Mercedes-Benz’s EQE electric sedan now has an official price

The German carmaker’s most affordable electric sedan will make its appearance at U.S. dealerships this fall.

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Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan

Mercedes-Benz isn’t slowing down on converting its portfolio of luxury cars into electric vehicles. The German carmaker’s latest all-electric car, the EQE sedan, sits below its pricier EQS models while still offering plenty of features that you expect from the brand.

Mercedes-Benz’s current EV offerings include the EQB SUV and the EQS sedan. The EQS SUV is coming out soon; an AMG SUV version of the EQE was announced last month. Starting at $74,900 the EQE sedan will slot nicely into Mercedes-Benz’s lineup, well below the $100,000 starting price of the EQS and its other performance EV models.

Three models, three trims — The EQE sedan lineup includes the EQE 350+, the EQE 350 4Matic, and the EQE 500 4Matic. Each of the models will have three trim options: Premium, Exclusive, and Pinnacle, with the cheapest model and trim package starting at $74,900. You can, of course, go all out for a Pinnacle trim of the EQE 500 4Matic model that starts at $91,500.

The EQE sedan will come in a variety of trims and models to match different budgets.


The Premium base model gets 288 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque, while the most powerful EQE 500 4Matic goes up to 402 horsepower and 633 lb-ft of torque. If you opt for the Exclusive trim, you’ll get an augmented reality navigation system, while the Pinnacle trim gives you a heads-up display and four-zone climate control.

However you configure your EQE, you can expect a 305-mile range with its 90.6 kWh battery. You won’t get the premium 56-inch Hyperscreen with the EQEs, but you’ll still get the MBUX infotainment system that has a 12.8-inch OLED touchscreen and a 12.3-inch driver display. Specific to the EV models, there’ll be a navigation system that takes into account your available charge, charging stations along your route, and the energy demand to get to your destination.

It’s not a Mercedes unless there are a bunch of premium features packed in, and it’s no different for the more affordable EQE sedan. It’ll have several driver assistance features, including Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, LED Headlamps, Highbeam Assist, and a package that makes parking a breeze. The EQE sedan will also have 64-color ambient lighting and heated front seats to really set whatever mood you want.

Arriving soon — The 2023 EQE sedan is set to hit U.S. dealerships in fall 2022, so you can expect to start seeing them soon. If you’re in the market for an SUV version of the EQE though, you’ll have to wait until 2023.

At a more approachable price point, it’s likely we’ll see more EQE sedans on the road than the EQS models. However, Mercedes-Benz is also planning to drop the EQS SUV this fall, so you can check them both out at dealerships shortly.

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