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After 11 years in California, Tesla moves to Texas

Tesla heads South, SpaceX names Endurance, Elon Musk looks for hires.

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Tesla heads South ... SpaceX names Endurance ... Elon Musk looks for hires. It’s the free edition of Musk Reads #267 — subscribe now to receive two more emails later this week.

Last week, Musk Reads+ subscribers heard from Xiaofan Zhang, who has developed a solar car on his next project: Tunnel transit! This week, Virgin Orbit CEO Dan Hart reveals his vision for a future form of rocket technology.

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Musk quote of the week:

“Hell yeah.” — Elon Musk tweeted on October 9, agreeing with a user who called for an inaugural Giga Texas party complete with “great Texas BBQ/Austin food trucks and the biggest Tesla owners meetup in Tesla history.” Sounds pretty good. Can I hear you say “hell yeah”?

Tesla: Moving on down to Texas

On October 9, Tesla celebrated the opening of Giga Berlin with a rave and “Gigabier,” which Musk announced as part of the Giga Berlin experience.

Although the factory is still contested by locals with environmental concerns, Musk claims that Berlin will deliver vehicles by December 2021.

Back on U.S. soil, Tesla will be moving its headquarters from California to Austin, Texas, a significant event for the shift many Texans fear: Austin becoming the new Silicon Valley.

Although many Californians have been moving to Texas in search of low taxes and cool-factor, in Tesla’s case, the move seems at least partially inspired by a strained relationship between California officials and Tesla.

Musk affirms that a tweet made Tesla move.


Or rather, one edgy tweet from California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez.

This is the edgy tweet.


In reality, the move is most likely fueled by a combination of factors, including taxes, Texas’ pro-business attitude, and the fact that Musk enjoys living in Austin, says Texas Monthly in a recent article dissecting the matter “If Musk wants to [...] stamp his likeness upon the energy industry, before departing for Mars, it makes sense to do it from Texas,” the article reads,

This week, Tesla also…

SpaceX: Time to get Endurance

NASA is scheduled to use a Crew Dragon capsule for its upcoming, crewed October 30 launch, and that capsule now has a name: Endurance.

Since the flight is made up of three NASA astronauts who have not yet gone to space and a Crew Dragon capsule, the name is fitting — it references 19th-century Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton and his ship, the HMS Endurance, suggesting that this flight is part of the search for the new new frontier.

And it is. SpaceX and NASA both continue to push the bounds on who goes into space and how. Read more on Inverse.

And speaking of endurance, Musk fans waiting for Starlink are going to need some more.

Although Musk is pushing for Starlink sign-ups now, saying the company can “hit max users in some areas fast” and that users can expect alpha “nationwide rollout by end of month,” the Starlink site begs to differ. For some areas, the site indicates that coverage won’t begin until 2023, a fact unaided by Starlink’s 500,000-user backlog. Maybe hold on to your deposits for now.

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