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8 Essential Arrow Fusions to Use in Tears of the Kingdom

Furious Fletching.

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Tears of the Kingdom
The Ultimate Guide to 'Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom'

Fusion is one of the most important new abilities in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, giving you almost limitless freedom in combining items, weapons, and materials. While the main focus might be on fusing your weapons and shields, you can also attach any material in the game to your arrows. This leads to some absolutely wild effects, from a cloud of smoke that can confuse enemies to freezing explosions. There are dozens of materials to choose from, and quite a few offer great utility on your adventures. Here are the best arrow fusions in Tears of the Kingdom.

Best Arrow Fusions in Tears of the Kingdom

Bomb Flowers are your fiery best friend in Tears of the Kingdom.


Bomb Flower Arrows

Bomb Flowers are going to be a staple in your inventory, and you should always collect and buy as many as you can. Fusing bombs to your arrows can be essential in combat, causing explosions that hit huge groups of enemies for big damage. That’s not nearly the only use, however, as bombs can also be good for clearing cracked rocks or lighting fires. A bomb arrow fired at a patch of grass can also cause an updraft that you can use with your paraglider.

Dazzle Fruit Arrows

Dazzle Fruits' only real purpose is to be attached to arrows, as on contact it creates a flash that blinds enemies. It’s basically the Tears of the Kingdom equivalent of a flashbang. While it may not cause extra damage, Dazzle Fruit can give you a quick escape or a way to get the drop on enemies.

ChuChu Jelly Arrows

There are a number of materials that provide elemental effects, such as Like Like Stones, Keese Wings, fruits, etc. However, ChuChu Jelly is what you’ll come across the most, and they tend to have a larger AoE as well.

Gibdo Bone Arrows

Gibdo Bones can do some great damage in a pinch.


You’ll first encounter Gibdos in the Gerudo Desert, and the bones they leave behind actually have the highest fusion power of any material in the game. You can attach Gibdo Bones to weapons as well, but the problem is that they shatter in one hit. Because of that, you’re much better off using them as highly-damaging arrows, but unless you farm some Gibdos you might be better off saving them for bosses or tough enemies like Lynels.

Eyeball Arrows

Keese Eyeballs have an interesting effect, as anything they’ve attached to gains a tracking effect that hones in on a targeted enemy. This is especially useful for flying enemies that are tough to hit. There are also multiple variations of Keese that add elemental effects as well. For example, an Ice Keese Eyeball will home in and freeze an enemy when it hits.

Brightbloom Seed Arrows

Brightbloom Seeds are the number one most important item for exploring the Depths, the massive underground area in Tears of the Kingdom. You won’t be adding extra damage with Brightbloom Seeds, but firing them on an arrow makes the seed sprout into a flower that lights up the darkness. You can throw Brightbloom Seeds too, but the range of your bow is essential in navigating the Depths.

Gem Arrows

Gems cause massive explosions when fired.


Rare Gems serve a number of purposes in Tears of the Kingdom, with selling them being your primary way of earning Rupees. If you have some to spare, however, you can strap them on your arrows for some wild effects. Each stone will explode with a massive elemental AoE attack; Ruby with a fiery explosion, Topaz with lightning, Sapphire with ice, and Opal with water. Don’t just shoot off your gems willy-nilly, but they can be a valuable asset in a pinch.

Muddle Bud Arrows

Muddle Bud is one of the weirder items in Tears of the Kingdom, a strange purple flower that can only be found in the Depths. Fittingly, it also has one of the most unique effects when fired with an arrow, creating a pink cloud of dust that confuses any enemies within. Monsters affected will turn and start attacking each other, meaning you can just sit back and watch. As you might expect, Muddle Buds are perfect for exploring the monster-infested underground areas.

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