natalie Wallington
Having an M or an F on one's ID can create more problems than it solves.
Together Until The End
Netflix's 'Sense8' saved Pride month for me and my chosen family
Sebastian Cordoba
“Isolated above, connected below.”
The future of pride
How LGBTQ+ culture can survive Covid-19
Thor Benson
New Orleans loves a parade, but Pride parties in the city in 2020 have forced its residents to get creative while staying healthy.
The first Pride was a riot
Dais Johnston
We should honor the trans women of color behind it.
The Abstract Podcast
'Last of Us 2' controversy reveals the emotional side of quarantine gaming culture
Inverse Staff
Episode #9: The psychology of video games
The rest of us: 'The Last of Us 2' trans controversy, explained
Jen Glennon, Dais Johnston and Eric Francisco
Who are games for, anyway?
Star Wars fans in Singapore missed out on the film's other kiss
Passant Rabie
The brief moment was cut to keep the film rating at PG-13.
'Dragon Prince' creator accused of sexist behavior by former employees
Jake Kleinman
Aaron Ehasz denied the accusations.
Mind and Body
The tanning industry may be targeting neighborhoods with gay men: study
Ali Pattillo
"Our concern is whether the tanning industry is targeting high-risk communities."
Using Gender-Neutral Pronouns Like "They" Can Change Society for the Better
Yasmin Tayag
What's in a name? A lot more than political correctness.
Mind and Body
There Are Infinite Ways to Have Sex and There’s Nothing Unnatural About It
Gonzalo R. Quintana Zunino and Conall Eoghan Mac Cionnaith
"The only unnatural sex act is that which can’t be performed."
Mind and Body
CDC: Transgender Students Are Facing Disproportionately High Risks
Sarah Sloat
"We hope this sheds a light on the kind of oppression transgender people face at every age."
Mind and Body
LGBTQ Science Study Says Finger Ratios Linked to Female Sexual Orientation
Sarah Sloat
"Research suggests that our sexuality is determined in the womb."
Netflix 'Voltron' Season 7 Spoilers: Shiro Is Gay!
Eric Francisco
Is Putting Putin on the Wall Street Bull With Dildos Homophobic?
Josie Rhodes Cook
Some LGBTQ individuals aren't laughing.
What Are Your Rights in an Uber? Two Women Kicked Out of Cab for Kissing
Josie Rhodes Cook
Kissing isn't illegal, but is it against Uber policy?
'Solo's Lando Calrissian Is Pansexual, a New Tradition of Sci-Fi Heroes?
Ryan Britt
Seems like a good thing to us.
Tamara de Lempicka: The Art Deco Diva's 5 Most Vivid Works
Grace Lisa Scott
A student of the bohemian Left Bank, Lempicka excelled at a sensual style.