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Four ways fasting may help your brain

Time without food benefits the mind, not just the body.

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Fasting found to have a transformative effect on diet results

A new study suggests fasting can benefit difficult-to-treat metabolic problems.

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Intermittent fasting: the 3 things nobody tells you before you begin

The relationship between fasting, weight loss, and fat is complicated.

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Intuitive fasting: Why this "third way" of living could be better

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Intermittent fasting: The weird history behind powerlifting's longest-lasting diet

Its origin helps explain IF’s limits and goals, and how it evolved past an athletic curiosity.

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New study reveals an unintended side effect of intermittent fasting

Researchers challenge the assumption that this popular diet regimen promotes healthy weight loss.

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Could "alternate-day fasting" make you healthier?

Scientists have discovered a possible reason why this extreme form of intermittent fasting works.

Ratatouille, is that you?

Salad Rat reminds us what rodents can teach science about food

We depend on rodent studies for much of the information we have about how food affects the brain and the body.

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How to choose a 2020 diet based on science

Diets for longevity, weight loss, and brain health explained.

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The science-backed guide to intermittent fasting, 2019's most popular diet

In 2019, Inverse asked the experts what intermittent fasting actually does to your body.

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Why fasting for 16 hours a day may benefit the brain and body

A review of intermittent fasting studies suggests it's a genuinely healthy lifestyle.

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Is intermittent fasting the longevity life hack we’ve been waiting for?

Diving into the science behind 2019's favorite diet.