40 strange (but genius) things selling out fast on Amazon

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Online shoppers are usually great at seeking out the good deals. When something is awesome and inexpensive, they find it. And then — somehow — the word gets out. After that, it flies off the shelves. In fact, tons of Amazon products sell out fast like that. Whether those are storage items, smart devices, or even cool toiletries, they're usually out of stock sooner than later. There's a good reason for it, though: All of those items are strange, but genius.

Sometimes, I'll end up with something quite odd in my shopping cart — and to my surprise, it usually ends up being one of my favorite products. For instance, I challenge you not to end up entirely rethinking homemade ice pops, condoms for wine bottles, and portable washing machines (because, yes, they do exist). I also predict that you'll decide to store seasonal blankets without taking up too much space is actually easy — and that purchasing a Green Gobbler will help whenever there's a clog in your sink.

I'm not making any of this up — these products are readily available. Many Amazon shoppers know how genius they really are — and if you don't add them to your cart sooner than later, they might sell out.

1. This portable washing machine for your washer-less apartment

Not every garment does well in a full-size washing machine, and not everyone has access to a washer and dryer. Thankfully, this hand-crank clothes washer steps in to fill the gaps. Don't feel like visiting the laundromat? Have a load of dedicates? Live in a camper, tiny apartment, or somewhere else off the grid? Throw some clothes and laundry soap in the Wonder Wash, crank the handle, and hang to dry. Clean your clothes immediately (and with no energy).

2. A car shade that blocks the sun and keeps your seats cool

If the sun heats your interior to intolerable temperatures, this dashboard shade will come in handy. The pop-open version is a big improvement over cardboard accordion-fold shades, because it folds up tiny and expands to cover the entire windshield. You can even stash it in a seat pocket when you aren't using it — but anytime you park in the blazing sun, it's readily available. It's also available in different sizes, and you can check if it'll fit your car's make and model before buying it.

3. The suitcase that fits on top of your car (without a roof rack)

Planning a road trip? Sounds like fun — but on a road trip, it's usually helpful to bring refreshments, snacks, and camping gear with you (along with clothing and other vacay supplies). This waterproof cargo bag makes it easy, because it fits right on top of your car. What's cool is that you can use it with or without roof racks, because it can be installed through your windows. It holds a ton and folds up flat for storage, creating more room in your vehicle.

4. A steering wheel desk that's great for quick lunch breaks

This in-car steering wheel desk can be your new corner office or a space to eat lunch during your work break. If you have a Zoom meeting and your house is too loud to tune in from your office, you can bring the meeting to your vehicle. But if you're trying to eat a quick lunch during your break, you can take this desk out, pull over, and eat before heading back to the office.

5. The keychain that cuts seatbelts and breaks car windows

This safety tool doesn't look like much — but if you have it on your key chain, it could possible help you make a quick car escape. One side is made to shatter glass, and the other is meant to slice seatbelts with ease. In other words, if can help you or a passenger escape the vehicle with ease. They're available in tons of colors and have over 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

6. This beard-trimming kit with 14 different attachments

Welcome to the world of DIY haircuts and beard trims. It saves time and money to do all (or some) of it yourself, which is why this inexpensive Groomsman trimmer tool has become a must-have accessory. The trimmer can help you clean up your beard in stash — because since it comes with spacers that can handle 14 different lengths, it can also help you achieve a haircut. The nose hair trimmer is free bonus, and the tip can be rinsed with water.

7. The tiny spy camera that helps you keep an eye on your valuables

This tiny spy camera is super easy to install, and it's motion-activated. You can easily set it up to keep an eye on your home while you're out. When it senses something is happening, it starts recording, so you can watch from a big screen wherever you are. It's a cheap and effective way to add security to your space without an entire home security system — and it even has night vision.

8. These cases that help keep your phone dry at the pool

If you're heading to the beach, water park, swimming pool, or boat, get this: You can bring your phone along without living in constant terror of dropping it into water and destroying your day and budget. Just put it in one of these waterproof bags. It's so easy to use; just put your phone into the pouch and secure it. You can use the phone's touchscreen right through the pack, and there's a built-in lanyard for easy carrying.

9. The magnetic phone mount with a built-in finger ring

If you love your phone, put a ring on it. This particular ring is wildly popular because it makes your phone so functional without changing the way it looks or how you access it. Slip your finger through while you're texting, and your phone will be easier to hold. When you set it down, the ring acts as a kickstand so you can watch videos or follow recipes. And when you're in the car, it sticks — magnetically — to a tiny dash mount. For something so small and simple, it's amazing how functional it is.

10. This wireless charging doc for all of your devices

So many Amazon customers are buying this inexpensive-but-genius charging dock because it can handle tons of devices at once (four, to be exact). It can charge your iPhone or Samsung in a handy upright position while your Apple Watch hangs off the side. The mount can also power your AirPods in the dedicated spot for their charging case, as well as an Apple pencil. It's brilliant, simple, affordable, and seriously popular.

11. These rubber twist ties with a million uses

Detangling wires is never fun, and these rubber ties help prevent those tangles in the first place. Four of them come in one pack, and they can help you keep various different wires together — whether you're dealing with headphone cords or charging cables. They're super flexible and come in various colors in 4-, 8-, and 12-packs.

12. The laptop pad that helps keep your device cool with fans

If you've ever gone deep into a game on your laptop and started sweating, it probably wasn't the adrenaline. Your laptop probably got warm, especially if it wasn't connected to a fan of some sort. This powered cooling pad helps chill the heat coming from that fancy processor. Simply plug it into your laptop to power the two fans. It even has two USB ports that you can use for your accessories.

13. A sleek platform bed that solves your storage problems

You can stop shopping for storage units, because this bed covers all the bases. It's simple, fairly inexpensive, and incredible sleek. It's also high enough to store boxes underneath, so it's like investing in another closet. It's also easy to assemble, and there's no need for a box spring because it has plenty of slats to keep your memory foam or inner-spring mattress supported.

14. The probe that tells you the temperature of your meat

Stick this pen-shaped thermometer in your apron pocket and never wonder again if that steak, chicken, or cupcake is at the right temperature. Just stick the business end in and get a read on its internal temperature. There are a lot of thermometers out there, but this one is famous for its slim size, color selection, and easy-read digital display. Even with all that, it has an ultra-long probe so you can stick it way in without singeing your fingers.

15. The quick solution for foggy glasses and mirrors

If you pull up your face mask up and your glasses get foggy, it could be maddening. But this Fog Gone is the solution. Spray it on your glasses and they'll stop doing that. Once you have it — according to many Amazon reviewers — you'll find yourself spraying it on the mirror in your bathroom, the windshield of your car, your snorkeling mask, and everything else that fogs up easily. There are up to 400 sprays in one bottle.

16. This vacuum-sealed storage packs for your seasonal clothes

Space: It's in short supply. All those sweaters and blankets are taking up more of it than they need to. These vacuum storage bags squish them down by removing all the air inside and around them so they fit in a compact space, which frees up space for other things. This package comes with five large bags, which is probably enough to cram your entire winter wardrobe into.

17. The airtight food storage containers for fresh spices

The salt is a solid. The spices are stale. Your storage system hogs the whole kitchen. Thankfully, this pop-top container solves all of that (which is why people on Amazon are stocking up). Push the pump to create a seal that keeps air out while keeping the contents dry and fresh. These canisters stack neatly, too — even with the other container sizes (which are all listed in the dropdown menu). The opening is large enough for your spoons or fingers to get inside — but since it's small, it makes a great travel container for liquids.

18. These disposable popsicle bags for homemade ice pops

If you're anything like me, there's nothing that cools you down faster than a frozen push pop. These are the stuff of childhood summertime memories. Still, buying them in the grocery store can get pricy. These popsicle mold bags let you make your own DIY versions with whatever you want: juice, smoothies, coffee, margaritas — you name it. Fill them. Freeze them. Eat them. They even come with a funnel so filling them up is easy.

19. A cherry and olive pitter that makes it easier to prepare snacks

Did someone say cherry pie? Anyone willing to make one of those should be immediately gifted with this cherry and olive pitter. It makes the job of removing pits from these delicious foods so much easier (and cleaner). Put the cherry or olive inside of it and close the handle. Then, the pit will come out. It's ergonomic, too.

20. This jar opener with tons of sizes for different containers

I have actually hurt myself trying to get jars open — and I'll admit, there may have been swearing involved, too. This simple tool could have saved me from all of that. And unlike the people I turn to for help, it'll always be in the drawer, available to open whatever jar is standing between me and its contents. It has multiple rings for jars of different sizes, and it even comes with a bottle opener.

21. The cold brew coffee maker that doubles as a pitcher

Cold brew coffee is delicious in the summertime (or any time of the year, really). But that pre-made stuff? That isn't within my budget — and it's just too much effort get. I'd much rather make my own, and this cold brew coffee maker is so simple to use. Just put ground coffee in the center column and add water to the carafe. Then, wait 12 hours and enjoy. It works just as well for making iced tea.

22. The electric spice grinder that does the work for you

Sometimes, clever engineering changes something you do every day for the better. If you're a fresh salt and pepper connoisseur, this battery-powered grinder will be a true pleasure to use. Just tilt it over, and that's all you'll have to do. Then, it'll grind the peppercorns or salt that you've filled it with to the exact grind you want. Your wrist won't do all the work, and it won't leave a mess on your table. Reviewers are thrilled with it.

23. This sink basket that holds your sponge to avoid wet counters

You need a sponge near the kitchen sink, but it usually leaves a puddle. That's why this basket goes inside the sink, not near it. Drop the sponge in here and let gravity and plumbing take it from there. It's big enough to drain fruits and vegetables as you wash them, or even leftovers before putting them in the trash. It's very convenient, to say the least.

24. The pot lid stand that also holds your saucy spoon

The lid. The spoon. Where do you put them when they're waiting to be used again? This clever stand is like a tiny helper who stands there and holds them until you're ready to stir. That way, they won't leave a mess on your counter (and you won't lose them and burn dinner while you hunt them down again). This holder also saves space while you work by holding lids and pans vertically.

25. The splatter screen that's easy to store in your drawer

A splatter screen is a necessary kitchen item if you like to fry anything, but they're usually big and hard to store. Not this one, though. The handle actually folds up for storage, and it can fit right inside a drawer. It's also made of silicone and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Plus, it doubles as a strainer, eliminating the need to keep bulky colanders around.

26. These wine condoms that keep your bottles fresh

When you open a bottle of vino, wrap this wine condom around the opening to keep it fresh in between glasses. It seals tight, so you can lay the bottle down in the fridge without worrying about spills. It comes in a pack of six and makes a great gag gift, but it's also very useful. One person even wrote that "the packaging is adorable" and that "the little messages inside are hilarious."

27. These goggles that help keep your eyes safe from onions

Tired of your eyes watering whenever you chop up an onion? Just pop these goggles on. The soft foam around the eyes seals them away from onion vapors, and the lenses are even fog-resistant. Plus, they come in a bunch of fun colors to suit any style: white, tortoise, black, pink, and red.

28. A jar scraper that'll help you get all the peanut butter out

This long-handled spatula will help you clear the peanut butter jar, dig the last scrap of Nutella out of its hiding spot, or slather frosting onto a cake. It’s heat safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and is dishwasher safe as well. Super simple, but super useful.

29. A splash guard to prevent wet shirts by the sink

Wash the dishes. Change your shirt. It happens to me every day, and I think you can always tell who did the washing from the dampness of their clothes. Thankfully, this splash guard is the solution. Suction it to the counter in front of you while you wash the dishes and it'll create a splash guard that keeps the water in the sink. It's sleek enough to leave there, too — and it comes in four muted colors that'll match your decor.

30. This mini bag sealer for snacks you didn't finish yet

Once that bag full of yummy snacks is open, all bets are off. It's either finished in one sitting or needs to be closed back up for later, and this bag sealer can help. Just press the bag closed with it slowly, and it'll create a new factory-like seal. It's small enough to take with you, so you can seal your on-the-go snacks without worrying about them getting stale.

31. The silicone scrubber for washing your new veggies

This little scrubber is a kitchen multi-tool, because it can be used on vegetables or even on dishes. It has different a scrubbing surface on each side that tackle different surfaces — and unlike the sponge that you're probably familiar with, it's made of silicone that can handle heat. You can use it to grab a warm plate and throw it into the dishwasher to keep it clean. There are two in the package.

32. This clip-on umbrella that provides more direct shade

Clamp this SPF-50 umbrella to your beach chair, and you'll be able to read and relax under the bright sun. The unique shape covers you, specifically — but not the sand behind you. That also makes it great for strollers and wheelchairs because it covers the rider without getting in the way of the person pushing. It also withstands wind and is adjustable, so you can angle it as needed. It also folds down small enough to pack up when you travel.

33. A pack of moisture-wicking headbands for heated workouts

You can wear one of these headbands under your bike helmet, to the gym, while working in the yard, or just to change up your hairdo. It's super lightweight and stretchy — and since it wicks away moisture, it keeps the sweat from dripping into your eyes while you work or work out. This is a great deal because you'll get four of them with one purchase, all in basic colors.

34. This mosquito repellent that works without DEET or sprays

You'll want this clever repellent canister on your deck, campsite, or patio because mosquitos within a 15-foot radius run from it. There's a fuel cartridge that activates a repellent pad inside it; just turn the bottom to turn it on and the fuel will heat the repellent and chase mosquitos away. The repellent pad emits no scent, and it's easy to replace. (It turns white when it's spent.) There's no need to slather Deet all over your body or hide indoors; just set this down near where you want to hang out.

35. A magnetic screen door that helps keep the bugs out

You can stop putting up a screen door every summer and taking it down again in the fall. This screen curtain is a much better idea. It opens when you walk through it and closes behind you. And that means it opens when the dog or cat walk through it and closes behind them. So you can sit down and enjoy yourself instead of getting up 200 times to let the pet in or out. It's fast and easy to install. And the magnets down the middle strip make sure it closes when no one is walking through it.

36. This spooky drain tool that'll help unclog your sink

You don't have to pour drain-clearing chemicals down your sink anymore. This clever piece of plastic will get into your drain, grab the clog, and pull it out. It's easy to do, and you can use it over and over again. Also, there are five of them in this package — so your $7 will go a long way. These have over 1,100 positive reviews on Amazon, and one customer gave it an A+ in unclogging.

37. These wall grips for your house with long handles

Sure, your parents used something like this to store garden tools. But what about the mop? The toilet scrubber? The vacuum cleaner attachments? The duster? You see where I'm going here? These wall-mounted grips are brilliant, non-slip, easy-to-use ways to store anything with a handle. Mount each one to the wall and stick the handle into it. No more mops or brooms flopping around, falling over, or taking up the entire closet. The dusters are in order. The scrubber restrained. There is order in your house.

38. These magnetic deflectors that control the direction of your AC

Stick one of these magnetic airflow directors to your vent and send the air upwards so you can feel the cool breeze. Or, flip it over and direct the air down if the vents are placed high on the wall. It's a quick, easy fix that'll help you cool off without running the AC all day long. This is a two-pack, so you can adjust two vents at once.

39. The wearable light that helps you read without the lamp on

You're reading a good book, but your partner has to get up early. Coming to an agreement on whether the lights go on or off can be tough. Don this neck light, though, and you can both have your way. The light's bright enough to read with, and it can be directed at your book or tablet so the rest of the room is dark. You can quickly choose from three light temperatures, including one in an amber (non-blue) spectrum. It's also rechargeable and lightweight.

40. These durable water shoes that feel like socks

These sleek water shoes fall somewhere between a sock and a shoe. They're perfect for walking on the beach or snorkeling — and for people who feel more comfortable going barefoot, they're a delight. They have rubber outsoles that'll help protect your feet from rough surfaces, coral, and rocks in the sand. They're also stretchy and pull on like socks. Plus, they're available in tons of colors.

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