Musk Reads: Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders soar

Cybertruck pre-orders soar and Battery Day approaches. Could Tesla tweak the Cybertruck?


Cybertruck pre-orders soar and Battery Day approaches. Could Tesla tweak the Cybertruck? It’s Musk Reads: Tesla Edition #180.

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Musk quote of the week

“Tesla has an option to purchase this land, but has not exercised it.”

  • Read more about Musk’s response to reports about the Cybertruck factory possibly coming to Austin. The comments concern a 2,100-acre plot located 12 miles outside of Austin. Tesla gave a presentation this week where it explained how the factory would bring 5,000 direct jobs.


Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders have reached over 650,000, Electrek reported this week. Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives claims the firm has reached the milestone. If true, it would mean Cybertruck reservations have far surpassed the Model 3 – although the latter car cost 10 times more to reserve at $1,000. The figure comes after a third-party tracker claimed in February that Tesla had received over 535,000 reservations. The truck, which starts at $39,900, is set to hit roads late next year.

In other Cybertruck news, the upcoming vehicle made a public appearance at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. The outing demonstrated the giant vehicle to museum visitors, showing off the upcoming truck’s angular design and sleek headlights. Although it cuts a huge figure, Musk has suggested the firm could later produce a smaller version of the vehicle. Read more.

What’s next for Tesla: Tesla is expected to host its planned Battery Day soon. Comments from Musk this week suggested the event could take place on September 15 alongside the shareholder meeting. Visitors are expected to receive a tour of the cell production system. The event is expected to be one of the most important in the firm’s history. Read more.

In other Musk news…

  • Musk joined other tech leaders in criticizing President Donald Trump’s suspension of a slew of foreign worker visas, including the H–1B that has been used a large amount by the tech industry. Read more.
  • Tesla’s new software update will heat batteries as the vehicle navigates toward a third-party charging station. This was previously limited to Tesla’s own Superchargers. The firm claims that heating the battery can reduce recharge times by 25 percent. Read more.
  • Oops! DriveTribe reports on the story of a man in Germany who accidentally ordered 27 more Teslas than he wanted.
  • Tesla Semi’s Megacharger has been spotted.

Musk Reads mailroom

Dan Wilson writes:

The midgate would be a wonderful addition to the Cybertruck.

A change could bring big benefits! Hopefully the idea, which Musk approved last week, sees the light of day.

Jack Welch writes:

When the truck rear wall is open this addition will keep driver/passenger from being crushed by load shifting forward. Look at NASCAR’s strong “window net” which protects the driver from objects coming thru this opening. Such a net, strongly anchored and running the width of the truck, could protect occupants.

A net along the rear could help protect occupants when the rear is folded down. Tesla could also recommend that users keep the rear wall up during motion to avoid harming occupants.

Shawn Maynard writes:

Totally agree with the centerline offset. Should allow the driver to select offset or not perhaps up to 6 inches to a foot.

Shad Schidel’s feature request from last week seems to have proven popular. The Tesla Autopilot enhancement would move the car so it adjusts left in the first lane and right in the second. With the wealth of options already available to Tesla owners in the in-car dashboard, it seems logical that the firm could extend it out to tweak the centerline offset.

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Photo of the week

Tesla Cybertruck in person.

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The ultra-fine print

This has been Musk Reads: Tesla Edition #180, the weekly rundown of essential reading about futurist and entrepreneur Elon Musk. I’m Mike Brown, an innovation journalist for Inverse.

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