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How to Master the Wing Glider in Tears of the Kingdom

Flying the friendly skies of Hyrule.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

With no shortage of things to do and new mechanics to play with, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players have a lot of toys to tinker with. Some of the most useful are the Zonai Devices, which make up the building blocks of the vehicles that Link can build with the Ultrahand ability. The Wing Glider, a Zonai Device that lets you cover substantial distances, is particularly useful but can be tricky to get the hang of.

Here’s what to know to get the most use out of the Wing Glider in Tears of the Kingdom.

The opening area of Tears of the Kingdom is the Great Sky Island. You won’t have to go far to find the Wing Gliders at this point. After completing the Gutanbac Shrine, the fourth on the Great Sky Island, you should encounter the Wing Gliders near sloped ruins with a line running down them. You can also find Wing Gliders on the eastern mountain of the Great Sky Island.

Traveling across the open air of Hyrule takes more than a paraglider.


The purpose of the Wing Glider itself is to help Link traverse larger gaps. This means that distances between different sky islands, as well as any large gap on the land can be crossed with ease with the help of a Wing Glider.

Sloped ruins will be found across Tears of the Kingdom and act as a runway, the perfect place to launch a Wing Glider and get airborne fast. By placing the Wing Glider on the recessed lines using the Ultrahand ability, it will slowly glide forward until take off, giving you a chance to step on it — and not miss your flight.

Ideally, you will always be able to launch off a runway like this, but that won’t always be the case. When trying to launch a Wing Glider outside of these conditions it can be a bit difficult, though there are some tricks to not losing the Wing Glider altogether (which can happen).

The first option is to use Ultrahand to place the Glider next to a cliff facing in the direction you want it to glide. Drop it and then quickly switch to Recall and target the Glider to freeze it and reverse it back to its starting position. This will give you a chance to climb aboard with ease.

Using Ultrahand to attach more Zona Devices to the Wind Glider can help you soar faster and further.


If you want to live dangerously, you can always jump off a cliff and slowly descend with the paraglider. At this point, you can open up the Zonai Devices menu and select the Wing Glider, which should spawn directly below you. You can then drop onto it before it takes off.

Getting on and taking off without trouble is only the first step. What comes next is actually flying the Wing Glider. Flying the Glider is linked directly to your movement on it. Stay in the center and it will glide straight. Move to the left or right and it will turn accordingly. You can also dive by walking towards the front of the glider and rise back up by stepping to the back.

You can also attach more Zonai Devices to the Glider such as fans and rockets, but make sure to mirror what you do on one side to the other so the Glider doesn’t become unbalanced. You can also make steering easier by attaching a Steering Stick, which will let you sit and guide the Glider naturally without having to walk around.

If you follow all these tips, you should get the hang of gliding in no time. There’s plenty of adventure to be had in the expansive spaces above Hyrule.

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