63 wildly popular things on Amazon under $35

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by Christina X. Wood
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Contrary to belief, shopping on a budget doesn't have to come with limitations — especially if you're shopping online. In fact, there are tons of wildly popular things on Amazon under $35, and I rounded up some of the best deals available so you can see what I'm talking about. Whether you're trying to revamp your cooking game, pick up a cool new hobby, or just shop around for something new, I have you covered. And since these products are on the affordable side, they won't leave a huge dent in your bank account (unless you buy a ton of them, which is pretty tempting).

For aspiring chefs, I present you with cookbooks, breakfast sandwich makers, cheese boards, and more. And for those of you tossing the idea of a new hobby around, I have bonsai tree-growing kits, karaoke mics, and even home workout sets with multi-level resistance bands. I even made sure to include morning essentials like coffee makers and tea infusers that look like the Loch Ness Monster. What's cool is that all of these things are seriously admired, which means there's a good chance you'll also enjoy them.

Again, these products are under $35 — so if you're hoping to treat yourself on a budget or buy something affordable for someone else, you can surely find the right product below.

1. This book that teaches you all about the elements of cooking

It can take years of following recipes to learn how to create fabulous food — but if you understand how salt, fat, acid, and heat work, you can go quickly to creating masterful meals from the ingredients you have on hand. This book breaks it down so you'll quickly understand everything like balancing flavors, creating texture, and more.

2. A kit that lets you grow edible mushrooms at home

Growing mushrooms is surprisingly easy (and a little astonishing). When you use this kit, you can eat the results. After receiving the growing box, simply follow the directions and watch your mushrooms grow within days. All you'll need is a few tools to prep and a window with indirect sunlight.

3. This ceramic dripper for delicious single-cups of coffee

This ceramic cone-shaped mug — and a bit of skill and patience — is the secret to an excellent cup of coffee. The cup is designed to help mimic the pour-over coffee process that machines usually accomplish. All you need is the ceramic dripper, a filter, hot water, and good coffee grounds. Then, you can make amazing coffee anywhere.

4. This fun food dice set that makes dinner more interesting

Admit it: you have no idea what to make for dinner tonight (or tomorrow night or the night after that). This set of food dice solves your problem in the most entertaining way possible: by leaving it up to chance. The set comes with five primary dice — including protein, cooking method, grain/carb, herb, bonus ingredient — and four seasonal vegetable dice. Give them a roll and then have a blast making whatever combo appears before you.

5. This tea infuser that looks like the Loch Ness Monster

Nessie enjoys a good cup of tea, and she's had centuries to master her technique. Just put the leaves in her belly, snap on her upper section, and drop her into a cup of hot water. She looks adorable swimming in the cup and makes an excellent drink.

6. A warm beanie with built-in headphones

This beanie offers so much more than warmth. It's also a pair of wireless headphones that connect to your phone to play tunes or books while you stay toasty. Plus, there are over 30 styles, patterns, and shapes to choose from — most of which are made from acrylic.

7. The book of dream hikes to add to your bucket list

This is a collection of the hikes you'll want to put on your bucket list, no matter where you live or where you've been. From California's Sierra High Route to Egypt's Sinai Trail, there are long, short, easy, and difficult hikes in here. There are also hikes that'll take hours and some that'll take weeks. And the National Geographic photos will give you the taste of scenery you need to motivate you to get there.

8. This collection of bold spices that make for better grilling

Anyone who loves to char meats on the grill will be thrilled to add this classic and daring selection of spices to their repertoire. These rubs and salts are organic, fresh, and loaded with flavors including smokey southwest, citrus pepper, fresh bay, peppered habanero, and grill master.

9. These long, frozen chillers that'll keep your beer bottles cold

If you're running low on cold beers, keep these stainless steel chillers in the freezer. When your bottle isn't chilled enough, drop one in and drink through it to correct that sad situation immediately. Two come in one pack, so you can chill one while using another.

10. A multitool that literally fits in our wallet

Put this multitool in your wallet and forget about it until you want to use it. When you need a hex wrench, can opener, fruit peeler, bottle opener, ruler, letter opener, box opener, phone stand, or screwdriver, it'll be there for you. It's great to have in your pocket, but it also makes a cool gift.

11. The sunrise alarm clock that wakes you up gently

Wake up gently with this sunrise alarm clock, which gradually brightens to ease you out of sleep. The clock also has seven alarm sounds and a snooze function, and it works as a bedside lamp with adjustable brightness levels and a range of color options.

12. This bundle with an Echo Dot & a smart plug

For less than $35, you can get an Echo Dot and a smart light bulb to bring your home to the next level. The Echo Dot works as a voice-activated speaker where you can ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, and more — while the WiFi smart bulb works with voice commands and is a breeze to turn on and off.

13. These clip-on camera lenses for impressive phone pics

Want better macro photos, wide-angle shots, and the occasional fish eye viewpoint from the camera in your phone? Before you drop a ton of money on a new phone, try snapping one of these slick lenses onto the phone you already have. Reviewers are blown away by the images they're capturing with these specialty lenses.

14. These mesh towels that’ll keep you cool on hot days

These cooling towels are so helpful to have on hot days — just soak a towel in water, wring it out, and wear it around your head or neck to stay cool. The towels are made from lightweight, breathable mesh that offers up to three hours of cooling, and each one comes with a reusable waterproof pouch for easy carrying.

15. A build-on brick coffee mug that's as fun as playing with LEGO

Everyone told you to "adult," right? But that doesn't mean you have to stop playing with LEGO blocks. Bring this mug to work and turn it into something amazing with LEGO-like bricks. While using it, everyone will know it's your cup (which is good because they will also want to steal it).

16. An ergonomic mouse that's more comfortable to work with

You can add an ergonomic mouse to your rig (or someone else's) to make the workspace more comfortable. This one is both affordable and wireless — and it has a removable palm rest and thumb buttons. It puts your hand in the "handshake" position while you are mousing.

17. This brilliant pillow so you can sleep sitting up on a plane

Instead of startling yourself every time you drift asleep mid-travel when your head drops, add this clever pillow to your routine. It looks like a scarf, but it has a carefully engineered frame inside to keep you stable and cozy while you rest on the go.

18. A stand that turns your phone into a bedside or desk clock

When your phone is flat on the desk or bedside table, it's hard to see the screen. This stand lifts and positions it at an easy viewing angle so you can glance at the time or see who's calling without the struggle. There is a hole in the back to run your charging cable through, too.

19. This eternal notebook that sends your scribbles to the cloud

You'll never have to buy another notebook once you get this smart one. Write your notes, journal entries, or poetry on its pages. Then, use the accompanying app to send those thoughts to the cloud service of your choice. When you run out of pages, pop the notebook in the microwave the advised amount of time. The writing will then disappear, and all the pages will be clean again.

20. This waterproof speaker that you can use in the shower

Clip this powerful speaker to a shower hook, your kayak, the side of the pool, or your bike and take your tunes wherever you go. It can handle being submerged up to one meter for 30 minutes underwater. It's got a loop in the top for the carabiner and it comes in nine colors.

21. These running gloves that work with touchscreens

These lightweight gloves are not the mittens you'd wear for snow sports; they're the light layer you need to keep your hands safe from wind chill and damp air while you walk, jog, or bike. They're form-fitting, have grippy palms, and are touchscreen compatible so they won't slow you down.

22. A bonsai tree starter kit for some new greenery at home

You can start a beautiful hobby with this complete bonsai kit, or keep it for yourself. Everything that's needed to start growing beautiful bonsai trees from seeds is included. There are seeds of four styles of tree, biodegradable growing pots, soil discs, bamboo plant markers, and instructions.

23. This support pillow to help prevent pain in your back & hips

If you often wake up with back pain, consider adding this pillow to your bed. It's designed to align your spine and help reduce pressure points while you relax. For side sleepers, it straightens out the spine and takes away the hard impact point of hips against the mattress. For back sleepers, it gives more support where you need it (in the curve of your spine).

24. The TV backlight that gives your home theater vibes

Stick these color-changing lights onto the back of your TV, monitor, headboard, or other object and reflect light against the wall behind it. It seems so simple, but it instantly turns that object into a stunning ambient lighting element. You can choose the color and brightness to get exactly the look you want for the mood. It also picks up sounds and plays a light show to go with the music, game, or conversation.

25. This futuristic, gravity-defying globe that rotates

If you’ve got a sense of wonder (or if you're hoping to upgrade your home desk with something cool), then check out this slick floating globe. Give the globe a tiny push and it'll spin like the planet, mesmerizing anyone within viewing distance. It's also a lamp with an LED light in the base that makes it look even cooler.

26. A roll-up drying rack that fits over your sink to save space

Usually, kitchens don't offer a ton of extra space —  and there are always dishes to be washed. That's why this clever drying rack will always be welcome. It takes up no space because you can roll it up and put it in a drawer. Plus, it brilliantly lets the dishes drip into the sink, leaving nothing to be wiped up.

27. This cold-brew coffee maker that looks like lab equipment

This cold brew coffee maker has a metal sleeve in the center for the grounds so there are no filters to replace. There are measurements printed on the carafe for easy precision, and the top is airtight. Plus, it's constructed with super durable borosilicate glass that can be kept in the fridge.

28. A shelf that makes use of the space above the stove

This magnetic shelf turns the space at the top of your stove into a 3.5-inch deep shelf with absolutely zero effort. Just snap it on top and put things on it. It gives you a handy place to store spices, oils, or tools within easy reach. It's easy-to-clean stainless steel and surprisingly sturdy.

29. A headphone stand that also charges your phone

If you put your headphones on a stand, you'll always know where they are — and this headphone stand has a wireless charger built into the base making for a handy place for all the listening tools. It does a great job of bringing order to a bedside table or desk.

30. These clever webcam covers with over 14,000 reviews

If you often forget to turn your camera off post-video calls, you can put one of these privacy covers over the lens and slide it closed when you're done chatting. With this purchase, you'll get two covers for $7 — both of which fit over various laptops and iPhones.

31. This shield to cover the gap between your counter & stove

How many spoons and crumbs have you lost in the gap between your stove and the counter? This made-to-fit, heat-resistant, smudge-proof strip of silicone is the weirdest and most effective solution you will find to that problem. Clean in between that gap for the last time after you order this — because when it arrives and you've cut it to fit and installed it, you probably won't have to do it again for a while.

32. These solar lights that'll add some glow to your yard

There's a simple, affordable, no-maintenance solution to your outdoor lighting problems — and this package of 12 stainless steel solar lights is it. Just pull them out of the package, assemble them, and stick them in the ground wherever you want some extra glow. The sun charges the battery all day, and the lights come on at sunset and work until the battery runs out.

33. This foot rest filled with plush memory foam

This cushion is designed to give your feet a soft place to rest under your desk, and it's double-sided. If you find yourself fidgety and unfocused late in the day, flip it over to the round rocker side and build some kinetic movement into your ergonomics.

34. An aftershave that helps prevents ingrown hair & razor bumps

Apply a thin coating of this lotion after you shave and it'll help prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair while bringing relief to your skin. Reviewers are raving about this stuff in the most hilarious and articulate ways — over 8,000 of them, that is.

35. This cocktail shaker set that has everything your bar needs

This cocktail kit has every pour spout, long spoon, shot glass, shaker, and muddler you will ever need — and nothing you'll never use. It will set the bar up for all eternity, and it all comes packaged in a classy velvet bag with a mixology guide to help with recipes.

36. A weighted jump rope so you can get in a quick workout

You might think of jumping rope as a playground game, but it actually has a bunch of health benefits when it comes to working out. This one is weighted to slow the jump speed slightly, and it's adjustable so you can make the length perfect for you.

37. This handy cordless beard trimmer that's super easy to use

This rechargeable beard trimmer is everything you need to maintain your hair. It has durable stainless steel blades and comes with spacers capable of 14 different lengths. Plus, it packs into its own travel bag and it comes with a nose trimmer, making this a terrific bargain.

38. A beautiful thermal water flask with three lids

Whether you need a vessel for water, wine, or some concoction of your own making, this double-wall insulated bottle has you covered. There are so many colors to choose from that you can give them to your family and friends — and no two will be alike. There are many sizes, as well, and each one comes with three lids: one flip-top, one with a sports straw, and one stainless steel.

39. This set of resistance bands for your home gym

In my opinion, resistance bands are the best. They work every muscle group, can be used to replace bulky weights, and fit in a tiny bag. This set is wildly popular on Amazon because it's affordable, effective, and has five color-coded resistance levels that can be combined to create a wide range of weights. They come with instructions and a storage bag.

40. This suction-cup bib that collects hair trimmings as you shave

Suction the corners to your mirror, put the bib on, and shave. Then, you won't have to spend the next hour cleaning hair up in the bathroom because the fabric will catch it all. That's right: the bib will collect all the mess before it lands in your sink. All you have to do is shake it out in the trash and go on with your day.

41. An intense therapy lip balm that protects against sun & wind

Protect your lips from the sun and wind with this intense therapy lip balm. It contains antioxidant-rich vitamin E and soothing green tea to relieve chapped lips, and it offers SPF-25 sun protection. Plus, you can choose from a variety of flavors, such as natural mint and shea butter or grapefruit and ginger.

42. This clever machine that makes a quick egg sandwich

Like an egg sandwich? Too bad there isn't a machine that will do all the hard work, right? Oh, wait! This is that machine. Just fill it with English muffins, ham, and cheese. Then, crack an egg in the egg ring and close it. When it's done, your sandwich should be perfectly cooked. You can change the ingredients out, too, if you must. Thousands of Amazon reviewers consider it a must-have.

43. A bamboo cheese board with utensils & a built-in drawer

This cutting board has everything you need to set out a supply of cheese, crackers, and meat within seconds without patching together an assortment of butter knives (because it comes with utensils). The drawer holds all the cutlery, and there is a moat that makes arranging the crackers easy.

44. These comfy memory foam slippers with warm linings

Complete with a memory foam insole, a fuzzy lining, and a breathable knit exterior, each one of these slippers will keep you extremely cozy. There are ten colors to choose from — and with a 4.5-star rating, it's clear that reviewers are loving them.

45. A plush eye mask that's also a pair of headphones

Catching a nap — or getting to sleep at night — can be absurdly challenging in this world full of light and noise. But slide this mask over your eyes and ears, put on some soothing tunes or a good book, and you can block all of that out. If necessary, you can even take a phone call from here because the controls are between your eyes.

46. This extra-moisturizing cream for dry hands that work hard

This is a serious repair balm for people with dry skin. It instantly boosts moisture levels and then protects hands from further abuse by creating a moisture barrier layer. It's best used at night, but you can use it all day because it doesn't make your hands greasy — just soft.

47. An impressive travel backpack that's super affordable

At under $30, this high-end backpack is a total bargain. There are charging ports on the outside to connect devices to your battery inside. There is a luggage strap to keep it securely on your roller bag. It has an integrated TSA-compliant locking mechanism. The water bottle pocket on the side is roomy, the straps are comfortable, and the interior is organized. See? That's impressive.

48. A touch lamp that replicates the moon with realistic details

That corner could use a bit of light, you say? How about a realistic topographical map of the moon sitting on a wooden stand? Because that is so much cooler than any lamp. When it's off, it's a fascinating sculpture. When it's on, it's a spectacular lunar display in your living room. Also? It's a lamp.

49. This tactical pen that's a flashlight & a toolkit

Why carry a flashlight when you can have a tactical pen that's a flashlight and a multitool in your pocket? Built from aircraft-grade aluminum, it'll shine light, sign a document, break glass, and screw screws. Then, it'll open a bottle.

50. This motion-activated night light that goes in the toilet bowl

If you're looking for a subtle glow in the bathroom without adding a night light to your outlet, hook this motion-activated night light onto the toilet bowl and choose a color. Want a change? Pick a different color. It lights up the bowl, turning the toilet into a design element as well as a place to aim for in the night.

51. This cream that helps soften your beard

Treat your beard to the serious moisturizing of sativa seed, jojoba, meadow-foam seed, olive, clove, and moringa, as well as an assortment of other natural oils – and you'll be amazed at how soft and silky it becomes. This cream will do wonders for your under-beard face itch, too.

52. A karaoke microphone that's completely wireless

This microphone is a karaoke party you can carry in your backpack. It's completely wireless and the speaker is built into the handle. Plus, it lights up with the music. It even has a voice-changing option so you can sound different, add echo, and more. The mic can even record as you sing and would work just as well if things were more serious and you needed to make an announcement.

53. These Bluetooth earbuds no one will know you're wearing

If you want to subtly listen to tunes without the cords (or anyone else knowing), these completely wireless earbuds are for you. They are small, discreet, and connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Plus, they're super lightweight and the rechargeable battery lasts over three hours.

54. A spinning facial brush that cleans & exfoliates

Whether you wash your face in front of the sink or in the shower, this spinning brush will probably do a better job than a facecloth or your hands. There are two settings: one for a daily wash and one for weekly exfoliation. Plus, your face will absorb serums and lotions better after you use this.

55. These moisturizing socks that help repair cracked heels

Pull these gel socks on when you go to bed or before you put your feet into slippers for a daily spa treatment that cures cracked, dry heels. The softening lotion is built into the fabric and the open toes make them comfortable and easy to walk in.

56. A phone charger that fits in your pocket with your phone

Charge your phone while you walk around with this small, portable battery backup in your pocket. It has a built-in lightning cable and is so compact that you'll always have it with you. There's also a second charging port for non-lightning devices or for charging a second phone at the same time.

57. This tracker that helps locate lost keys (or anything, really)

Attach this clever Tile to your keys, bag, pet, or purse — and you'll always know where that thing is. The phone app will ring the Tile if it's within 200 feet of your phone so you can easily find whatever it's attached to. If your lost item is further away than that, you can see your item's most recent locations in the app.

58. A bottle that infuses water with fruity goodness

This water bottle transforms that dull beverage into a delicious drink. Just fill the inner compartment with fruit, cucumbers, or herbs, and then fill the bottle with water. It'll infuse your water with flavor that'll get you sipping. It's also leakproof, shatter-proof, and holds 32 ounces.

59. The fitness tracker for less than $35

Tracking your heart rate, sleep, and movement is a great way to motivate yourself — and this fitness tracker does all of that and more at a price that makes it totally accessible. It even sends phone notifications to your wrist so you won't miss a call or text.

60. This portable vacuum cleaner for the car

You can skip the drive-in car cleaning. For about the same price, this vacuum that's designed for car interiors lives in your trunk and cleans anytime you have a few minutes or a mess that needs attention. It plugs into the lighter, has a brush attachment to get fur off the seats, and extension tubes that reach into all the car's small crevices. The dust basin is clear so you can see when to empty it.

61. A clever organizer for cables and electronic accessories

Tuck all of your charger cables, batteries, headphones, and other electronic accessories into this double-layer case, zip it up and travel with an organized collection. The durable case is made from water-resistant nylon and comes in four colors: black, blue, dark blue, and gray.

62. A solar charger that's portable enough to take backpacking

When this battery backup runs out of juice, just set it down outside and watch as it converts sunlight to power. It comes with a carabiner so you can clip it to your backpack or bike, as well as a Type C USB cord. Plus, it supports fast charging so you can get going faster — and it's also a flashlight.

63. This foldable keyboard that makes it easier to work on the go

Working on the go usually requires a laptop — unless you have this foldable keyboard, that is. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth so you can work anywhere, anytime. It's also rechargeable and small enough to fit in most pockets. This purchase also comes with a phone stand so you can place the screen upright while you type.

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