PS5 experts reveal the most underrated way to get a console

Hidden king of retailers.

Most folks who want a PlayStation 5 still can't get one. Sony hasn't been able to meet demand for its next-gen console, and eager gamers have taken to scouring online storefronts for PS5 drops for the chance of getting one. But word quickly spreads when retail giants like Amazon and Best Buy get new stock, and the hordes of opportunistic third-party resellers and occasional site crashes have made tracking down a PS5 a frustrating affair for many.

Inverse spoke to some of Twitter's top PS5 inventory trackers — GYX Deals, PS5 Drop, and Spiel Times — who revealed a dark horse retailer that might just be your best chance to get a new console.

Both GYX Deals and PS5 Drop agreed Antonline is the most underrated retailer for snagging PS5. The Atlanta-based regional retailer only offers bundles ranging from $650 to $830, which often include PlayStation Plus subscription cards, an extra DualSense controller, and a camera.

PS5 Drop recommends Antonline due to the site's robust protections against bots and scalpers. In the PS5's first month on the market, scalpers reportedly sold more than 32,000 PS5s via eBay. Bots continue to be the scourge of popular retailers like Best Buy and Walmart, making Antonline an appealing alternative for those who would purchase the additional bundled items anyway.

"I had never heard of Antonline before next-generation consoles came out. While their bundles are pricey, they have some of the best bot protection in the world for drops," said a PS5 Drop spokesperson.

The hot piece of hardware you're craving.


Inventory tracker GYX Deals also notes the retailer has big box stores beat in another important way — "They seem to be shipping quick."

Antonline takes three to five business days to ship the console, which is on par with Sony's PlayStation Direct shipping. Other retailers, like Walmart, can take weeks to get the hardware to your front door. Antonline has found a large amount of success in their PS5 drops.

If you can't fathom paying more than $500 for your PS5, Spiel Times, suggests keeping an eye on restock accounts and giving yourself as many opportunities as possible to get lucky.

"We've had instances where someone started watching our stream and obtained a PS5 on the same day. Meanwhile, there are people who've been with us for over a month and yet they still lack a PS5. So, it's timing and luck."

The easiest way to boost your luck is to follow and set alerts for GYX Deals, PS5 Drop, and Spiel Times on Twitter, as they regularly share PS5 inventory updates. Antonline is another worthwhile follow, as the retailer often gives advance notice for when fresh supply will be available.

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