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Samsung’s 8K laser projector turns your living room into a full-blown theater

The Premiere 8K is the next step in ultra projectors, if not a little overkill.

Samsung's The Premiere 4K

Forget 8K TVs, Samsung wants us to try 8K projectors instead. Samsung introduced its ultra-high resolution, ultra-short throw projector, The Premiere 8K, at CES 2023. The projector is the next generation of the 4K ultra short throw projector that Samsung debuted in 2020. There are no official images and only sparse details so far, but CNN managed to snap some pics of Samsung’s 8K projector at CES 2023.

Samsung has been testing the waters of the projector market with The Premier 4K and its Freestyle portable projector that was introduced at last year’s CES 2022. While ultra short throw projectors are becoming more common, it’s worth noting that there aren’t many 8K versions out there yet. Hisense is the only other TV maker to have announced an 8K ultra short throw projector but similarly hasn’t revealed many details.

Four times 4K — As for Samsung’s offering, The Premiere 8K can hit a maximum screen size of 150 inches, beating out its 4K version that tops out at 130 inches. Samsung didn’t divulge any other specs, but we can go off The Premiere 4K’s build to get a better idea of what the 8K projector could at least offer.

The Premiere 4K uses triple laser technology, hits a peak brightness of 2,800 ANSI lumens, and runs off Samsung’s Smart TV platform. The 8K version is still an ultra short throw projector, meaning you can place it very close to whatever you’re projecting onto and it’ll deliver a clear image. That’s the beauty of ultra short throw projectors — you don’t need to project from across the room.

While the 8K is nice for those chasing the highest resolution out there, there’s not really much available in native 8K resolution these days. Your best bet is to find something on YouTube to really appreciate the high-quality image or upscale 4K content. Even if you do decide to invest in Samsung’s upcoming 8K projector, it will likely be a while until you can readily experience the extremely high quality it offers.

Expensive innovation — On top of the lack of specs, Samsung didn’t drop any pricing details either for The Premiere 8K. We can safely assume it’ll cost more than The Premiere 4K, whose 120-inch model starts at $3,499.99 and its 130-inch model starts at $6,499.99. Let’s just hope Samsung’s 8K offering is less expensive than Leica’s $8,000+ ultra short throw laser projector.

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