Stay Hungry

One form of fasting may be best to fight inflammation — study

A new study adds evidence to the idea that a break from eating helps fight the pathology du jour.

Of mice and men

Can fasting or keto slow aging? Scientists are skeptical

Maybe don’t change your diet because it worked for a mouse.

Mind and Body

Study: Diet alone won’t cure cancer, but it may boost treatments

A new study on mice reveals an intriguing link between caloric restriction and cancer.

Think fast

Can fasting be good for you? Two studies reveal how it changes the body

Here’s why the eating pattern can result in health benefits.

Longevity Hack

Scientists identify how many hours to eat a day to optimize longevity

Maintaining an eating schedule may help safeguard your long-term health.

think fast

The most misunderstood part of intermittent fasting isn’t what you think

Humans can’t stick to the same schedules as mice — or get the same results.

no soup for you

Can fasting ward off infections? Mice study reveals an unexpected link

New research counters conventional wisdom that when you lose your appetite, you should eat more.

Fast or nah

Two signs that intermittent fasting is actually working, according to devotees

It's complicated...


Intermittent fasting’s favorite word may not mean what you think

If you've tried intermittent fasting, you may have heard of autophagy: a real but much-hyped process that's more complicated than it sounds.

Think fast

Male and female bodies respond differently to intermittent fasting

Here's what we know so far.

fast not furious

Intermittent fasting may improve your mood

But unfortunately, scientists don’t know for sure.


Intermittent fasting may not offer dramatic benefits — here’s why

What defines success depends on who you ask.

total recall

Intermittent fasting could significantly shape long-term memory

If our brains are anything like those of mice in a maze, fasting may hone recall skills.

family heirloom

Intermittent fasting could have unintended effects on future generations

Worms’ descendants suffered from their ancestors’ diets.

full stop

The hormone that helps us feel full may also help keep our brain together

There’s more to leptin than meets the eye.

Gut feeling

How fasting changes your gut microbiome

The timing of eating matters.