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by Christina X. Wood
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You know all that junk you sold in a yard sale, put in storage, or shoved into the back of your closet? That stuff was probably more hype than help. Do you know why? Because when you bought it, you might not have let the wisdom of the Amazon masses to guide you. But this time, you are. Customers already did the scouting, the returning, and the falling in love so you could skip forward to getting the right thing the first time. And now, you're choosing from a list of clever Amazon products that people get so much use out of.

Whether you want a rainfall shower head that'll make cleaning up a luxurious experience or a better cup of coffee that was made on the stove, these products get it right. Oh, and maybe you didn't even know you needed a smarter way to make popcorn — but there's something here that'll change your mind. Trust the Amazon customers; there's some real wisdom in the review section — and now that you're taking their pointers, you'll never want to buy another subpar speaker again.

Go ahead and check out all of these clever things that folks are constantly using; I'm sure you'll want to add them to your cart, too.

1. An immersion blender for soups, smoothies, & more

This immersion blender is the kitchen tool you'll reach for every time you want to turn a simmering batch of veggies into a creamy soup or a glass of frozen fruit into a smoothie. Unlike a jar blender, though, there will be no post-blending struggle to get the blender jar clean. Blend the soup right in the pan, and the beverages right in the pitcher. Then, snap off the blending arm and give it a rinse.

2. This 50-pack of 3-play face masks that are 13% off

This value pack of 100 disposable face masks is a great purchase any day, but on Cyber Monday? It's just $16. Made with a three-layer fabric for added protection and comfy, elastic ear loops for a snug fit, these masks have won over thousands of Amazon reviewers, with one describing these as "light and comfortable." No wonder they have a 4.6-star overall rating.

3. This power cube with three bonus USB ports

A power cube is so handy, and this one from Anker is an excellent choice. Plug it in and bring the outlets to you instead of crawling under the furniture. Stick it to the bottom of your desk (adhesive backing is included), thread it into a drawer, or just stash it under the couch or set it on a table. It has a 5-foot cord and three outlets —  and it's about the size of a tennis ball.

4. A power bank that charges your phone wirelessly

There's no need for that stash of charging cables you've been amassing — not if you own this wireless power bank. When your phone starts to run out of battery, set it on top of this charger. It will charge it — if your phone is Qi-compatible — completely wirelessly.

5. This blanket that can fit in your pocket

You can bring this blanket anywhere, because it's small enough to fit in a pocket or keep stashed in your glove box. Impromptu beach visit? It's sand-proof. Damp grass? It's waterproof, so go ahead and sit down on it. It has pockets that you can fill with sand or rocks to hold it down, and it's big enough to seat four. Plus, it goes right back into its handy stash bag.

6. The card-shaped multitool that can fit in your wallet

You never know when you are going to need a screwdriver, box opener, or bottle opener — so it doesn't really make sense to carry a toolbox with you everywhere. This multitool, though, can fit in your pocket. Keep it in your wallet, backpack, or glove compartment. It comes in a fitted case.

7. This electric juicer, because fresh orange juice is awesome

Do you like fresh orange, grapefruit, and lemon juice? This electric citrus juicer is the fast, tidy way to get it. Just press the halved fruit onto the machine, and it does the rest. The cones rotate both ways to get all the juice and pulp out of your citrus — but you can push a button to set how much of that pulp goes into your juice.

8. The container that keeps your herbs fresher for longer

Fresh herbs make the tastiest food, but they are very perishable. This herb keeper gives them the perfect environment in the fridge. Just put a bit of water in the bottom, set the herbs upright in the container, lower them into the water, and put them in the fridge. Cut the tips and replace the water every few days and your herbs will last weeks.

9. This moon lamp that provides the best ambient light

Sure, you could hang a boring light. But why? This moon light is an accurate map of the moon that illuminates the room of your choice (in the colors you want). Just change the light using the remote. You can also set it to automatically cycle through a selection of shades. It looks amazing and provides a gorgeous light. Recharge it via USB.

10. An reusable alternative to paper towels

Paper towels are the right tool in some situations — but they contribute so much waste it's shocking. These bamboo towels are roughly equivalent to paper towels and come on a roll like paper towels do — but you can wash and reuse them a few times before you toss them.

11. These smart lightbulbs that you can control via voice

There's no need to rewire the wall switch in order to connect your overhead lights to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Just screw in these lightbulbs and connect the bulbs to your mart system. Since they're voice-activated, you can include all the lights in your daily routines. You can also change the color of each one, and they connect via Wi-Fi.

12. This rolling garlic chopper for easy meal prep

There's no need to get out a cutting board just to chop garlic. Just drop a few bulbs into this cute little chopper and roll the wheels across a flat surface. It'll chop the garlic fast without leaving a mess in your kitchen. The more you roll, the finer your garlic will get chopped.

13. A cutting board that has drawers to drop food into

This cutting board is a bit of engineering genius. Chop your onions, pop the opening off, and scrape the chopped onion right into the drawer below. Then, move a fresh drawer there for garlic. The board even has a juice groove to direct juices into a drawer. You can use the drawers in the fridge, too — and they even stack.

14. This pumice stick that can help clean your toilet

Toilets can get dirty; it happens. For a few dollars, though, this pumice stone cleaner could make it look new again. It's eco friendly and super effective. Plus, there are three in this package, so you can keep one in every bathroom in your house.

15. The espresso maker that makes a rich cup

This style of coffee brewer — aka a moka maker — makes such excellent espresso that's it's a staple in Italian kitchens. Just fill it with coffee and water and set it on a stove. It's a bit of an art, but the results are aromatic, delicious, and so worth it. It comes in several sizes and colors.

16. A spray that turns your shower into a spa experience

A spritz of this pure eucalyptus oil mist into your shower stream turns the entire bathroom into a spa-like experience. It seems simple enough, but people are raving about how this high-quality essential oil spray upgrades every shower to an energizing or relaxing atmosphere that makes the whole house smell amazing.

17. A rechargeable fabric shaver that'll make your sweaters look like new

If your sweaters look tired from pilling, you will be happy to know about this handy, rechargeable fabric shaver. It cleans all of that right up using the combined efforts of spinning blades behind a foil barrier and suction to shave off the pills and remove the mess.

18. A cervical pillow for improved ergonomics while driving

Lean back while driving and give your neck a break. This pillow lets you rest your head while keeping your neck in the optimal ergonomic position. You'll have fewer aches when you arrive. With two adjustable straps to hold it to the headrest, it's a serious comfort upgrade. People are also finding that it's a great upgrade to a not-quite-perfect desk chair.

19. A multipurpose spatula with a built-in bottle opener

At first glance, this tool might seem like a standard, long-handled barbecue spatula — but take a closer look. That protruding blade on one side is actually a built-in fork (there's a cutting edge on the side of it, too). On the other side, there's a meat tenderizer — and because grilling requires a cold beverage in one hand, there's a bottle opener in the center.

20. This electric griddle that makes meals in minutes

Quesadillas, pancakes, grilled cheese — no matter what you're in the mood for, this electric griddle can have it ready to eat in just a few short minutes. The dual heating plates are coated with non-stick so that clean-up is a breeze, while its compact size makes it easy to stash away once you're done cooking. Choose from two colors: red or aqua.

21. A Himalayan salt block for grilling amazing steak & fish

Cedar planks are so last year. The grilling plank of today is this Himalayan salt block. It can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can put it right on the grill. Get it hot, toss some shrimp, fish, beef, or veggies on it, and impart your meal with salt as well as incredible flavor.

22. These LED tea lights that'll never spill wax

These LED tea lights have all the benefits of candle lighting — warmth, mood, gentle flicker — and none of the hassles. They are cool, easy to turn on and off, and battery operated. This is a 12 pack of small lights that are suitable for holiday decorations, candelabras, luminaries, and just having around the house.

23. A cool mist humidifier to help you sleep in dry air

That dry cough: Is it something to worry about, or just a result of dry air? The quick way to find out — and get back to sleep — is to turn on a cool mist humidifier that'll add moisture to the air. This 2.5-liter humidifier is simple to use, affordable, and produces enough mist to get your through the night. It shuts off automatically when it's out of water.

24. This clever device that chills beverages & iced coffee fast

Keep the Hyperchiller in the freezer, because you never know when you'll want a cold beverage, an iced coffee, or something else cold. Without it, you'll wait hours for the chill you want on your beverage. But with it, you can pour your beverage in, swirl for 60 seconds, and drink.

25. This water bottle that's a speaker & personal assistant

You carry a water bottle everywhere, right? Why not have one that does more than hold liquids? This one is a Bluetooth speaker with player controls right on the base. Leave it on the bottle or separate the two. A blue light reminds you when it's time to sip more water — and the bottle itself is a leak-proof, double-wall vacuum-insulated, and made with stainless steel along with a wide mouth.

26. A waterproof speaker so you can have tunes in the shower

Whether you shower in the bathroom, at the gym, or on campsite, this waterproof speaker will go there with you and play your motivational tunes. It's small, hangs from a cleverly integrated cord, and — according to the 5,000 Amazon shoppers who love it — delivers surprisingly big sound for such a tiny device.

27. A clever hand warmer that's also a phone charger

Keep this hand warmer in your pocket to keep your frozen hands at bay. It has three three temperature levels that start at a cozy 113 degrees Fahrenheit and go right up to a toasty 131 degrees Fahrenheit. It'll warm your hands, keep the interior of your winter coat warm, or even warm and soothe sore muscles. But since it's also a phone charger, it will always be useful to have with you on the go.

28. This spoon-strainer that'll become your go-to kitchen tool

This utensil is like a multitool for the kitchen. It looks like a spoon, but it's actually five tools cleverly rolled into one. The serrated edge cuts meat and veggies as you stir, and a built-in strainer removes the liquids. There's a tasting spoon and a spatula in the handle, too.

29. A magnetic kitchen utensil holder that's also a rack with hooks

This two-tier magnetic kitchen utensil rack will get all your most-used knives and utensils out of drawers and right within reach on the wall. The two rows of powerful magnets are handy places for knives and other metal kitchen tools, and the six included hooks — which are designed to fit neatly over the bar — will hold plastic and wooden utensils.

30. A reusable swab because disposable ones are terrible

How many cotton swabs do you throw away every week? So many that they're turning up in all the oceans. It's easy to stop, though. This reusable silicone swab is a high-quality reusable product that serves the same purpose. Just wash it and use it again. It comes with a slick carrying case so you can travel with it. There are two styles: A nubby end for ears and a smooth end for makeup.

31. This visor organizer that keeps your car in order

This visor organizer has a place for everything you want to keep in your car, and it keeps it all organized and within easy reach while you drive. There's a sunglass holder, card holder, and a mesh place for whatever you need handy. The zippered interior has compartments to organize all your in-car charging cables, too.

32. A shower head that filters your water as it works

If your shower water unsatisfactory, that's not necessarily a reason to dislike where you live. Upgrading the shower head is simple and often goes a long way toward fixing that, and this one not only has three spray settings — rainfall, jet, and massage — but it filters the water through a series of stone beads to soften hard water.

33. A magnetic calendar you can stick to the fridge so everyone knows what's up

Want to communicate better? Stick this magnetic calendar to the fridge or a metal door and let everyone in the house know what's happening (and when). The six colored dry erase markers are also magnetic, so you can keep them next to the calendar. When the month is over, erase and start again.

34. This egg-shaped boiler that microwaves perfect hard-boiled eggs

Egg salad? Soft-boiled eggs? Hard-boiled eggs? The only thing standing between you and these easy meals is something that makes cooking the eggs fast and easy. This egg-shaped contraption is that thing. Open it up, put water in the bottom, eggs on the tray, and microwave it. Four perfectly cooked eggs will be the result. Just adjust the time for how you like them.

35. This clever cooker that makes pasta in the microwave

If you want pasta and do not want to wash a giant pan, this dish is the solution. Put the pasta and water in it and microwave for 12 minutes. Dinner is ready. The pasta comes out surprisingly well — but the best part? You can put the cooker right in the dishwasher with your plate, and the cleanup is done in seconds.

36. A collapsible popcorn maker that you can wash & reuse

I am a veteran stovetop-popcorn snob — and I had to make a lot of snacks in this popcorn maker before I had to admit that it's better. Put kernels in, add oil (or not, if that's how you roll). Then, microwave it for a couple of minutes. The popcorn will come out perfectly every time so there's no oily pan to clean up.

37. This desk lamp that's also a wireless phone charger

If your desk needs a lamp, why not get one that makes excellent use of the space it's using? This LED lamp has a wireless phone charger and a USB port in the base to save space and create order. The light has five color modes and five brightness levels, too — so you can get exactly the illumination you need.

38. A hammer with a multitool in the handle

This is the tool to keep in your car, kitchen, or backpack. It's one small hammer, but it's also thirteen tools. In the handle of the hammer lurk a pair of pliers, wire cutters, a nail claw, a bottle opener, a nail file, a Phillips screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, a serrated blade, and a saw blade. There are even four screwdriver bits hiding in there.

39. These cut-resistant gloves to wear while you meal prep

If you've ever accidentally sliced off the tip of your finger using a mandoline, I don't need to tell you why you need these gloves. They're knitted with cut-resistant material that's stronger and more flexible than leather. So you can slice away with your cheese grater, slicer, or blades and not worry about slicing up your hands.

40. A set of bottles for dispensing oils & other liquids

If you buy oils and dressings in big bottles to save money, transfer them to these slick pour bottles.They're sized for daily use, easy to pour from, and have a drip-free spout. The part that makes them must-haves, though, is the built-in measure in the cap on each. Pump oil into it to deliver a measured amount or oil to your dish (without dirtying a measuring cup).

41. These socks that moisturize while you sleep

When your feet are tired, slip on these therapeutic socks. They have moisturizer on the inside and grippy soles on the outside. That way, you can walk around in them while your feet soak up some hydration that'll help do away with rough feet. They are great for sleeping in, too.

42. A measuring pitcher that dispenses batter from the bottom

With a wide opening and measurement indicators printed right on the side, this four-cup measure will speed up and perfect your baking projects. And when it's time to cook the pancakes, just press the handle and the batter comes out the bottom. Release the lever to stop the flow. So easy.

43. This before-you-go spray to help contain bathroom odors

If you're trying to keep your bathroom smelling fresh, spray some Poo-Pourri in the bowl before you go. The odor will be trapped in the water underneath the essential oil barrier. More specifically, this spray creates an impenetrable barrier on the water surface that traps odors underwater while filling the room with a mild smell of citrus.

44. An iced tea maker you can take on the road

If iced tea is your beverage of choice, this handy tea press will bring down the price and put more of it in your life. Put some tea in it — loose or bags — add hot water, and press. Then, add ice. There is a flip-lid so you can drink right from it, and the stainless steel mesh press keeps the leaves out of your mouth.

45. This serving bowl that keeps dips and salad cold

Put perishable dips in this bowl that fits neatly into its companion ice holder and you won't have to worry that they will spoil before the party is over. It keeps them cold for hours; just add ice. There is even snap-on plastic lid to make cleanup fast and easy.

46. An acupressure mat & pillow you can lie on for relief

Sore muscles and tension are no match for this acupressure mat and pillow set. Just lie on them and let the hard nubs work their way into your muscles. There are 6,210 acupressure points in the mat (the pillow has 1,782 of them). Reviewers report that lying on the mat and pillow hurts at first — but soon, their muscles heat up and relax, giving quick, dramatic relief.

47. A portable dispenser pump for gallon-sized bottles

Buying large bottles of water is an easy way to save money, but pouring a glass by hand isn't exactly practical. This pump not only attaches to gallon-sized bottles, but the rechargeable battery also lasts for more than one full month — or about 30 gallons of water. The best part? It'll fit nearly any bottle ranging from one to five gallons in size.

48. This digital notebook that sends your notes to the cloud

Studies have shown that if you hand-write notes, you will remember them better. But will you be able to ever find them again? This notebook bridges the divide between digital notes and handwritten notes. After you have taken notes, scan the QR code at the bottom of the page and send them to whatever cloud service you use to store information. Then wash the pages and use them again.

49. A phone charger that also disinfects your phone

Without this UV sanitizer, sanitizing your phone is hard. But with it, just can drop your phone in and push a button. The box fills with UV-C light, getting rid of the germs and viruses on the device. You can use it for other small items (like keys and jewelry), and add essential oil to make it all smell good.

50. These comfy headphones you can wear while you sleep

This is a sleek headband with integrated headphones, so you can get your hair out of your face while you workout and listen to tunes at the same time. The controls are on the forehead, so you don't have to stop to fumble with your phone if someone talks to you. Plus, it's soft and breathable. You could even sleep in it and add a soundtrack to your dreams.

51. This flat extension cord that covers your outlet behind furniture

Sometimes, the outlets are in exactly the wrong places. This extension cord covers up that outlet and gives you three plugs where you want them. It also comes in handy if there isn't much space between the outlet and a piece of furniture in front of it.

52. A cold & warm compress that feels soothing on your eyes

If your eyes are dry or constantly tearing up — maybe from looking at a computer all day — heat this eye mask up in the microwave and lie down with it on. Then, relax for ten minutes. It's a super relaxing way to jumpstart a nap, and it can also help with puffiness. You can use it hot or cold.

53. A set of reusable stainless steel straws with soft tips

This is a complete set of reusable straws for your home. There are bent straws and straight ones. Tall ones and short ones. Four made-to-fit brushes get the straw interiors clean, and the silicone tips protect your teeth from biting on metal. They all fit into a storage bag, too.

54. This strange moldable glue that fixes almost anything

This stuff is cool. Open a pack and the uncured product is pliable (and a bit sticky). You have thirty minutes to shape it into the solution you need: a casing for wires, a fix for shoes, a missing part, or whatever. Then, it starts to harden. In 12 hours, it'll be a permanent fix that'll withstand heat, water, and cold.

55. These absorbent clothes made with cellulose & cotton

These cellulose and cotton dishcloths are super absorbent — kind of like sponges. In other words, they're great for drying dishes, wiping down the table, and responding to spills. You can wash them in the dishwasher or washing machine and keep using them till they fall apart. When you toss them, they'll degrade easily because they're made of natural materials.

56. A clever way to organize the lids to your storage containers

If I could get back all the time I've spent in my life searching for the lid to the storage container, I could probably use it to get a degree. This clever lid container prevents that sort of wasted time. It organizes the lids — all of them — into a compact, orderly, and labeled space (the labels are included). It's adjustable to fit the lids you have, too.

57. These oven liners that catch the crumbs while you cook

When it comes to oven cleaners, prevention is the best route — and these liners are here for prevention. Put them under the baked ziti or your famous pizza. If the cheese melts or the sauce spills over, it won't fall onto the immovable oven interior; it'll fall onto these. And these are removable, washable or — if it gets really bad — messy.

58. A super efficient way to organize remotes & other clutter

This organizer is like a lazy Susan for the coffee table. A padded swivel-base sits on your table. Compartments hold everything from remote controls to a Kindle. And the whole thing spins so you can find what you want. It comes in a wide range of fabrics, leather, and patterns to go with your personal style and décor.

59. This heated throw blanket so you never get cold

Cuddling up on the couch is extra-relaxing under this heated fleece throw. The cord is long enough to reach to an outlet, the texture is soft, and it has a three-hour timer so you won't forget it's on. Settings are easy to use, and it goes from slightly warm (68 degrees Fahrenheit) to almost a sauna (122 degrees Fahrenheit) with ten stops in between.

60. A caddy that rests on your sink divider

You don't have to take up precious counter space with a scrubber caddy — just set this one down onto the divider in your sink. The four pockets are large enough for multiple scrubbers, sponges, utensils, and more. Plus, the drainage holes on the bottom help prevent grime and mildew from building up.

61. This curved shower attachment for washing the dog

If you've ever given a dog a bath, then you're probably familiar with mayhem. This dedicated pet sprayer will help. It brings a forceful, yet adjustable spray of water directly to your pup. The water pressure cuts right through thick coats to get all the fur wet. Then, it reaches all the canine parts — no matter how far from the faucet — to get the shampoo off. There's a suction cup that holds it to the shower wall for storage.

62. A water flosser that's handy & easy to use

If you dread flossing with string — or want to take your dental care up a notch — this water flosser is awesome. Fill it with water and press a button, and a jet of water will clean between your teeth and massage your gums. It uses two AA batteries and has two pressure settings. It's a lot more fun than flossing, but it's also a great step to add between flossing and brushing for outstanding hygiene.

63. A 2-tier lazy Susan to help organize your cabinets

This two-tier lazy Susan will put everything that's your cupboards within reach. The rarely-used spices will no longer disappear into the back, because there is no back. Just spin this and the back will come to the front. it's great for organizing bathrooms, too — and the height is adjustable.

64. This cup that turns your favorite drinks into a slushy

It looks like a Coca Cola glass but is, in fact, a clever slushy maker. Pour soda, juice, smoothies, or whatever you like into it, and then stir. Scraping the liquid away from the super cold liner will help it turn into a slushy. (You have to freeze the liner first, though.) It's delicious and fun, and it'll save you a ton if you like frozen drinks.

65. A weighted blanket that'll help relax you while napping

This weighted blanket is made with evenly distributed glass beads that make it heavy enough to calm your nervous system. A breathable cotton insulation keeps you from overheating, and the soft fabric feels amazing against your skin. Reviewers have written that it's like a giant security blanket.

66. This bathtub tray so you can relax while you soak

Like to soak away your worries in the tub? Don't get bored in there. Bring a drink, your favorite book, some entertainment, and make yourself at home. This bamboo tray holds it all above the water. It also adjusts to the width of your tub, has a customizable tablet or phone stand, and stores flat.

67. A shower head that gives you a warm rainstorm

Install this shower head and hold still while an 11-inch metal disk releases a fine stream of gentle rain over your entire body; it's a luxurious experience. The adjustable arm lets you position the shower wherever you like. Plus, 90 silicon jets deliver firm water pressure — and Amazon reviewers are using terms like "step into a waterfall" and "perfect" while describing it.

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