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3 clues to help you solve Wordle 268 on March 14

Dealt it.

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Wordle 268 has just gone live, giving players another five-letter word to dissect on social media. When all other starting words and strategies fail, we’re here to help keep your streak alive. Whether you just need a hint or would rather cut right to the answer, here’s your full recap on the daily puzzle for March 14, 2022.

Wordle 268 clues

Before fully spoiling the answer to the March 14 Wordle, we prefer to recap the solution using three clues with an increasing level of transparency. Read the last clue on the list if you need the most revealing clue of all.

Clue #1: The answer for Wordle 268 is a verb.

Clue #2: Wordle 268 features just one vowel: an E in the third position.

Clue #3: The answer for Wordle 268 might relate to metalwork.

It may help to know that the Wordle answer dictionary focuses on words with two distinct qualities: They are typically used in everyday language and the answers don’t feature plurals. The March 14 puzzle does feature a word that may be a little but obtuse to some folks, but it’s definitely not a plural. However, looking towards the letter S may still help you solve this one from another angle.

Wordle 268 answer

Based on the clues described above, the answer for the March 14 Wordle is SMELT.

Here’s the answer for Wordle 268 on March 14, 2022.

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This time our round of guesses was shockingly short thanks to the effectiveness of our standard starting word, SLATE. It offered up the precise location of the S while also revealing that L, T, and E were somewhere in the answer. With all those hints in mind, we were able to work toward SMELT on our second attempt.

Wordle 268 is probably a bit more difficult than some past puzzles, but only by the unique nature of the word itself. Beyond working in the trades, SMELT simply isn’t a word people hear all that often. That alone might make it difficult for some brains to recall. Its saving grace, however, is that the entire word is comprised of some fairly common letters. A competent starting word can put you in a strong position from the start, which could give you ample room to figure out the solution over the next few guesses. We’d classify the March 14 Wordle as a mid-tier puzzle, so we hope it didn’t give you too much trouble.

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