40 clever products that can each be used in so many different ways

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by Christina X. Wood

My kitchen is small, my closet space is limited, and my garage has a car in it, so storage space is one of my main concerns when I acquire new stuff. That’s why I love it when one thing serves many purposes — and it’s even better when the item is small enough to store easily. With that in mind, this list is packed with clever products that can each be used in so many different ways, saving you space as well as money. It’s a win-win.

For example, I hate finding space in the kitchen for trivets but I don’t want to burn my counters by setting hot things on them. To solve that problem, I found these silicone trivets that double as potholders, jar openers, and much more. I’m also hesitant to add any more appliances to my already crowded kitchen, but this air fryer is such a versatile workhorse that I’m happy to find it a permanent place on the counter. And now that I know about this umbrella that is also a flashlight, I have a way to stay dry and light my path on dark and stormy nights.

Those are just a few examples of the multi-use products you’ll find below. Read on for more clever things you’ll use for years to come.

1. This cheese knife that’s also great for vegetables

This versatile knife is designed with an open center so that cheeses don’t stick to the blade and the edge is serrated so it glides through all varieties — whether they’re soft, hard, or somewhere in the middle. But it’s a great knife for cutting fruits and vegetables, too, and the pointed tip grabs cut pieces easily.

2. This double-sided laptop cleaner for keyboards & screens

You can use this dual-sided laptop cleaner to remove dirt, crumbs, and smudges from your computer, tablet, and phone. The cleaner features a microfiber pad on one side and a soft brush on the other, so you can wipe down screens and sweep keyboards with one tool.

3. These silicone trivets that do so many things

These silicone trivets are so handy, you will never put them away. Set a hot pan down on one so it doesn’t burn the counter, grab one to get a better grip on a stubborn jar lid, use one as an extra drying mat for glasses, or grab one to use as a potholder. They’re flexible, heat-resistant, and easy to clean and hang up when not in use. The set includes four and you can choose from eight style and color combinations.

4. This complete set of interlocking grill tools

Grab this foldable utensil set before heading out to barbecue and you will have every kitchen tool you need — from a wine opener to a spatula — at the ready. The stainless steel tool functions as a fork, spatula, knife, tongs, bottle opener, and corkscrew. Just unfold the tool you want or snap it away from the base. Reviewers love it, writing that it’s compact and sturdy.

5. This arc lighter that’s also a bottle opener and flashlight

If you don’t want to use a flame to light candles, reach for this arc lighter instead — it uses an electrical current to create heat, so there’s no butane required. Plus, the gadget also has a built-in flashlight and bottle opener. The lighter is USB-rechargeable and there’s an LED display so you can check battery life at a glance.

6. A cold brew coffee maker that’s also a beverage chiller

Make a fresh pot of cold brew coffee in this BPA-free carafe by filling the stainless steel mesh filter with coffee grounds, adding water, and letting it chill in the fridge overnight. When you want to keep coffee and other drinks cold, fill the borosilicate glass inner sleeve with ice and it will chill your beverage without diluting it.

7. This water bottle with a storage compartment

Not only does this stainless steel water bottle keep drinks cold or hot for hours, but it also has a spacious storage compartment where you can stash your keys, wallet, and other essentials. The leakproof bottle is double-wall vacuum-insulated and it comes in two sizes and eight colors, including avocado green, coral, and glacier blue.

8. These bags that keep everything fresh without plastic

This set of reusable storage bags do a great job of keeping food fresh because, like plastic bags, they seal tight to keep all the air out. Unlike single-use plastic bags, though, you can reuse these endlessly because they’re durable and easy to clean. The set includes three sizes and they can go in the fridge or the freezer.

9. This cutting board and grater for fast food prep

This bamboo cutting board is a full-service prep station that comes with four storage containers and four graters. The cutting board has an opening on the top, so you can slide chopped or grated ingredients directly into a container underneath. When the containers are full, they stack neatly in the fridge so you can make salads or stir fries quickly all week long. The cutting board even has built-in handles and a recessed groove to keep juices under control.

10. A roll-up drying rack with a utensil holder

This roll-up drying rack is easy to store when not in use, saving you so much counter space. There’s also a built-in caddy where you can dry utensils, and the caddy pops out to become a colander. What’s more, the rack is heat-resistant, so you can also use it as a trivet and cooling rack.

11. A beard straightener with moisturizing oil & balm

If there are areas of your facial hair you’d like to tame, this ionic beard straightener can help. It offers three heat settings for various hair types, and there are extra-long, durable bristles for easy combing. The straightener comes with beard balm and oil to help moisturize your facial hair, and a beard guide e-book is also included.

12. This jar opener that comes with a bottle opener

Prevent a stubborn jar from thwarting your next meal with this helpful jar opener. It has graduated gripping areas for jars of all sizes and lets you apply plenty of leverage and traction so you don’t hurt your own hands getting a jar open. It also comes with a bottle opener that can remove caps and lift soda can tabs.

13. An affordable air fryer for fast, delicious meals

This affordable air fryer cooks a variety of foods — including crispy meat, French fries, and veggies — using little to no cooking oil. The air fryer features a 2-liter nonstick basket, 30-minute timer, and adjustable temperatures ranging from 200 to 400 degrees. Almost 7,500 reviewers give this model five stars for being easy to use and taking up very little space.

14. This twist whisk that’s two utensils in one

This colorful whisk is a flat whisk and a balloon whisk in one. When it’s flat, you can use it to stir sauce or gravy in low pans. When you want to whip ingredients, just twist the handle and the silicone-coated wires open up to create a balloon whisk. The handy utensil dismantles for easy cleaning and it’s dishwasher safe.

15. An umbrella that’s also a flashlight

If you get caught in the rain at night, this umbrella with a built-in flashlight can help keep you dry and light your path. The compact, auto-opening umbrella has a color-changing LED flashlight built into the handle and a reflective border to make you more visible to passing cars. Choose from six colors, including black, red, and yellow.

16. This hair clip with built-in tools

Not only can you use this clip to keep hair out of your face, but it also works as a screwdriver, trolley coin, wrench, and cutter. The multi-tool hair clip is made from durable stainless steel, and you can choose from packs of three, five, 10, and 20, so you’ll always be prepared when you’re on the go.

17. This scrubber that changes texture with the temperature

When you run this scrubber under hot water, its texture is soft enough to wash glasses and fine dishes — but if you turn the temperature down, it firms up and is great for scraping off stuck-on bits. The scrubbers are safe to use on a variety of surfaces and odor-resistant, too. Reviewers love them and give them almost 3,000 five-star reviews.

18. This versatile chopper that slices & spiralizes food

This mandoline slicer with various cutting blades makes fast work of all the dinner prep, from chopping vegetables to dicing cheese to shredding carrots. And it comes with a cleaning tool and brush, as well as a hand-held spiralizer. Everything you chop, slice, or dice in the mandoline falls into the basket below so you can store it in the fridge.

19. A wall organizer for keys, mail & more

Stop the clutter that happens when you don’t have a dedicated place to put your keys, wallet, and mail when you walk in the door by mounting this easy-to-install wall organizer near the entry. With hooks for the keys, a shelf for your wallet and pocket sundries, and a cubby for mail, it will clean up the counter permanently.

20. A Crock-Pot so dinner is ready when you get home

Place ingredients in this large oval Crock-Pot when you leave in the morning, set it on low, and dinner will be ready when you get home. It also features a high heat setting for faster cooking, and the warming function keeps your meal hot. Plus, the removable stoneware is easy to clean and the glass lid lets you keep an eye on the progress.

21. This foldable ottoman with storage space

Some clever engineering went into this storage ottoman, which can hold all the detritus that is cluttering up your living room or bedroom and provide extra seating in a pinch. Plus, it folds away flat for storage or so you can reconfigure or move easily. Reviewers write it looks great in the room and is easy to unfold and set up. Choose from beige, black, and brown.

22. This caulking tool that does 3 jobs

This 3-in-tool caulking tool features a stainless steel scraper, silicone trowel, and a surface cleaning blade, so you can use it to create smooth grout lines in the kitchen, bathroom, and around windows. It makes any caulking job fast and easy and you don’t have to haul a toolkit around with you.

23. A folding cutting board that helps transfer food to the pan

After you’ve chopped ingredients, you can squeeze the handle on this folding cutting board to form a chute and neatly guide food into the pan. The durable cutting board has a soft-grip handle and nonslip feet, and it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Choose from three sizes and five colors, including green, black, and red.

24. A shower curtain with storage

This PEVA shower curtain brings much-needed storage to the bathroom. There are nine mesh pockets, so whatever you put in them will stay dry and be easy to find. Two large pockets down low are great for kids toys, three medium pockets in the middle are handy for sponges and brushes, and the small pockets at the top will keep your face scrubber or other small items within reach.

25. This moldable glue that fixes everything

Keep some of this moldable glue on hand because it fixes everything from ceramics to electronics to wires. The non-runny glue comes out of the package malleable and soft so you can shape it to repair or augment what you need. It bonds and hardens in 30 minutes and fully sets within 24 hours, and it’s waterproof and temperature-resistant.

26. These scissors that make cutting herbs super fast

Speed up prep time in the kitchen with these herb scissors, which have five blades that quickly cut herbs, green onions, and other ingredients. The stainless steel scissors have nonslip silicone handles for comfortable handling and come with a safety cover and cleaning comb. And for super-quick cleanup, you can also rinse the blades and put the scissors in the dishwasher.

27. This squeegee brush that hangs on the sink

This cleverly designed squeegee brush is perfect for cleaning up both wet and dry spills. The cleaning tool is made from stain-resistant silicone and it’s weighted for balance, so it’s easy to hang on the edge of your sink for convenient storage. Reviewers note that it’s also great for cleaning the refrigerator.

28. A water bottle that’s also a fruit infuser

If you want to drink more water but are thwarted by its boring flavor, this BPA-free water bottle infuses it with citrus zing while you go about your day. Just fill the bottom with the citrus of your choice and fill the top with water. The 28-ounce bottle comes with a straw, and there’s a finger loop for easy carrying.

29. This solar power bank that’s also a flashlight

When you’re headed off the grid, this solar power bank offers an easy way to keep your phone charged. To use, just charge the power bank at home before your trip and recharge using solar power. It’s compatible with wired and wireless charging if you have a Qi-enabled device. And just for good measure, there’s a built-in flashlight and a compass attached to the side.

30. A shoulder bag that insulates your water bottle

Carry your essentials and keep your water cool with this insulated sling bag. The polyester bag is roomy enough for water bottles up to 25 ounces and has two pockets where you can stash all your personal sundries. You can carry it with the hand strap or sling style and it comes in five colors.

31. This fish tank that grows plants on top

This ecosystem fish tank features a hydroponic growing system on top. The water keeps both the fish and plants happy and a filter keeps the water clean. As long as you keep your fish fed, everything will thrive. Reviewers love it and are growing everything from peas to herbs and bok choy on the top level.

32. This bowl that makes quick work of salad

Use this salad cutter bowl to rinse, chop, and serve in one container. You can slice ingredients through the slots, and if you want your greens chopped smaller, turn the lid 90 degrees and slice again. When you flip the bowl over, you have a chopped salad that’s ready to eat. When you aren’t making salad, this makes a nice fruit bowl or colander.

33. This blender so you can mix a smoothie anywhere

Throw some fruit, nutritional supplements, and a liquid into this personal BPA-free blender and you can whip up your favorite healthy meal or frozen treat whenever and wherever you are. It has a strainer to sift out the pulp, cleans easily, and is USB-rechargeable. Choose from pink and green.

34. This snowflake that’s loaded with tools

This stainless steel snowflake multitool is easy to hang from a backpack or equipment bag and it has so many uses. There are 19 tools in one, including Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, end wrenches, a box cutter, a bottle opener, and lots more.

35. This all-in-one avocado tool that splits, pits & slices

This handy tool will cut open the avocado, remove the pit, and slice the fruit in just a few quick gestures. The fan blade scrapes the fruit out while slicing it into seven neat pieces that look beautiful on a salad or sandwich. Reviewers love this all-in-one tool and give it almost 18,500 five-star reviews.

36. This double serving dish that’s great for shelled nuts, pitted fruits & more

With this pedestal serving dish, your guests will have a convenient place to put pistachio shells, fruit pits, and other food waste. The top bowl snaps neatly into the bottom one and stays there so you have a tidy place to store waste. Plus, you can also use the bowls separately to serve two different foods.

37. These flashlight gloves that help you work in the dark

When working under a sink or in a dark space, these flashlight gloves make it easier to see what you’re doing. The flexible, lightweight gloves have bright LEDs on both the index finger and thumb, and they have adjustable straps for the most comfortable fit. Reviewers call these gloves a terrific invention, giving them almost 3,700 five-star reviews.

38. This bar soap that’s great for your hair & body

Use this four-in-one bar soap to replace your shampoo, body wash, beard wash, and shaving cream. It’s made from organic coconut oil, shea butter, and palm oil to help moisturize your skin and hair and it’s scented with essential oils such as lavender and rosemary. Reviewers write it smells woodsy and clean, and that it leaves skin feeling residue-free and soft.

39. These hanging strips that leave no holes in the wall

These two-piece hanging strips make it so easy to hang a picture — or a lot of pictures — without damaging the wall. Just peel and stick one side to the wall and the other to the picture frame, then press the two pieces together. Both parts remove without leaving a residue and reviewers love that there are no nails required, giving these over 17,000 five-star reviews.

40. This beard template that does all the shapes

Want a curve or a sharp point in your haircut or beard but can’t quite get there freehand? This beard template is the tool you need. It has everything you need to do precise cuts, even if you are looking for a complicated curve or an angular edge. It can do dozens of angles and shapes — just turn it to get the one you want.

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