Tears of the Kingdom's Korok Torture Devices Will Make You Cry

Not like this.

Tears of the Kingdom korok torture
The Ultimate Guide to 'Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom'

The sheer amount of freedom players have in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is staggering. While Link’s new abilities are mostly intended for puzzles and exploration, a wide range of players have actually utilized them for something else — to torture the game’s Koroks.

Nearly a thousand of these weird little guys are scattered all around the map, and you’re meant to reunite them with their buddies to complete optional side objectives. But instead, players have done unspeakable things to the Koroks since the game’s launch, with a number of videos going viral on social media. Here are the best of the worst.

6. Korok Crucifixions

It’s simple but effective. This video shows a poor Korok attached to a cross while being transported through the fields of Hyrule.

“The Korok crucifixions have begun,” Kaitlyn Red Wing wrote in the tweet.

The video itself is absurd enough, but it’s the music that ties it all together in the most ridiculous way possible. What did these poor Koroks do to deserve this?

5. Korok Rotisserie Machine

If the crucifixions weren’t bad enough, some players thought it would be funny to cook Koroks rotisserie-style.

They cooked five at once! I hope they don’t plan on eating the Koroks after this (you can’t do that, thankfully). Even if you could, surely the Koroks don’t taste good.

4. Rocket Korok

If speed is more your thing, perhaps you might enjoy watching a Korok get shot off into space via a rocket. Which Korok will be first to the moon?

But perhaps sticking to the ground is a safer approach.

3. Flaming Torture Device

This torture device looks like something out of a Saw movie.

Here, you can see several Koroks strapped to ... whatever this thing is before being burned alive! A truly barbaric sight.

2. An Explosive Finish

Not quite sure what’s happening here, but it sure ends with a bang.

It starts off innocent enough, but it quickly gets out of hand.

1. Torture Compilation

If you can’t get enough Korok torture, we recommend checking out this compilation below.

In it, we see Koroks strapped to rockets before being shot off into the sky, while others are tortured by being dropped in lava. One horrifying clip shows a Korok attached to a wheel before being run over. The creativity is through the roof with some of these.

Thankfully, Koroks can’t actually be taken out, so it’s all in good fun, right? Right?! This is just one of the many things players have enjoyed doing in Tears of the Kingdom. Given the sheer scale of this game, there will no doubt be much more Korok torturing to come.

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