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Everything you need to know about Xbox's rumored Wu-Tang Clan action-RPG

“Project Shaolin” is coming.

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Microsoft has done a terrible job at keeping upcoming Xbox exclusive games a secret. Following a massive Nvidia GeForce Now leak, many of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox projects were leaked. These range from MMOs to sidescrolling beat ‘em ups, but one of these leaked titles, Project Shaolin, rises above the rest. It does so for one reason: It features the Wu-Tang Clan.

Wu-Tang Clan is one of the most notable hip-hop groups ever, so seeing them go all-in on the soundtrack of a new video game is super exciting. While Microsoft has not officially announced this game yet, this is everything we know about Project Shaolin via leaks from VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb and Windows Central’s Jez Corden.

Is there a Project Shaolin release date or trailer?

The answer to both of those is no. Project Shaolin was leaked, and none of the leaks or reports on the title referenced a release date. As it’s not officially announced, we don’t have a trailer either.

Outside of the Def Jam game series, Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style was the last game the hip-hop group was this heavily involved in.

What is Project Shaolin?

The codename for this project evokes martial arts, and that’s intentional. According to Corden and Grubb, Project Shaolin is a third-person RPG centered around melee combat. It will support both single-player and cooperative multiplayer and feature dozens of hours of content.

It’s leaning into the RPG aspects too, with Corden teasing a focus on weapon and gear loot, procedurally generated endgame dungeons, and a long tail of seasonal post-launch support. Project Shaolin will reportedly have an anime-inspired aesthetic, really leaning into its Asian influence.

If it can expand on the formula that games like Absolver established, Xbox could be making something exceptional.

How is Wu-Tang Clan involved in Project Shaolin?

Corden and Grubb both affirmed that Wu-Tang Clan is involved with the project. The hip-hop group is reportedly heading up the creation of Project Shaolin’s soundtrack, so that’s the aspect of the game to watch (or hear). Wu-Tang Clan was previously involved in the Def Jam series and Activison’s 1999 fighting game Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style.

It remains to be seen if Wu-Tang Clan’s aesthetic influences other aspects of the game, though we wouldn’t be surprised if we did. We’ll likely have to wait until Project Shaolin’s official reveal to understand just how deep this partnership goes.

Who is the developer of Project Shaolin?

Early leaks for this game have clued us in on the developer behind this project. Project Shaolin is being developed by a new studio called Brass Lion Entertainment, founded by BioWare and Bethesda alumni. An Unreal Engine-powered action RPG is referenced on its website, which lines up with rumors about Project Shaolin.

This is the official logo for Project Shaolin developer Brass Lion Entertainment.

“Brass Lion Entertainment is an entertainment studio focused on creating original fictional universes that center on Black, Brown, and other traditionally marginalized characters, cultures, and stories,” a mission statement on the developer’s website says. “Brass Lion is a diverse and inclusive environment where creatives of all backgrounds can thrive and bring unique and compelling stories to market — changing the landscape in interactive spaces and beyond.”

This mission statement suggests that marginalized people will be at the forefront of Project Shaolin, so we’re excited to see what that means for its story and world. Overall, Project Shaolin is a rad-sounding concept for a video game, and it’s much different than anything else Microsoft is currently releasing on Xbox Game Pass.

We are looking forward to learning more whenever Microsoft finally decides to show off this game following these leaks.

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