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6 Best Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Armor Sets to Get ASAP

Land, air, and sea.

Tears of the Kingdom armor
The Ultimate Guide to 'Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom'

While you can certainly finish The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with basic (or no) armor, you’ll likely have a difficult time. Given how many situations the game throws you into, you’ll want to come equipped with a variety of armor sets to make your life easier. Some help with combat, others assist with traversal, and some even aid you while navigating harsh weather conditions. In this guide, we’ll show you the six best armor sets (and how to get them) in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Keep in mind, there are minor spoilers ahead.

6. Zora Armor

The Zora Armor increases swim speed and allows Link to swim up waterfalls.


Increased Swim Speed, Swim Up Waterfalls

Zora Armor

First, start the Sidon of the Zora main quest in Zora’s Domain and speak with Lady Yona in the infirmary to trigger the Restoring the Zora Armor quest. To complete this quest, you’ll need to find an ancient arowana fish, which can be obtained by speaking with the blacksmith Dento in Zora’s Domain on the east side. Follow this quest, obtain the fish, and bring it back to Lady Yona to earn the Zora Armor.

Zora Greaves

Speak with Lady Yona once again to start the A Token of Friendship main quest. This will send you on a journey through the East Reservoir Lake, where you’ll eventually reach the Ancient Zora Waterworks by entering a whirlpool. Then, follow the path and you’ll encounter a Stone Talus, and you’ll find the Zora Greaves in a chest.

Zora Helm

Start the Never-Ending Lecture quest by speaking to Khira and Chroma in Zora’s Domain. They want you to find a fish-shaped island called Floating Scales Island, which is located to the east of the Ihen-a Shrine. The Floating Scales Island is just above Zora’s Domain, and when you land on it, make your way to the tail of the island on the east side, and look to the north, where you’ll find a small cave entrance. Head inside and you’ll find the Zora Helm in a chest.

5. Flamebreaker Armor

The Flamebreaker grants lava resistance.


Lava Resistance

Flamebreaker Armor

Purchase the Flamebreaker Armor for 700 Rupees from the Armor Shop in Goron City.

Flamebreaker Boots

Purchase the Flamebreaker Boots for 1,200 Rupees from the Armor Shop in Goron City.

Flamebreaker Helm

Purchase the Flamebreaker Helm for 1,400 Rupees from the Armor Shop in Goron City.

4. Snowquill Armor

The Snowquill Armor offers cold resistance.


Cold Resistance

Snowquill Headress

Purchase the Snowquill Headress for 650 Rupees from the Armor Shop in Rito Village.

Snowquill Tunic

Purchase the Snowquill Tunic for 500 Rupees from the Armor Shop in Rito Village.

Snowquill Trousers

Purchase the Snowquill Trousers for 1,000 Rupees from the Armor Shop in Rito Village.

3. Fierce Deity Armor

The Fierce Deity Armor grants Link extra damage.


Increased Damage

Fierce Deity Boots

The Fierce Deity Boots are located in the Ancient Tree Stump Cave, just north of Mount Daphnes. Fall down through the hole via the tree stump here and maneuver through the cave to find the Fierce Deity Boots in a chest.

Fierce Deity Armor

This armor piece is found in the Akkala Citadel Ruins Summit Cave south of Ulri Mountain. Head to the ruins, then make your way to the southwest side, where you’ll find a small hole you can crawl through. Crawl through the hole, then drop down below, where you’ll find a chest containing the Fierce Deity Armor.

Fierce Deity Mask

For the Fierce Deity Mask, head to Skull Lake. As its name suggests, the lake appears like a skull, and you’ll need to land in the eastmost eyesocket to find this armor piece. You can either climb the structure or glide from the nearby Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower to get inside. Once you do so, follow the path through the cave, defeat the Stalnox, and then you’ll find the Fierce Deity Mask in a chest atop the center pillar at the end.

2. Froggy Armor

You’ll need to complete a series of quests from the Lucky Clover Gazette to earn all three Froggy Armor pieces.


Rain Slip Resistance

Froggy Sleeve

For the full Froggy Armor set, you’ll first need to visit the Lucky Clover Gazette, just east of Rito Village. Talk to Traysi and Penn to trigger a series of quests that require you to visit 12 stables across Hyrule. It’s a lengthy questline that will send you all over the map, so it might be a good idea to attempt this later on in your playthrough.

Each stable you visit is tied to a particular questline, some of which will reward you with armor pieces. You need to complete them in order to reach the end of the questline, so unfortunately, you cannot simply pick out the quests that only reward you with armor pieces.

For the Froggy Sleeve, you need to finish the Beckoning Woman quest at the Outskirt Stable.

Froggy Leggings

For the Froggy Leggings, you must complete The All-Glucking Cucco quest at the South Akkala Stable.

Froggy Hood

Finally, you’ll unlock the Froggy Hood by finishing The Beast and the Princess quest at the New Serenne Stable.

1. Glide Armor

The Glide Armor gives Link increased fall speed and — if upgraded — negates fall damage.


Increased Glide Speed and No Fall Damage

Glide Mask

All of the pieces of the Glide Armor are located in the sky islands. For the Glide Mask, head to Valor Island, which can be reached by launching yourself into the sky via the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower. Complete the Sihajog Shrine here (you’ll need to build a Zonai airship to reach it), then finish Zonai Construct’s Challenge to earn this piece of armor. This challenge requires you to fall down floating rings within a time limit.

Glide Shirt

To obtain the Glide Shirt, make your way to Courage Island, which is northwest of Lookout Landing. You can reach it from Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. Finish the Zonai Construct’s challenge here to earn the Glide Shirt.

Glide Tights

Finally, you’ll earn the Glide Tights by completing the Zonai Construct’s challenge at Bravery Island, which is south of Thyplo Ruins Skyview Tower. Drop from the Mayam Shrine and head south to reach Bravery Island.

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