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by Christina X. Wood
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I still own some kitchen tools that I've had since I was a child. I don't keep those products for sentimental reasons; I keep them because I don't know what I'd do without them. Don't get me wrong: I know people whose favorite items are the ones they've inherited from a parent or grandparent — and that's great. I'm sure they work just as well as my favorites.They probably do what they're meant to do (and do it well), just like these extremely handy Amazon products. They're worth so much more than what you'll spend on them, and I bet they'll become family heirlooms.

I tracked down some of my favorites, like this handy back scratcher and this toothbrush sanitizer. That's definitely not it, though. I've also included products that complete everyday jobs like throwing light where you need it, organizing and charging your tech devices, saving space in your closet, making better popcorn, and miraculously fixing thing. And guess what? You'll likely use these for years and years to come.

That's right: These are the products you'll pack up when you move, recommend to family and friends, and maybe even leave some five-star reviews about. Regardless, they've got longevity — so go ahead and start shopping.

1. This magnetic barbecue light lets you grill after dark

You can stop holding a flashlight in your mouth when barbecuing after dark. Instead, snap one of these little lights anywhere on your grill and point the high-intensity LED beam directly where you need to see. The gooseneck is firm, but flexible — so you can direct the light precisely. And when you aren't grilling, these lights are handy to have around. Stick one onto the car, your workbench, or wherever you need a quick task light.

2. A magnetic block that wrangles all your charging cables

Set this object down on your desk and herd all your wires onto it; they'll stay right there. It's a brilliant piece of simple engineering. It's magnetic, so the ends of the wires stick to it. No more nightly scramble to locate a charging cable. No more wires snaking all over your desk. Plus, it looks nice doing the job.

3. The book stand you can fold up and stash

This book stand is so handy. It'll hold a massive textbook or cookbook so you can read without holding it up yourself. It's strong. It holds the pages open but lets you turn them. It even lets you adjust the angle. However, it folds right up so you can stash it in a drawer or backpack when you aren't using it. It's brilliant for small kitchens or studying at the library.

4. The conditioner that makes your beard really soft

You are rocking an amazing beard, but it's getting kind of scratchy. Before you decide to shave, try this beard conditioner — and get ready to love it. The silicone-free product will moisturize your beard so it's softer, and it can make it less itchy, too. Just apply it to your facial hair and let it sit for 30 seconds, then rinse it out.

5. These grippers that help keep furniture from sliding around

Furniture always scooting back a few inches when you sit down? These pads can help keep couches, chairs, and more from shifting around. No nails or glue are required for installation, as each pad is backed with adhesive that lets you stick them right into place. Plus, you can also trim them to fit narrower chair legs as needed.

6. The back scratcher that gets those hard-to-reach places

There's that spot on your back that makes you want go all wild bear on that tree. It itches, but you just can't reach it. Thankfully, this Cactus Scratcher will get it. Just hold the end pieces and drag it back and forth across that itch. It has two sides: one's gentle, and the other is "aggressive." In other words, it'll get the job done — whether that job is a maddening itch or a sore muscle. When you're all set, just toss it in a drawer until it happens again.

7. The lighter from the future

Butane is so industrial age. This, right here, is a plasma lighter. So cool, I know. When you light something with it, two electric arcs form to create the necessary heat. You can't blow them out, and the wind can't blow them out. They get the job done. You will never have to refill this lighter, either. Just plug it in with a micro USB cord and charge it up. It's slick looking — as you would expect from a plasma lighter — and feels good in your hand.

8. A toiletry bag that you can hang up for easy access

If you're hauling toiletries to overnight dates or the gym, maybe it's time to get organized. A good toiletry bag like this one is something you'll probably use for decades. It has all the pockets and storage space you need to keep a backup set of all your shampoos and lotions. You'll be able to find everything. Plus, it hangs from a hook, creating its own workspace. When you want to hit the washroom, just grab this bag and you'll have everything you need at hand.

9. This waterproof sheet that helps extend the life of your mattress

Even if you never spill anything on your mattress, the moisture coming off your body while you sleep can still wear it down over time — that’s part of why this protective sheet is such a great buy. Not only does its waterproof surface help extend the life of your mattress, but it’s also made from premium cotton that’s completely noiseless when you’re lying on it. Sizes available range from twin up to California king.

10. The tangy D.C. Mambo Sauce that you can stock up on

Ever had barbecue in Capital City? If so, you're probably craving it. However, getting to D.C. right now might be difficult and expensive. But this barbecue sauce isn't. The pack comes with two bottles: Mild and Sweet Hot. And all you have to do to satisfy your need for that amazing, tangy D.C. flavor is squirt one of these on your food. It's built for wings, but it's good on anything.

11. The phone and tablet stand that adjusts to your needs

A cell phone that's lying on its back atop your desk is not pulling it's weight. In fact, it's distracting. You have to pick it up to see who's texting or calling and hold it in one hand to do a video or voice call. This stand lifts it up to free your hands so you can see your phone, talk to it, and be seen by its camera. This is must for modern telecommunications. It adjust in height and angle, and it's strong enough to hold a tablet.

12. The detoxifying soap made with aloe vera, vitamin E, & oatmeal

Finding a pleasant-smelling soap that has natural ingredients and doesn't break the bank is surprisingly difficult. That might be why this lovely African Black Soap is so popular on Amazon. It's made with soothing ingredients like aloe extract and shea butter, as well as tea tree oil, which is known to reduce skin inflammation. People have written that it is great for oily skin, helps clear unwanted blemishes, and has an appealing, subtle scent.

13. These wireless earbuds that come in a charging case

Wires are so annoying when you're trying to run or bike while listening to music. These waterproof earbuds don't have wires, though. Instead, they use Bluetooth to connect to your phone. They link up wirelessly, and they even charge wirelessly (all thanks to the charging case). For this price and the sound quality that reviewers describe as "impeccable," this purchase is a no-brainer.

14. A beard-shaping tool for the perfect trim every time

Shaping a beard is an art form. If you don't like winging it, just use this beard stencil. It gives you all the straight lines and curves you need to create your own look. Just hold it up to your face, head, or neck, and then follow the lines. It's also a comb, which is convenient. To be honest, this is the missing piece in your manscaping kit.

15. This handheld espresso machine that's perfect for hiking

This is the sort of magic that — when you pull it out in the wilderness — your friends are happy to know you. You've spent hours hiking, climbing, or whatever it is you do. Everyone is getting tired. You pull out this mini espresso kit and make everyone a quick pick-me-up. Just pack the ground coffee, add hot water, and then fill your cup.

16. A slick stylus pen that makes it easier to use your phone and tablet

This slick stylus is so much better than drawing or writing on a phone or tablet with your finger. It has a precision disk head that lets you see where your mark will appear, and it gives you a responsive feel while drawing or writing on a screen. In fact, it's compatible with any touchscreen. Some reviewers have even made it work on ancient phones and tablets. So regardless of the tech you're using, it'll seriously upgrade your drawing and handwriting experience.

17. The charging station that comes with USB charging cables

Instead of eating an entire side table to charge all your gadgets, this charging station only needs a few inches of table. It has five USB ports and five slots with plastic support layers so your devices stand on their sides while powering up. It'll work with any USB charging cable, but it comes with five of them (two lightning cables, two micro USB cables, and one Type C cable).

18. A batter dispenser that you can pour pancakes with

Mix your pancake batter in this measuring pitcher and let gravity do the work. Since there's a spout at the bottom (and a handle that controls it), the batter will pour out when you squeeze so you can move quickly across the griddle instead of trying to pour from a bowl. It makes creating evenly sized pancakes so much easier, and it's even effective with thinner crepe batters.

19. A tiny rechargeable vacuum that you can keep at your desk

When you work at a computer, the keyboard gets dirty. It's hard to avoid, and it's hard to clean. This is the perfect little vacuum for that job. It's small, but powerful — and it charges via USB (which you probably already have a plug for on your desk). It'll even suck up liquids, which is a bonus. You might also want one in the car for cleaning out the cup holders and dashboard. It's so handy that you'll probably clean more often.

20. The 13-in-1 multitool with tons of useful gadgets

A lot of multitools claim to have miraculous features, but you usually need a magnifying glass to find them. Not with this one, though. A large, serrated pocket knife is included — and hidden in the pocket knife's handle is an array of also-useful tools: two different pliers, a wire cutter, a can opener, two flat screwdrivers, a Phillips head screwdriver, two files, a rope cutter, and a saw.

21. These blue light-blocking glasses that prevent eyestrain

Being exposed to blue light all day, every day isn't great for you. Basically, blue light tells your brain to stop releasing sleep-inducing melatonin and start producing hormones that wake you up. Fortunately, blue light is easy to filter out with these glasses. You get three in a pack, and they each come with a different colored frame.

22. These vacuum-sealed storage bags for your seasonal clothes

When it's time to switch your closet from summer to winter, you have to find a place to store a big box of coats and sweaters until it's cold again. They same goes for blankets. Put them in these bags, use the vacuum cleaner to suck out the extra air, and you can store it all in a lot less space. These keep out moths and other critters, too, so your clothes and blankets will be clean and ready to use next season.

23. This silicone bowl that makes delicious popcorn

I was once an expert at making popcorn in a pan from kernels. And then I got one of these BPA-free silicone bowls. Now, two minutes is all I need to make a perfect batch. There is no skill involved; making popcorn this way is also much better than store-bought microwave popcorn, because you get to choose your own oil and kernels — and you'll probably leave out the unpronounceable chemicals. The cleanup is super easy, too. Just put it in the dishwasher.

24. The beard straightener that works like a brush

If your beard has a tendency to get a bit wild and unruly, tame it with this hot beard straightener. It's easy to use: Just let it warm up, and then brush your beard with it. The heated ceramic teeth are protected by longer, plastic teeth for protection. Apply the included beard oil afterwards, and you'll be all set. It only takes a few minutes, and it comes with a beard care book that's full of helpful advice.

25. A tiered drawer organizer for your kitchen knives

If you're attached to the idea of keeping your knives in a drawer (as opposed to in a block on the counter), this drawer organizer is a great choice. It'll keep them sharp, protected, and organized. It's two layers high, so you can put the cooking knives on the bottom and paring or steak knives on top. It frees up a lot of drawer space and makes it so much easier to find what you're looking for.

26. This milk frother that you can also use to mix salad dressing

This is an excellent milk frother; it's powerful, battery operated, and small enough to store in a drawer. It's also useful for so much more than just frothing milk. Are you into matcha tea? Adding powders to your drinks? This is the way to go. It mixes quickly, whether you're mixing something hot or cold. So even if you aren't interested in lattes or coffee drinks frothed at home, you'll find yourself using it for everything from hot chocolate to salad dressing.

27. A table caddy for your remotes at TV room essentials

I'll bet if someone surveyed modern relationships on mundane irritants, remote control storage would emerge as one of the top friction points. When remotes get lost, it's frustrating, and people get blamed. And when remotes are always cluttering up the coffee table, it's just as bad. They need a place — and that place has to be easy to use. This organizer hangs off a side table or armrest and stores them within reach. It's also a great place to put glasses, pens, or other sundries. In fact, you might want one on the couch, desk, and bed to store all the small items that turn to clutter.

28. This electric callus remove with 3 different file strengths

If you've got some calluses that you're hoping to smooth out, reach for this electric filer. Unlike other handheld callus removers, this one is rechargeable. It comes with three file heads of different coarsenesses, so you can pick the strength for your wants and needs. Plus, it's waterproof, so you can use it in the shower.

29. The bartender's secret to washing glasses at the bar

Ever sat at a bar and been impressed by how many glasses the bartender can easily wash while chatting? That's because there's probably a brush like this one attached to the bottom of the sink. If you want to try it, all you have to do is put the glass over the brush and rotate. Everything — even lipstick — should come right off. This one has suction cups that stick to the sink and a side brush to get the outside of the glass clean. It works for water bottles, mugs, and whatever else you drink from.

30. This air purifier that uses HEPA filters

This HEPA filter air purifier is intended to clean the air in small and large spaces alike, such as your bedroom or kitchen. It doesn’t produce any ozone — and the pre-filter is even washable so that you can reuse it as many times as you like. “It really cleans the air,” wrote one reviewer. “Filters are easy to replace. Purifier runs very quietly...Last summer we had terrible smoke from wildfires, so I ran this on a higher level. Our house stayed smoke free.”

31. The cooling racks that won’t get rusty over time

Not only are these cooling racks rust-resistant, but their stainless steel frame is also tough enough to resist warping. Each order comes with three: one half sheet, one quarter sheet, and one jelly roll-sized rack. Plus, many reviewers wrote about how they’re “easy to clean.”

32. This spray mop that makes cleaning floors simpler

Mopping isn't always fun, but this inexpensive spray mop can make the routine a little easier. It features a swivel head with a built-in spray system to dispense floor cleaner and a reusable pad made from microfiber. You can use it to clean floors ranging from hardwood to tile to laminate. You can use whatever kind of floor cleaner solution you prefer with the mop, and it comes with two extra cleaning pads, plus a scraper-brush combo tool for targeting stubborn gunk.

33. A fabric shaver that'll make your pilled sweaters look new again

It's so easy to destroy a perfect garment simply by washing it — and you have to wash garments (no matter how much you love that shirt or sweater). When your favorite top comes out of the wash covered in pills, it's just not the same. This little fabric shaver will save it, though. It shaves off the pills without pulling threads and unraveling the weave, so your shirt will look brand new.

34. This santoku knife made from German stainless steel

With its triple-riveted handle and German stainless steel blade, this santoku knife will quickly become your go-to knife whenever you’re in the kitchen. Each order includes a protective edge guard cover to help keep it safe in storage, as well as a small knife sharpener — all for less than $20.

35. The magnetic lights for your workshop or sewing machine

Don't even try to replace that sewing machine light or worry about the lamp that's out in your workbench. These little lights are so simple to install. Plug one in, and stick it magnetically to any metal surface. (They come with an adhesive metal disk in case your surface isn't a ferrous metal.) Then, turn it on. The light will be bright, and the beam will be easy to direct. You could put them temporarily on the tool you're using or make them a permanent addition to the kitchen.

36. The jar opener that mounts underneath a cabinet

Can’t get that jar lid twisted off? Install this opener underneath a cabinet, and it’ll be ready to go the next time you encounter an extra-stubborn lid. It’s designed to work with nearly any lid, including bottled water and nail polish. Plus, each order includes three small screws for mounting.

37. The nylon potato masher that you can also use for meat sauce

Sometimes, having the perfect tool for a job makes life so much easier. If the job you're doing is smashing up ground meat for sauce or mashing potatoes for dinner, this heat-resistant masher is that tool. Sure, you can make do with something else — but this will make preparing food so much easier. It's made with nylon and features five blades for easy food prep.

38. These garden lights that are powered by the sun

Looking for affordable ways to decorate your patio? These garden lights are made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and come in two gorgeous finishes: bronze or silver. Each one also has a built-in solar panel, so there’s no need for any complicated wiring when you’re setting them up.

39. This one tool that chops vegetables and catches them

Just put an onion, tomato, carrot, or other vegetable on the grid of your choice within this vegetable slicer, and then close the lid. You'll get a container of perfectly shaped vegetables almost immediately. It has so many cutting grids that you can choose from (like shredding, mashing, slicing, and more). It's also a terrific cheese grater — and it'll even separate an egg.

40. The cereal bowl that never makes breakfast mushy from milk

Do you like your cereal crunchy? Normally, that's a race with time — but not with this bowl. Put the cereal on one side, and pour the milk on the other. Settle in and take your time. You can mix your Captain Crunch with the milk spoon by spoon. Your granola will never get soggy and melt into the milk. You have all the control.

41. This porcelain butter crock that keeps it soft and ready to spread

Slathering room-temperature butter onto a piece of toast is so much better than trying to get fridge-cold butter to melt. This butter crock is a sleek and smart way to keep your butter out on the counter so it's soft and ready to spread. First, put some water into the container. Then, add your butter to the added up and place it inside the crock. After that, you can leave it on the counter while you're eating and spread it with ease.

42. This porcelain pour-over coffee maker you can use anywhere

If you're short on space or need a portable way to brew a cup of joe, check out this pour-over coffee maker. Made of dishwasher-safe porcelain, it's designed to help you brew the exact amount of coffee you want, even if that's just one cup — no power outlet required. To use, just place a size 4 cone filter inside, add your grounds and wet them with hot water, wait 15 to 30 seconds so that the coffee can bloom, then steadily pour the rest of the hot water over the grounds. It's that easy.

43. The knife made for scooping peanut butter out of the jar

I love peanut butter, so I hate leaving any in the bottom of the jar. I mean, a regular knife leaves enough for an entire sandwich. This knife, though, gets it all. It's 7 inches long, so you won't get peanut butter all over your hands by reaching in. It's also shaped perfectly for getting every last bit out of there. It can even be used to slather the peanut butter over your bread. It's also great — because it's both long and stiff — for stirring the oil back into natural peanut butter.

44. This foam roller that won’t fall flat over time

Whereas some foam rollers can fall flat after a short while, this one is made from high-density foam that helps it retain its shape for longer. But don’t be fooled — despite the tougher foam, it still weighs less than 1 pound. And with its grippy textured surface, it’s easier to target sore muscles without slipping off.

45. This plastic welding kit that's powered by a UV light

Never used Bondic? Then you're in for a thrill. This is the futuristic glue — except it is not a glue — that they would use on Star Trek. It's basically is a resin that solidifies when exposed to UV light, so it's great for quick fixes This kit comes with Bondic and a UV light to cure it. Apply the liquid Bondic where you need to create a bond, and zap it with UV. It'll cure almost instantly — and it'll be clear, waterproof, and heat resistant. You can use it to repair almost anything: wood, plastic, metal, rubber, leather, and much more. This stuff is seriously cool.


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