My Sheets Rock Are the Sexy, Cooling Sheets You Need for the Summer

My adventure into the world of moisture-wicking, breathable sheets.

My Sheets Rock

Staying cool in the putrid summertime of New York City is a battlefield that the bougie avoid with central air or AC, but that’s not an option for everyone. My Sheets Rock, a new bedding brand that makes linens out of rayon (it’s like bamboo?), wants to beat the heat with sheets so soft and breathable, sleeping naked could become commonplace for anyone who gives them a try.

My Sheets Rock wants to help cool dudes who are hot in bed, not necessarily in the sexy sense, but in the “I am just really warm right now” sense. The company’s flagship “Regulator” sheet set is made of rayon threads, which claim to help regulate body temperature and cool temperatures to about 3 to 4 degrees less than usual while also reducing humidity by 50 percent. They were specifically designed to release heat more effectively than traditional cotton because scientifically, men have a 23 percent higher metabolic rate on average. Who knew?

More importantly, Regulators feel softer than silk.

I also needed a change. For months, I’d been sleeping on Mellani’s 1800 thread count microfiber sheets, mainly because they were a cheap option on Amazon that felt somewhat close to silk sheets. “The Regulators” from My Sheets Rock, which launched in April, are a huge step up for me, quality-wise.

After trying the queen-sized, stone-colored set of Regulators for a week, one of My Sheets Rock’s claims stood out as particularly apt: “Sheets that are light as a feather but as durable as a truck.”

Here’s why.

This bag of sheets is very heavy, so make sure you take great care not to accidentally hit anything with it.

My Sheets Rock

Day 1: Beware the Unboxing

Before even opening the box, I was struck by the heft of the Regulators, so much so that I didn’t realize that the cardboard box had sheets in it until I opened the box and some kind of victory song surged out. I’m a jumpy person, so when the box played a tune like a giant, expensive greeting card, it shocked me. I’m pretty sure I yelped, scared everyone nearby, and then laughed really loudly.

The packaging, the instructions, and the overall mood of My Sheets Rock is bold, confident, and colorful even if the sheets themselves are pretty straightforward in design with simple colors. The set also comes with a drawstring bag made of the same fabric.

"“‘The first thing you quickly notice are handy bonus tags labeling each corner “bottom left” or “top right.” On the flip side, they encourage you with phrases like ‘you got this!’"

To the touch, a piece of Regulator cloth feels soft, dripping through your fingers like silk. But when folded up into a neat bundle, they’re far heavier than any other sheet I’ve encountered in my life. Because I’m a nerd, they reminded me of chainmail armor. You wouldn’t want somebody to hit you with this bag. You could even use it to replace your medicine ball for your next workout.

I couldn’t wait to get them on the bed.

Day 2: Putting Them Through the Wash

My mother raised me to wash my sheets once a week, always on hot. So I was naturally a bit conflicted by the actual instructions for My Sheets Rock, which directed me to “machine wash on cold with like colors” and “tumble dry low.” Because I struggle with following directions and am a rebel at heart, I planned to wash them on hot with my towels and then dry them on hot.

My Sheets Rock also suggests, “When in doubt, call your mom.” I called Tina-Marie to double-check. She told me for the thousandth time that “all good people” wash their sheets every week with hot water. Everyone who didn’t was gross. I did my duty and washed them on hot. They came out looking a bit wrinkly, but they still felt hella soft.

The tags have more personality than I know what to do with.

My Sheets Rock

Day 3: How the Regulators Help You Make the Bed

The big day: When making the bed with Regulator sheets, the first thing you quickly notice are handy bonus tags labeling each corner “bottom left” or “top right.” On the flip side, they encourage you with phrases like “you got this!” I really hate making the bed, awkwardly shuffling back and forth to each of the four corners to make sure both sheets are evenly place, so these notes were helpful and encouraging to me. Now I get to think less about this whole process. Every set of sheets that doesn’t do this from now on offends me. For this reason alone, I’m already unsure if could ever go back to normal sheets.

First impression (besides the gently encouraging tags): Regulators feels noticeably cool to the touch when you get into bed, and they’re so soft that you want to expose more skin to their delicate touch.

“It feels like crawling into a nice little silk cocoon at night,” my wife later said to me when I asked for her to contribute her thoughts to this article. When I asked her a follow-up question, she had already fallen asleep. It usually takes me a long time to fall asleep at night, and for the longest time I’d gotten into the habit of waking up between 2 and 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom. This first night with the Regulators, I fell asleep much quicker and slept through the night.

Day 4: How to Know if the Regulators Are Right for You

At all moments of the day, my body feels like it’s much hotter than everyone else’s. On mild days riding the NYC subway, I’m often drenched in sweat and glaring at oblivious people still wearing winter coats as temperatures climb past 50 degrees. Sleeping in a set of sheets specifically designed for someone like me feels like a blessing. In practice, it kind of feels like while you’re sleeping, the Regulators keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

The only mystery? I still felt a bit hot when I woke up in the morning, hotter than I normally do. Part of the problem might be the extra duvet cover we use, or the fact that both my wife and I are hot sleepers. Maybe just the sheets and our quilt on top will be optimal? Tonight’s about putting this theory to the test.

This isn't me, but this is kind of how you feel when laying on the Regulators.

My Sheets Rock

Day 5: A Perfect Sleep

We swapped out our comforter and duvet cover for the quilt my wife’s had longer than she’s known me. It’s much thinner and heavier yet much more breathable, ideal for warmer months. The comfort levels had ascended to new heights, and I slept like a baby.

Day 6: What Other Sleepers Say

I woke up feeling rested and took the opportunity to read what some other views said about the Regulators. The vast majority of reviews on the My Sheets Rock website sound like recent college graduates who picked these to try expensive sheets for the first time.

I’m still laughing about what one hilarious reviewer wrote: “I’ll try to keep it classy but the joy I have with my nakedness testing on the sheets can’t actually be expressed in words … especially not PG-13,” Kevin L. said. I’m still laughing about his candor, but he raises a good point.

Needless to say, I did try sleeping naked in the sheets. Normally this makes me restless, but I found it very comfortable. As I drifted off to sleep, I struggled in vain to calculate how much money I could save if I never wore pajamas and therefore had that much less laundry to do.

I went with this basic, delicate grey set.

My Sheets Rock

Day 7: How the Marketing Lives Up

Having slept on these for almost a week, I felt it was time to investigate how the Regulators were holding up. The website claims they’re built to stretch, wick away moisture, and minimize odor. The scent of my fabric softener had definitely faded by now, but the overall odor seemed far better than the usual smell my sheets typically build up over time.

I plan to wash them again in only a few more days to make my mother proud, but Regulators seem more effective at releasing odors than other sheets. Could I get away with a two-week wash cycle? Probably. But better not to risk it.

Conclusion: An Affordable Luxury

The Regulars cost anywhere between $129.99 and $169.99 depending on what size you need, but the quality seems worth the price. For anyone used to buying cheap sheets, the cost might seem rather steep, but it’s still far cheaper than top-notch luxury. (Did you know that some brand called Charlotte Thomas makes sheets that cost around $2,400!?)

My Sheets Rock is the perfect for anyone who wants to dip their feet into luxury bedding without breaking the bank, and I couldn’t recommend it enough for any hot sleepers out there.

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