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Wordle 227 answer: 3 clues to solve the February 1, 2022 puzzle

Be a pro and find the five-letter pronoun.

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Wordle #227 has just gone live, and we think it may be a tough one to guess compared to yesterday’s extremely common word selection. With that reality in mind, we’re back to offer players a series of clues that may help them solve the latest puzzle in under six guesses. When you’ve used up all the best starter words, we’re here to offer the slight competitive edge you need to keep that daily streak going.

Wordle 227 clues

Before we fully reveal the answer for the February 1 Wordle, we’ll start things off easy with three clues of ascending clarity to potentially help you discover the truth for yourself. In the event you’ve run out of guesses or aren’t sure what your next move should be, we’ll nudge you toward the answer in a way that still gives your brain a little bit of a workout.

Clue #1: Today’s Wordle is not a completely common part of speech, as it’s a pronoun.

Clue #2: There are two vowels in the third and fifth letter positions.

Clue #3: It’s the plural form of “this or ____”

Wordle 227 answer

In the event those clues weren’t enough to lead you to the precise answer, you should know that the solution for the February 1 Wordle is THOSE.

Here’s the answer for the daily Wordle on February 1, 2022.

Josh Wardle

In our case, our usual starter word SLATE led us directly there. It showed us the correct position of E while also revealing the use of both S and T. With these three hints in tow, we were able to guess the answer on our second shot.

Today’s puzzle may be more difficult because it’s not a noun or verb as it typically is, but it still absolutely abides by Wordle’s traditional rules of being part of everyday language. The real saving grace, though, are the vowels in the middle that will hopefully be uncovered by lots of common starter words. In this case, ADIEU won’t be very helpful, but there are certainly plenty of other paths that would work well. Your brain just has to be thinking outside the box a bit to recognize more complex parts of speech.

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