Xbox Series X restocks: Walmart, Antonline, Amazon, and more March inventory

If you want to order an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S before the end of March, this is where you need to look.

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The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S aren’t getting easier to find.

Like the PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital editions, both Microsoft systems are still quite hard to find, both online and in-person. Still, a small number of new consoles do pop up at several storefronts each week. If you want to get your hands on an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, these are the retailers you should look at throughout the rest of March.

OctoShop, PopFindr, and other tools to use

As you’re scouting retailers to find these next-gen Xbox consoles, there are a variety of online tools you can use to make the process less tedious. Twitter accounts like @Wario64, @XboxStockAlerts, and @Spieltimes will let you know when restocks happen.

If you want notifications straight from the retailer, OctoShop is a helpful extension. For in-store stock, use PopFindr.

Now, here’s a look at what specific retailers may be offering in the near future.


Walmart is one of the most consistent retailers when it comes to restocking the Xbox consoles. It has even already confirmed when the next restock will happen! If you go to the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S store pages, you will see that they will be available through the Xbox All Access program at 3 p.m. Eastern on March 25, 2021.

The Xbox All Access program has buyers pay monthly instead of all at once, though it does also include Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you don’t mind the monthly payments and inclusion of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then you’ll want to keep an eye on this restock later this week.

The Xbox Series X is the true next-gen console while the Xbox Series S is cheaper but a bit weaker.


Best Buy

Best Buy restock the next-generation Xbox consoles last week, but it has not indicated whether or not a restock is happening this week just yet. It can sometimes take Best Buy a couple of weeks to list new stock, so we can’t say for sure whether or not they’ll restock this week. You’ll want to have notifications set for their Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S store pages in case they do though.


Target restocks Xbox consoles fairly consistently both online and in stores. While we don’t have any indication on whether or not a restock will happen this week just yet, you should keep an eye on and set notifications for Target’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S online store pages. If you want to see if your local store has any, try PopFindr.


Amazon haphazardly restocks all next-generation systems with no announcement beforehand. As such, it’s obviously hard to predict when a restock will happen, but you might be able to snag an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console from them if you use the tools like OctoShop and closely monitor restock Twitter accounts.


There’s currently no word on when GameStop’s next Xbox restocks will happen, though they’ll likely announce it on their Twitter beforehand. Monitor the store’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pages if you want to get them when they are restocked.


Antonline is called an underrated retailer for next-gen restocks by many experts that Inverse spoke to. They only sell bundles that come with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, an extra controller, and a game like Forza Horizon 4. If you don’t mind paying a bit more to get a bit more with your console, then Antonline is a good place to get the Xbox Series X and not have to compete with a lot of bots.

Microsoft Store

Another good retailer to get the console is Microsoft itself. They don’t restock as often as other retailers, but your order is much less likely to be interfered with or cancelled by them. Keep an eye on their Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pages in the off chance they decide to restock again this month.

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