46 ridiculously helpful products people discovered while stuck at home

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by Christina X. Wood
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Spending a lot of time at home can get dull fast. But according to a social psychologist, indulging in a few guilty pleasures now and then (e.g., retail therapy) during times of boredom can actually help you mentally refresh. Sit back, take it easy, and do some online shopping if it makes you feel better. Believe it or not, there are some ridiculously helpful products on Amazon that people have discovered on Amazon — and you might find 'em useful.

I mean, sure, I haven't written an iconic play within the past few months — but I did get some shopping done. Now, my kitchen utensils are super sharp (and seriously clean). That's just because of two products that I found on Amazon, but there are so many more available on this list. I've also included genius ways to clean the oven and rejuvenate my hair, along with techniques to wake up gently and freshen up the toilet without getting messy. I also listed a genius way to get pet hair off the couch and clean up during an outdoor hike or camping trip.

Overall, there are tons of genius items here just waiting to be discovered. So why not spend some of your downtime at home adding useful necessities to your cart?

1. This silicone dish sponge that dries extra-fast

Have you smelled your sponge lately? It might smell, well, like you've been cleaning dirty dishes with it and leaving it on a damp sink ledge to dry. Thankfully, this updated silicone version is super porous — and slightly abrasive — so it cleans thoroughly without holding much excess water. (It dries really fast, too.) People love that the gentle abrasion gets pans clean without hurting delicate items. Also? It smells like peaches.

2. The handy multitool that fits in your pocket

When you're working from home, hanging out at home, ordering everything online, and cooking all your own meals, having the right tool at hand can make everything go more smoothly. Many Amazon customers have found that having this multitool with a bottle opener, box opener, ruler, and a few wrenches and screwdrivers makes all the different. It has useful array of functions and fits easily in a pocket, wallet, or on a key chain. It can help you open a bottle of soda or a box — and then, it can help fix your computer. It's even handy for taking a quick measurement.

3. The ACV shampoo that's followed by a nourishing conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner set that starts with an apple cider vinegar-infused rinse has developed a bit of a real fan following. That's because it's gentle and follows up with a conditioner that moisturizes with the oils of coconut, avocado, olive, almond, and argan (as well as vitamins E and B5). The entire process is clarifying, balancing, and repairing. Reviewers are raving about it, writing that it helps improve everything from volume and body to unwanted frizz and hair loss.

4. The cord clips that help declutter your homework desk

It's easy to keep a desk tidy when you never work there. But many people have discovered that once you bring all your work gear to the home office, cord mayhem comes with it. These little clips are the heroes of cable management. Just peel off the back, stick the clip where you want the cord to go, and snap the cord in. Your cord chaos will be permanently decluttered.

5. The silicone baking mats for minimal post-baking cleanup

As baking goes from novel to normal, so does cleaning pans on the regular. But if you layer each pan with one of these silicone baking mats before dropping batter or bread onto it, your cleanup will be minimal. These mats can withstand heat up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit and then go right into the dishwasher or a soapy bath. They roll up for storage, too.

6. A pack of shower wipes that come in handy while hiking or camping

Camping has become the travel of choice in recent days. Cleaning comes along with that, though —. so it's little surprise that these biodegradable wipes are trending. They'll help you get clean on the go and literally save your butt. Plus, they'll start degrading in about a month if you bury them. These wipes are also alcohol-free and infused with aloe vera as well as vitamin E, so your skin will feel rejuvenated after each use.

7. This natural body spray that helps clear up acne

If you're going to spritz yourself with a scented body spray, make it one that's natural. This particular formula contains salicylic acid, tea tree water, and peppermint water — three gentle ingredients that help neutralize the bacteria that causes acne. It's also a great disinfectant for shoes, yoga mats, and other items you touch that tend to develop an unwanted odor.

8. This solar-powered camping lantern that squishes down when it's not being used

This is a clever lantern not only because it squishes down into a disk that's easy to transport, but also because of the solar panel at the top. Set it out in the sun and it'll recharge its own battery. Plug your phone into the USB port and it'll also charge your phone. (You can plug it into a power outlet to charge it, too.) It's must-have for emergencies, camping, and your in-car preparedness kit.

9. This alarm clock that's gentle like the sunrise

Waking up to the sunrise is a gentle way to go from sleep to awake. But if you prefer to sleep in a dark room inside, this alarm clock will work the same way. Before the alarm goes off, a gentle light will go from a deep red to a bright yellow, transitioning your sleeping brain to wakefulness. By the time the alarms sounds, you'll be ready to wake up. It'll do the same thing at night, too, with the opposite color transition. It can also remember seven alarms and comes with a USB charging port as well as a clear time display.

10. This wraparound travel pillow that provides extra sturdiness

Stop debating whether or not to bring your bulky travel pillow. This modern update packs into any bag, and it has a rigid internal frame that's designed to nestle into your neck to support your head. Just wrap the soft fleece around your neck snugly, fasten it, and relax. It works something like a neck brace to hold your head up when you fall asleep so you don't wake up when your head drops. Who knows when you might find the opportunity for a quick nap on your voyage? A neck pillow that's packable lets you capture all those opportunities.

11. The genius liners that make it simple to clean your oven

When's the best time to clean your oven? Never. Prevention is easier. Put one of the pro-grade oven mats on the rack below the food you're cooking, and it'll catch all the spills so they never make it to your oven floor. Unlike your oven, these are easy to clean. Pull them out and scrub them in the sink or put them in the dishwasher. When you aren't baking, use them on the grill so you don't have to scrub that with a steel brush anymore.

12. These balls that smell good

Is that laundry pile smelling a bit ripe? What about that mountain of shoes near the door? Everything has its own signature scent — and when that scent becomes undesirable, these Odor Busterz will help. They work immediately because they're infused with a fresh scent that helps eliminate unwanted odors around the house. They're also filled with baking soda, so they help absorb and neutralize the smell over time as well. Put them in the car, in your gym shoes, the bathroom, the laundry pile, and the trash area.

13. This toilet brush that doesn't hold water or drip

The trusty toilet brush hasn't changed much since it was invented... until now, that is. This updated version from Joseph Joseph fixes several annoying aspects of that ubiquitous tool. It holds no water, so there are no drips — and thus, no puddle of filthy toilet water in the bottom of the brush holder. It's also designed to reach into all the hard-to-get-at angles in modern toilets so you can get all the corners and crevices clean. Plus, it stores away in a slim caddy that takes up almost no room.

14. A handheld bidet so you don't have to search for toilet paper

When you're faced with a non-bidet-sporting bathroom that also lacks toilet paper, this portable bidet will come in handy. There's no-installation required, and it's packable — so you can wash up after using any toilet, anytime, without needing any toilet paper at all.

15. This pet hair remover that's ridiculously easy to clean

It's common for pets to sleep on house furniture and leave it covered in fur, therefore leaving your clothing covered in fur every time you sit. This brush helps clean it up, though. Just wipe the couch a few times and it'll grabs all the fur. Then, push it into the case and the fur will come off in there. You can put away the vacuum cleaner, get rid of all the lint rollers, and sit down.

16. This spray that helps clean your phone screen

You can't clean a phone screen with any old household cleaner. Some leave a cloudy residue, and others just aren't great for the screen in the long run. This tiny 1-ounce bottle of a cleaner that's formulated for screens is the fix. It is small enough to bring with you anywhere, and the microfiber wipes that come with it are great. The combination not only sanitizes your screen, but it also gives you an instant clear view. You'll be shocked at how blurry your screen was before.

17. The fog-less mirror that brings shaving to the shower

This $30 mirror doesn't fog up, making it ideal for use in the shower. Mount it to the wall with the included adhesive tape — and when you want to shave or wash your face, disconnect the mirror from the mount and fill it with warm water from your shower. That'll equalize the temperature on both sides of the glass so it won't fog up.

18. This watermark remover that'll make your furniture look new again

Sometimes, the simple act of setting a glass down has consequences that can ruin your furniture. If your table has water marks from this regrettable error, here is your redemption. These wipes get rid of it, miraculously. You just wipe, and marks caused by water, alcohol, and heat come right off. It works on floors, too.

19. The magic pad that erases without the use of water

If your walls or tabletops are covered in stains and can use a little bit of TLC, this melamine sponge will get it help. These are thick, big, and inexpensive eraser pads that work with only water, which means you can go right ahead and clean every spot that's on your nerves. Reviewers have described the experience of erasing wall and furniture stains as "like being in an infomercial without the BS."

20. This bag clips to help your bread stay fresh

How much do you dislike those twist ties or plastic clips that come on bread bags? I see from the show of hands that I'm not alone in this. These little clips will close the bread bag without error. Simply press them between your thumb and forefinger. Spin the bag. Then, push the spun end of the bag into the clip. Release. Do it a few times and you'll develop a speedy expertise. You'll be using them on produce bags, dry goods bags, and everything else.

21. The solution to unwanted odors in your fridge

If you have a smell in your fridge that won't quit, you need this super powerful refrigerator deodorizer. It's easy to use; just open the package and put the deodorizer inside. It'll begins the process immediately —and within a few hours, your fridge will be odor-free. It should last up to six months, too.

22. A hand roller that helps relax your finger muscles

If you cling with desperation to the memory of that tiny moment when the masseuse focuses on your hands, this hand therapy tool will make you very happy. Roll your aching joints between the clamp roller for pain relief and simple relaxation. Use the roller end to massage tight hand muscles. It feels good and it's therapeutic. Reviewers have written that — with regular use — sensation has returned to their hands and pain is greatly reduced. It comes with an exercise guide, too.

23. This folding shirt board that'll make your closet look like a retail store

In the store, a shelf of shirts looks tidy and appealing. In your drawers, it usually doesn't. It takes skill to do a perfect shirt fold — or, it takes this folding board. Just lay the shirt on it, fold the board as instructed, and remove your neatly folded shirt. A pile of them will fit neatly in your drawers or look retail-ready on a shelf. They'll also have less wrinkles.

24. A bedside caddy for your nighttime essentials, like glasses and books

This canvas organizer hangs from a pair of metal hooks so you can put it anywhere — but it's especially useful to keep by your bed so you can easily grab your glasses, books, or remote at night. (You can also hang it from the couch and keep those essentials there.) It has a big pocket and several smaller ones as well as clips on the side so you can stash all sorts of things in easy reach.

25. This outlet that swivels for more versatility

Do you have limited space but still need more outlets? This unique power station transforms a two-plug outlet into a six-plug outlet while lying flat against the wall. Each three-outlet block swivels so you can turn it to face you while you plug in. Then, you can swivel it so the wires come out the sides so the wires run against the wall.

26. The LED lights that add color to any room

Lighting under a cabinet, in a shelving unit, or around a bar used to required expensive wiring and fixtures. Not anymore, though. Just peel the backing off the roll of these trimmable LED lights and stick them wherever you want to. Then, use the remote to choose a color and brightness for that light. They're USB-powered, and you can use them behind a fish tank, headboard, desk, or anything to create slick ambient lighting in whatever color you like.

27. This foam roller that collapses for easy storage

Nothing beats a foam roller for easing muscle soreness or cooling down from a hard workout, and this one is particularly great for those who are short on space or anyone who travels frequently. At under three pounds, this full-size foam roller collapses to just over five inches in length and comes with a carrying case, making it super easy to take with you wherever you go.

28. This tool that squeezes the last bit of toothpaste out

How much time and money have you wasted trying to get the last bit of lotion or toothpaste out of the tube, only to give up and throw it away? Missing from this experience: the right tool for the job. This is that tool. It squeezes and holds the tube so you don't have to fight with that nearly-empty container ever again. Just slide this up the tube as you use it. There are four in this package.

29. This fan-favorite laundry spray that can handle any stain

A little ketchup or oil doesn't have to be the end of your favorite shirt. According to reviewers, this stain remover can bring any stained garment back to life. Just spray it on your stains, and wait. You can wait hours or days — the longer the better. Then, throw it in the wash and they'll come right out. The spray is biodegradable, and comes in a pack of two, so you don't have to worry abut running out.

30. The soft-as-silk bed sheets that have over 63,000 positive reviews

You want to slide into something soft and luxurious when you go to bed, right? Well, this microfiber sheet set — which has over 100,000 reviews on Amazon — is a good choice. The set comes in so many colors (and a few patters), and they're wrinkle- and stain-resistant. Choose from sizes that range from twin to California King.

31. A blanket that helps keep you cool

One side of this blanket is made from a blend of mica nylon and polyethylene that pulls heat away from your body to create the sensation of coolness when you touch it. (It's like the cool side of the pillow, but for your whole body.) The other side is cotton. If you sleep hot but like a blanket over you, this is a genius solution. Reviewers are in awe.

32. The cooling pillowcase that's always chilly on one side

Are you a fan of flipping the pillow over to get to the cool side, but sad at how quickly that side heats up? Try these pillowcases. One side is made from a blend of mica nylon and polyethylene that's cooling. The other is made from cotton. The cooling side is always cool to the touch, so you can stop flipping. There are also zippers to keep the pillows inside.

33. This drain clog dissolver because calling a plumber is expensive

Drain clogs are tiny emergencies that can ruin your day. Calling a plumber to fix a clog, though, can also ruin your day from the expenses. This Green Gobbler is — for many situations — that solution. It eats hairballs no matter how far down the drain they are. And you can use it in toilets, which is not true of many liquid plumbing products.

34. This hook that will keep your headphones within reach

Whether you're gaming, jamming out to music, or hopping on and off calls all day, it's nice to keep your headphones within easy reach. This headphone hook that easily slips over the edge of your desk will keep them on hand without cluttering your work space. The hook has over 7,000 five-star ratings on Amazon to back it up.

35. A plush mattress topper that helps keep you cool

A new mattress might fix your restlessness — but it also might not. Start with the surface and see how that goes.This topper offers a layer of softness between you and your mattress while providing your hips and shoulders a bit of plush without undermining the support your back needs. It has just enough give to make your sleep experience luxurious while still keeping the support of your firm bed, and it's topped with a fabric that cools your body as you sleep.

36. This waffle maker for lovers that's shaped like a heart

If you wait for Valentine's Day to express your affection, you've wasted 11 months you could have spent have eating little, heart-shaped waffles. Or how about heart-shaped panini? Anything with the consistency of batter can be poured in and made into an adorable 4-inch, heart-shaped waffle in this tiny, portable waffle maker.

37. The pan scrapers you never knew you needed

These pan scrapers are designed so there's a corner for whatever crevice you're having trouble cleaning. Just hold the unit and scrape it off. You'll wonder why you wasted so many hours trying to get pans clean with sponges or flimsy brushes. Reviewers have used them for all sorts of hardened-on messes on every imaginable surface, even though they were designed by Lodge for cast iron.

38. The cleaning gel that gets hard-to-reach spaces

Cleaning hard-to-reach places and having fun do not usually occur together — but if you clean your car or keyboard with this lemon-scented goo, they actually do. Just squeeze it into crevices in your car, computer keyboard, or that jammed headphone jack in your phone, and then pull it out. It goes in, grabs the mess, and comes out.

39. A portable door lock that you can use in trips and vacations

Do you know who has a key to the Airbnb, hotel, or apartment you're sleeping in? What if someone who has the key decides to let themselves in? This second lock is an added layer of security so you can sleep without worry, knowing no one will be able to get in — even if they do have a key. It's simple to install from the inside and blocks keys from unlocking the door from the outside. It's also small enough to travel with and well worth it for the security.

40. This Poo-Pourri spray for preventing natural odors from leaking

Sometimes, you just have to go — and this Poo Pourri spray will make help prevent unwanted odors from leaking out of the toilet bowl when you're done. It's simple to use: Before you go, take a second to spray some of this in the bowl. It'll smell nice and create a scent trap that locks the smell inside the water so no one will know what happened in there.

41. This USB port to solve your charging congestion

We have reached a stage in human evolution where a single USB plug on the bedside table won't cut it; two is the bare minimum — but more is better. This is the charging bar that's ideal to keep all over the house. It has six built-in USB ports, and it plugs into a wall outlet to keep the power flowing.

42. These cut-resistant gloves that keep your digits intact

Guess what? Slicing a bagel can be a recipe for having to haul out the bandages — and the same goes for preparing other food with sharp utensils. Go ahead and don these cut-proof gloves before diving into meal prep. They're light and flexible, but they'll help protect your hands while you get your meal ready.

43. The unique ice maker that frees up your freezer

How much of your freezer is taken over by stacks of ice trays? This clever ice maker gives you most of that real estate back. It completely re-engineers the ice-making process: Pour water into the outer container; it'll make ice balls in the gaps between that layer and the inner bowl. Then, squeeze it to empty the ice into the inner container. After that, fill it again for a continuous supply of ice that takes up very little space. Now, you can use your freezer for actual food.

44. This brush that makes it easier to clean cutlery

Good cooking utensils are every chef's gold — but there's usually a lot of washing by hand involved. This little brush is designed to make cleaning a matter of a few simple movements, and it helps cut down on the risk of nicking your finger. Just run the any utensil or blade between the bristles of this brush, and it'll clean both sides at once. It can also be hooked right over the edge of the sink for storage.

45. This container that's specifically made to keep berries fresh

Berries don't stay fresh for a very long time. They usually mold, go mushy, or dry out in the fridge. Thankfully, this container creates an environment that's perfect for the preservation of berries. A water reservoir in the bottom keeps them from drying out, while an air vent allows air circulation so they don't mold. The shelf stops them from crushing themselves under their own body weight. Put your berries in here and eat them at your leisure.

46. This wacky game that challenges your dexterity

Banish boredom with Beat That! The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges. This unusual game features 160 unique challenges that you can complete alone, with a buddy, or with a group, and it's suitable for players age nine and older. The game can be learned in a matter of seconds, which makes it a great choice for parties or family gatherings. Over 3,000 shoppers have given it an overall 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

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