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Use This Tears of the Kingdom Trick to Upgrade Your Zonai Battery Power

Gain all the Zonaite needed to max out your battery.

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Maximizing your Zonai Battery charge is key to making the most out of your time in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. By default, the battery level of Zonai Devices is low, making them hard to use effectively. The vehicles you create won’t go far without enough battery life, so you’ll want to increase the duration by using Energy Wells. Acquiring Energy Wells is tricky, but in this guide, we’ll show you how to farm them easily, step-by-step. Here’s how to efficiently maximize your Zonai batteries in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Maximize Your Zonai Battery Easily

1. Build an Airbike

This farming method, popularized by Maxmangos on TikTok, requires you to farm Zonaite from The Depths. The first step is to create an Airbike, which is done by combining two Fans and a Steering Stick. Place one Fan on either side of the Steering Stick, with each angled at around 45 degrees. The Airbike is essential for navigating The Depths effectively.

2. Fuse a Sapphire Rod

The Sapphire Rod will make it easier to acquire Zonaite from The Depths.


Next, you’ll want to get your hands on a Sapphire Rod. This weapon is made by combining a Sapphire with a Magic Rod. You can gather Sapphire from Rare Ore Deposits, which are typically found in caves. You can also defeat Rare Stone Talus enemies to gain access to Rare Ore Deposits. As for a Magic Rod, you can obtain one from the Serutabomac Shrine inside a chest. Combine the two items to create a Sapphire Rod needed for the next step.

3. Head to The Depths and Find a Mining Camp

Mine Zonaite from Mining Camps in The Depths.


Next, make your way to The Depths and ride your Airbike around until you come across a Mining Camp. These are filled with dangerous enemies, so instead of defeating them, use the Sapphire Rod to freeze them in place, allowing you to easily mine for Zonaite nearby. Grab as much Zonaite as you can and then move on to the next Mining Camp. Alternatively, you can utilize Majora’s Mask to avoid getting targeted by enemies.

4. Visit Forge Constructs

Trade Zonaite for Crystalized Charges at Forge Constructs.


After you’ve done this enough times, head to a Forge Construct. There are several around the map, but you might want to visit the one inside the Mining Cave at the start of the game since it’s easily accessible. It’s just east of the Room of Awakening in the Sky Islands. Once here, trade your Zonaite for as many Crystalized Charges as you can afford. Then, sleep for 24 hours so the Forge Construct can restock its supply of Crystalized Charges and repeat the process as much as you’d like.

5. Visit Crystal Refinery to Obtain Batteries

Trade Crystalized Charges for Energy Wells at Crystal Refineries.


Once you’ve got a healthy supply of Crystalized Charges, head to the Crystal Refinery on the north side of Lookout Landing to acquire a boatload of Energy Wells, which are used to increase the maximum energy stored in an Energy Cell, allowing you to use Zonai Devices for much longer. You’ll need at least 100 Crystalized Charges to acquire your first Energy Well, so make sure you come with a hefty amount.

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