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Wordle 243 answer: 3 Clues to solve the February 17, 2022 puzzle

Rattle and roll to Wordle 243.

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Wordle 243 is available to solve, offering fans of the NYT word game another opportunity to be stumped by five letters of fury. After offering players a week of particularly perplexing puzzles, will today’s answer actually be solvable? Can some top-tier strategies and starting words help maintain your streak? We’ve got the clues and facts that reveal everything you should know when playing Wordle on February 17.

Wordle 243 clues

We’re big believers in maintaining the sanctity and challenge of a fun word game like Wordle, and we bet some of our readers are as well. With that in mind, we’ve established a three-clue system that we hope will inch you toward the answer while still giving your brain something to consider. The clues get increasingly more revealing as you progress down the list, so those trying to avoid the most obvious spoilers should probably ignore the last one.

Clue #1: The answer for Wordle 243 is a verb and a noun, but the verb is probably more immediately recognizable.

Clue #2: The Wordle solution has two vowels: an A in the third position, and an E in the fifth position.

Clue #3: It’s the name for a drink that might go very well with a burger and fries.

The standard Wordle rules apply, which means players should anticipate answers that are used in everyday language that don’t leverage plurals. That being said, an S might help you in other ways if you did want to guess a word that had one.

Wordle 243 answer

In case you weren’t able to deduce the answer for Wordle 243 from our clues, the answer to the February 17 puzzle is SHAKE.

Here’s the answer for Wordle 243 on February 17, 2022.

The New York Times

In this case using SLATE as our starting word proved incredibly effective, instantly revealing the precise location of the first and last letters in the solution. With that formation confirmed, it was just a matter of guessing similar words till we reached the correct one. We tried SHARE next, which ended up offering us even more clues, allowing us to easily figure out the aforementioned answer.

It’s been a tough week for Wordle fans, but we think the February 17 puzzle feels like a return to form for the game after a few rounds of torture. As you can see by our guesses alone, the solution for Wordle 243 is easily exposable with a reasonable starting word. It’s made up almost entirely of common letters, and it’s absolutely a word one hears in everyday language that’s also easy to spell. If you were feeling disheartened by Wordle in the past, we hope this one got your win streak back on the right track.

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