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3 clues to help you solve Wordle 262 on March 8

A Wordle with teeth.

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Wordle 262 has just gone live, giving fans of The New York Times’ viral word game a fresh puzzle to solve for March 8, 2022. As simple as the goal of the game may be, sometimes even the best strategies and starting words can fail. That’s precisely why we’ve arrived with a guide tuned for success. Below, we offer three clues to help players solve the latest Wordle while revealing the answer to the new installment. There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s get right to it.

Wordle 262 clues

In the spirit of not giving away the entirety of every new puzzle, we like to kick off our daily explainer with a list of three clues that might nudge players toward the solution by their own brainpower. The clues are listed in increasing order of clarity, so pick the one that best suits the amount of assistance you need. The last clue in the series provides the most obvious hint.

Clue #1: The answer for Wordle 262 can be leveraged as both an adjective and a noun, but the adjective form is probably slightly more top of mind.

Clue #2: The answer has two vowels: two E’s in the third and fourth positions.

Clue #3: It’s a word used to describe something that has lots of sugar.

It may help to remember the Wordle answer list doesn’t feature plurals and typically emphasizes words found in everyday language. When it comes to the answer to Wordle 262 on March 8, both of those qualities remain true to an aggressive degree. That said, while you won’t find an S at the beginning of today’s word, it may be very revealing in other spots.

Wordle 262 answer

In case you haven’t figured it out by our fairly obvious set of clues, the answer to Wordle 262 on March 8 is SWEET.

Here’s the answer for Wordle 262 on March 8, 2022.

The New York Times

This is a case where our starting word, SLATE, did all the heavy lifting and brought us to the answer on our second guess. With the S, T, and E all revealed from the very beginning, it wasn’t too far a walk for us to arrive at SWEET on our second attempt.

While others may require an extra guess or two more than our game, our prediction is that Wordle 262 will have a decently high solve rate compared to other recent puzzles. Not only is the word an extremely colloquial one, but it's full of the most common letters in the English language. Folks will likely be shown lots of orange and green squares early on, which will help make each guess that much more effective. It’s totally fine if you weren’t able to figure out the March 8 Wordle, but we suspect quite a few others will find their way to the solution.

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