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Wordle 264 answer: 3 Clues to solve the March 10, 2022 puzzle

Avoid making a mistake.

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Wordle 264 has just gone live for March 10, 2022, and players are hungry for the answer. When the best strategies and starting words fail, we’re here to provide you with everything you need to know about the latest daily puzzle. Whether you prefer clues first or just want to scroll directly to the solution, we’ll get you where you need to go in a matter of minutes.

Wordle 264 clues

Before we spoil everything outright, we like to provide our readers with a series of clues about the answer to each Wordle first. Below, you’ll find three statements about the answer to Wordle 264 in ascending order of transparency. Those who prefer a tiny hint should focus on the first clue, while players who need more direction may prefer last one instead.

Clue #1: The answer to Wordle 264 is a noun.

Clue #2: The answer to Wordle 264 has two vowels: an A in the second position and an E in the fifth position.

Clue #3: Mistakes in judgment may be associated with this.

The Wordle answer dictionary features all kinds of words, but it may help to remember that the possible solutions exclude plurals and intentionally try to focus on everyday language. While there have been some days in recent weeks where that last qualifier has come under fire, we think the March 10 solution is fairly ordinary. You won’t find an S at the end of it either, but looking for one may be helpful elsewhere.

Wordle 264 answer

As our clues suggest, the answer for Wordle 264 is LAPSE.

Here’s the answer to Wordle 264 on March 10, 2022.

The New York Times

Using SLATE as our starting word got us most of the way there, which left us scrambling letters to come up with AISLE as our second guess. Our third attempt was a similar scramble, and it just so happened to be the right one.

In the grand scheme of possible Wordle solutions, we think the March 10 puzzle is a fairly average one. It’s potentially easy to solve given that the chosen word has lots of common letters, but it may be a little challenging in that the word itself is slightly more obtuse than usual. We’d still say it’s part of the everyday English language, but it’s not used quite as often as it could be. This may make it a bit harder for players to recall, but we hope you managed to do so. At the very least, we hope our clues helped you keep your streak alive.

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