Sony’s new wearable makes your metaverse avatar more lifelike

The Mocopi only uses six sensors positioned around your body to capture motion data so you can skip the mocap suit.

Sony wants to make motion capture easy. Sony introduced its portable motion capture system, called Mocopi, which uses six small sensors to record movement data. The Mocopi won’t deliver Hollywood levels of motion capture, but Sony’s proprietary algorithm can handle just enough motion data to give your metaverse avatars a little more life.

Motion capture devices are still a rather niche product, but Sony’s entry could make life a lot easier for virtual YouTubers who don’t want to squeeze into a dedicated suit. On the professional side of things, the Mocopi could potentially save hours of work for animators or filmmakers who are looking for a quick way to render realistic movement.

The Mocopi app provides a quick-and-easy way to convert your motion data into an avatar.


Straightforward setup — It looks like Sony emphasized lightweight portability with the Mocopi since they weigh in at only eight grams per sensor. The six sensors measure 32mm wide by 11.6mm thick and can be attached to your head, hip, wrists, and ankles through velcro bands or a clip.

Once you’re fully strapped in, the sensors connect to Sony’s smartphone app via Bluetooth to capture the mocap data. With that data, you can either export it as an MP4 to use for whatever you want, or directly translate your movements into compatible apps like VRChat.

Sony’s algorithm will provide you with decent motion data.


The Mocopi is expected to last up to 10 hours and can fully charge in 1.5 hours via USB-C. The sensors come in a case but are also waterproof and dustproof. The Mocopi device is currently only compatible with iPhone models as early as the iPhone 12, and Xperia smartphones dating back to the Xperia III.

The six sensors fit in a case that’s portable and lightweight.


More compatibility coming — To expand compatibility, Sony is looking to put out a software development kit on December 15 that will connect the motion capture data to metaverse services and 3D development software, like Unity and MotionBuilder.

Preorders for the Mocopi are expected to start in mid-December and will be available through Sony online store. Sony is planning to release the motion capture devices in late January 2023 for about $358.

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