47 wildly popular things under $30 that are sure to sell out

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Despite what you might’ve learned in high school, popularity can be important — when it comes to shopping online, that is. If a product has thousands of glowing reviews, you can almost certainly rest assured that it’ll be worth the money. But if it’s only got a few, you’ll probably be better off keeping that particular item out of your shopping cart. So when I say that this list is full of wildly popular Amazon products, I mean it. Don’t be surprised if they sell out in the near future.

I know what you’re thinking. “Sell out? The entire list? Unlikely.” And normally, I’d agree with you — but I’ve made sure that each item featured below is popular and priced at less than $30. That means you’ll be able to grab detoxifying charcoal body wash, chic string lights, and even a Bluetooth adapter for your car, all without breaking the bank. But if that isn’t enough? Make sure to check out the cooling towel I’ve made sure to include. With warmer weather quickly approaching, you’ll be glad you grabbed it before it sells out.

Popularity isn’t everything, but it can definitely help when shopping online. And with all of these wildly popular products priced at $30 or less, be sure to grab a few while you’re here — and before they sell out.

1. These fridge liners that keep your shelves clean

Tired of cleaning up sticky refrigerator shelves? Just put these liners down. Not only will they keep your shelves safe from spills, but you can also trim them into any size or shape you need. Each one is made from soft EVA that can come into direct contact with food — and many reviewers raved about how they’re “easy to clean.”

2. A pair of sponges that defog windows

When your windshield is starting to get cloudy with condensation, you’ll be glad you grabbed these sponges. They’ll defog all types of glass (including bathroom mirrors), and the open-mesh design helps them dry quickly in order to prevent mildew. “Best thing for foggy windshields,” raved one reviewer. “Easy to clean and gets the job done!”

3. The detoxifying body wash made with organic charcoal

Lather yourself up with this body wash for a deep, detoxifying clean. A blend of mint leaves, wild fern, and violet give it a refreshing scent, while organic charcoal works to cleanse pores from dirt and grime. And since the formula contains more than 80% plant-based ingredients, it’s even gentle on the environment.

4. A plug designed to work with nearly any drain

If you’ve misplaced the plug that came included with your sink, this one is universally designed to fit overtop nearly any drain. It’s made from soft silicone that seals flat to your sink basin — and since silicone is non-porous, it’s even resistant to bacterial growth. Choose from four colors: black, white, blue, or green.

5. These lids that stretch to fit your containers

If you’ve got a drawer or cabinet dedicated to mismatched container lids, might I suggest downsizing to this set? Each lid is made from flexible, food-grade silicone that you can stretch to fit your containers — and they even create an airtight seal to help keep your meals fresh.

6. An outlet extender that adds 2 extra plugs

Not only does this extender add an extra two plugs to your outlet, but it also features three USB ports — just in case you can’t find a power brick the next time your phone dies. And unlike some power strips, it features built-in surge protection to help keep your devices safe.

7. The scrubber brush that comes with its own soap dish

Made from eco-friendly bamboo, this scrubber brush powers through tough dirt and grime — all without leaving behind any scratches. The best part about it? Each order comes with a ceramic dish that doubles as a soap dispenser — simply press the scrubber down into the dish to get it foamy with soap.

8. A pair of organizers that fit between your car seats

If you’re always losing stuff between the seats in your car, you’ll definitely want to check out these organizers. They fill up that gap so that keys, phones, or anything else can’t fall through, while the partitions on the inside help keep your stuff sorted. Plus, each one is made from water-resistant faux leather.

9. This oil sprayer that delivers a fine, even mist

Fill this sprayer with everything from oil to Marsala wine, and it’ll produce a fine, even mist as you grease pans and dress salads. The bottle is made from sleek glass — not plastic — while the stainless steel sprayer head is resistant to rust. Many reviewers also raved about how it’s “easy to use” and “worth the money.”

10. These hooks that keep your razors high & dry

Mount these hooks to your shower or bathroom wall if you need a dry place to store your razors. Installation doesn’t require any drilling, as each one is backed with sticky adhesive — and they’ll even work great holding towels, keys, and more.

11. The smartphone mount that sticks to your dashboard

Stick this smartphone mount onto your dashboard, and you’ll be able to use your phone hands-free while driving. Five sticky points on the bottom keep it in place — and the universal design means it’ll work with Androids as well as iPhones. “Easy to adjust and flexible for different positioning,” raved one reviewer. “Excellent for using GPS mapping and other options.”

12. A tube of goo for fixing up broken shoes

Vinyl, rubber, canvas, leather — no matter what your shoes are made from, this tube of goo can help fix up small holes. Not only is the bond it creates waterproof, but it also gives your shoes extra traction when applied to the soles. Plus, it’s even suitable for use on skateboards.

13. This kit that adds Bluetooth to your car

Don’t have Bluetooth in your car? Plug this kit into your cigarette lighter, and you’ll be able to connect up to two phones to your stereo at the same time. It also lets you make hands-free phone calls, and many reviewers even wrote about how great the sound quality is.

14. A vent cleaner that pulls lint deep out of your dryer

Keeping that lint trap of your dryer clean is easier than ever with this vacuum attachment that pulls debris from small areas. Both the tube and guide wand are extra-long, helping you reach distant fuzzies in every corner. Plus, it’ll even work with exterior dryer vents.

15. The knife sharpener that’ll make meal prep easier

Cleavers, serrated blades — this knife sharpener is so versatile you can even use it on axes. It only takes a few strokes for the diamond-coated sharpening rods to get your working like new, while the ergonomic handle is designed to fit comfortably in both hands.

16. A cleaning kit made for electronic screens

Electronic LED and LCD screens are ruined by some sprays, whereas this kit comes with gentle cleanser that provides a streak-free polish. It’s safe for everything from flatscreen TVs, to your smartphone screen — and each order also comes with a microfiber towel included.

17. This electric callus remover that does the work for you

You don’t have to grind away at tough skin with a foot file — just let this electric callus remover do the work for you. It only takes a few quick minutes for the grinding head to exfoliate away unwanted skin, while the rechargeable battery lasts for up to a full hour. Plus, each order also comes with three interchangeable grinding heads.

18. These protectors that blend into chair legs

When you’ve finally gotten tired of scuffing your floors, pop some of these protectors onto your chairs. The dark walnut color blends into the chair leg, and each one is made from extra-thick silicone that won’t slide down over time. But if that isn’t enough? They’re also waterproof — just in case you want to use them outdoors.

19. The blocks of cedar that help keep clothes fresh

Ever wind up with a musty odor (or even moths) in your closet? Place a few of these cedar rings and balls inside, and their natural fragrances can help keep unwanted scents and insects at bay. Their scent is lightweight, similar to how you’d expect fresh wood to smell — and you can easily give them a quick refresh simply by rubbing them down with sandpaper.

20. A kit that turns your drill into a powerful scrubber

You don’t have to dump a ton of elbow grease into your next cleaning project — just grab this kit. It comes with four interchangeable scrubber heads that pop into your handheld drill, turning it into a high-powered scrubber. And since the bristles on two of the heads are made from nylon, they’re even resistant to fraying.

21. This draft stopper that also helps soundproof rooms

Add these draft stoppers to your doors for an easy way to help cut down on your electricity bill. Each one is backed with adhesive that lets you easily press and stick them to the bottoms of your doors, and they’ll even provide light soundproofing. Choose from four colors: white, gray, brown, or black.

22. A strip light that only turns on when you’re around

Looking for cheap ways you can upgrade your home? This strip light illuminates dark closets, bedrooms, or even kitchen countertops. It features a built-in motion sensor, which means it’ll only turn on when someone is in the room — and each order comes with 3M adhesive for simple installation.

23. The suspenders that stop your sheets from riding up

With sturdy metal clips and heavy-duty elastic, these suspenders grip tightly onto your fitted sheet so that it doesn’t ride up and over your mattress. They’re compatible with nearly any type of fitted sheet or mattress — and you can also use them to hold down car seats, grill covers, and more.

24. A nonstick liner that helps keep ovens clean

Scrubbing your oven clean can take a ton of work, whereas placing one of these liners down is really easy. Not only does the nonstick surface make it easy to wipe away crumbs and grease, but it’s also designed to work in all ovens — including convection, gas, as well as electric ones.

25. This lightweight blanket made from breezy bamboo

Bamboo fibers are breathable, which means this bamboo blanket is a lightweight addition to any bed. But unlike some bamboo blankets, this one features cold-touch bamboo fibers that help you cool down instantly when touched — and the unique diamond weave helps maximize airflow. Choose from seven colors, including a gorgeous shade of blue.

26. A chopper that reviewers can’t get enough of

With more than 5,000 positive four- and five-star reviews, it’s clear that this chopper is wildly popular for more than a few reasons. Not only does each order comes with three interchangeable blades that let you chop up cubes, sticks, wedges, and more — but they’re all made from stainless steel. “This works great,” wrote one reviewer. “And it saves a ton of time.”

27. The cup holder designed to work with larger bottles

If the cupholders in your car are too narrow to fit a reusable water bottle, you might want to consider this smart cup holder. It fits into any standard cupholder, yet the wide basket on top is large enough for any bottle up to 3.8 inches in diameter. And with a glossy charcoal finish, it blends seamlessly into your vehicle’s interior.

28. A lint remover that doesn’t use any electricity or tape

There’s no need to keep this lint remover charged, as it’s completely manual; simply give your sweaters a few swipes to clear away fuzzies. The trimmer head is made from pure, sharp copper, while the beechwood handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in both hands. And if your furniture is looking a little worse for wear? It’ll even work on upholstery.

29. This cooling towel that you can clip to your bag

With warmer weather quickly approaching, you’ll be glad you snagged this cooling towel before it sells out. Just get it soaked with water, wring it out, then drape it across your shoulders to help yourself cool down. Plus, it even comes with a convenient travel pouch — along with a carabiner you can clip to your bag.

30. These toe spreaders that can help alleviate pain

Whether you’ve got bunions or hammertoe, these spreaders can help alleviate pain. They’re made from soft, latex-free rubber that won’t leave your skin irritated — and each one is so durable that you can even wear them while running. “These toe spreaders have helped restore my posture,” wrote one reviewer. “I feel like they’ve also helped to improve the blood circulation in my feet, as well as reduced some perspiration.”

31. The running band that keeps your phone secure

Going out for a jog? Don’t risk dropping your phone — keep it safe inside of this arm band instead. Not only does it help protect your phone from damage, but it also gives you easy access to it while you’re running. And since it’s designed to fit nearly any phone, there’s no need to worry about whether you’ve got an iPhone or an Android.

32. A motion-sensor lamp that’s great for small spaces

Above locks, in dark stairways, or even out in the garage — this lamp will work great practically anywhere you put it. Four LED bulbs instantly turn on when the built-in motion sensor detects someone is in the room, helping you see in low-light conditions. Just make sure to provide your own AA battery, as one does not come included.

33. These oven rack guards that help protect you from burns

Ever touch a hot oven rack on accident? Not when you’ve got these guards protecting you. Each one is made from heavy-duty silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit — and you can even trim them to fit inside of toaster ovens. Plus, cleaning only takes a few seconds since they easily wipe down with a damp cloth.

34. A pair of covers that add privacy to webcams

Give yourself some privacy (and peace of mind) with these covers. They’re designed to work with nearly any built-in laptop webcam, and they’ll even fit on some tablet cameras. Once you’re done with your video call, simply move the slider back.

35. The fasteners that help stop your comforter from shifting

My comforter is constantly shifting inside of the duvet, which is why I bought a set of fasteners like these ones. They snap onto your comforter to keep it from moving off-center from the duvet, yet their firm grip won’t damage your bedding. The best part? They’re virtually undetectable while you’re sleeping.

36. A garlic twister that works with a variety of ingredients

Garlic presses will only work with garlic, whereas this twister will mince up everything from garlic to chili peppers — and more. The teeth on the inside are beveled, allowing them to mince up your ingredients from multiple directions at the same time. And unlike some garlic gadgets, this one keeps your hands clean from that sticky juice.

37. These compression socks with extra arch support

Even though these socks are lightweight and breathable, the compressive fabric they’re made from gives your arches extra support that other socks are lacking. Not only are they supportive, but they can also help stimulate blood circulation in your feet — which can in turn alleviate pain from plantar fasciitis.

  • Available sizes: Small — 2X

38. A toiletry bag made from stylish canvas

This toiletry bag is made from stylish canvas that’ll withstand the test of time. Genuine leather details make it look way more expensive than it is, while the roomy inside gives you enough space for shaving cream, bottles, toothbrushes, and more. Choose from four colors: black, blue, coffee, or grey.

39. The gaming headset that won’t break the bank

Some gaming headsets can cost upwards of $80, whereas this one is available for just $20. Faux leather ear cups help cancel out background noise while you’re playing, and the microphone is flexible so that it’s easily adjustable. Plus, it’s compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and more.

40. An over-the-sink dish rack that saves you space

Made from rustproof stainless steel, this dish rack rolls out over the unused space above your sink to help save you some space. The silicone edges are nonslip, helping to keep it in place with minimal shifting — and it even doubles as a trivet for hot cookware in a pinch. And while some over-the-sink racks are made with round rungs, this one features squared ones for added stability.

41. This indoor drone that’s fun for kids & adults alike

Gently toss this indoor drone through the air, then gently guide its flight path with your hand — or cut it short using the included remote. The ventilated shell surrounding the fan blades help protect your surroundings from damage, and reviewers loved how first-time flyers had an easy time using it. Choose from two colors: black or blue.

42. A pair of running shorts with built-in compression

Pull on these running shorts, and you’ll be good to run right out the door. There’s a compressive layer underneath to help keep you secure, and it even helps wick away sweat as you exercise. The best part about them? They even have two zippered front pockets to keep your phone, keys, and cash safe.

43. The potato peeler that does the peeling for you

We might not have the flying cars we expected in 2021, but at least we’ve got this electric peeler. Just place your potato on the spike, lower the dual peeling arms, then press the red button on the back to get your spud spinning. And unlike some peelers, this one can be powered with four AA batteries, or using the included 6-volt adapter.

44. A mouse that’s ergonomically designed for comfort

Your hand naturally wants to rest in a handshake position, which is why this ergonomic mouse features an upright design. Not only does it create less strain than flat mice, but there are also buttons that let you navigate forwards and backwards through pages. Plus, it’s compatible with Linux as well as most Windows systems.

45. A USB hub that adds four ports to your computer

Don’t have enough USB ports for all your gadgets? Give yourself an extra four ports with this hub. Each order comes with an adapter so that you can use it with MacBooks, while the high-speed USB 3.0 technology allows for transfer speeds of up to five gigabytes per second.

46. The cleaning tool that clears smudges off your screens

Many cleaning sprays aren’t suitable for electronics — so grab this screen cleaning tool for the next time your phone or tablet gets dirty with smudges. It only takes a few quick swipes to clean your screens, and it’s even compatible with laptops. Plus, it’s reusable as many times as you need. Each order contains three.

47. A flash drive that’s compatible with Androids & iPhones

Plug this flash drive into your Android or iPhone to backup all your photos and videos. USB 3.0 technology allows for quick transfer speeds — and with 256 gigabytes of storage space, there’s more than enough room for multiple phones’ worth of data.

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