Devialet’s first portable speaker offers top-notch audio at an eye-watering price

The Devialet Mania only weighs five pounds but can produce up to 95dB and has 10 hours of playtime.

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Devialet Mania portable speaker

There’s no need to choose between portability and top-notch audio quality when looking for a Bluetooth speaker. Devialet, the French audio company known for its expensive speakers, is taking on the portable speaker market with the Mania. Devialet’s Phantom II speaker was already relatively small, but the Mania is designed to be taken anywhere with its compact design and built-in handle.

Devialet has garnered a reputation for its expensive high-quality equipment, as seen with its Phantom lineup ranges from $1,300 to $3,300. While the Mania is its most affordable option, it’s still comparatively expensive with a starting price of $790. The portable speaker’s high-tech features, however, may be enough to convince some audiophiles looking for a more portable option.

The Devialet Mania delivers high-quality audio in a small package.


Adapts anywhere — Even though the Mania only weighs around five pounds, Devialet fit four full-range speakers and two woofers inside. The Mania will produce 360-degree stereo sound, but also has an adaptive cross stereo feature that will use its four internal microphones to automatically adjust to whatever environment it’s placed in.

The Mania hits a max sound level of 95 dB and has a range between 30 Hz and 20 kHz to cover the full spectrum of whatever you’re listening to. The 3,200 mAh battery lasts around 10 hours of playtime at medium volume and takes around three hours to fully charge via USB-C. The Mania also can also take a few splashes here and there since it has an IPX4 rating.

The built-in handle and compact design of the Devialet Mania makes it easy to move to any room.


The Mania’s other features include being Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible, but can also be synced with Spotify Connect or used for a multi-room setup with Airplay 2. The same microphones used to adjust its adaptive sound enables voice assistant capabilities, but there’s a toggle switch that can mute all the microphones.

Worth it? — The Mania isn’t really aimed at the masses like Sonos’ Roam speakers, but more towards those who are looking for a portable speaker that can still deliver a serious audio experience.

If the base model of the Mania speaker wasn’t premium enough, there’s always the gold-plated Opéra de Paris edition.


The Mania speaker is already available and ready to be shipped on Devialet’s website. The starting $790 price tag applies to the black and grey versions of the Mania, but there’s also an Opéra de Paris version that’s gold-plated and starts at $990. The more expensive gold colorway comes with Devialet’s wireless docking station for the Mania, but you can also purchase it separately for $80.

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