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Wordle 226 answer: 3 clues to solve the January 31, 2022 puzzle

The last Wordle of January ain’t so heavy.

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Wordle puzzle #226 has gone live for January 31, offering players a very ordinary solution for the last day of January. Having trouble figuring out the latest daily word? Want some hints toward the answer without fully cheating your way there? We’ve got plenty of starter word lists and strategies to help you, but, in the unlikely event those fail you, this no-nonsense explainer offers precisely the info you’ll be trying to deduce for the next 24 hours.

Wordle 226 clues

Before outright revealing the answer for Wordle #226, we thought it would be in the best spirit of the game to offer an opportunity to leverage a clue system first. If you’ve run out of guesses or have no idea what your next guess might be, we’ll share these clues to help get you there while giving your brain a little exercise in the process. Each of the three clues gets more revealing the further down the list you go.

Clue #1: The word can be a noun, verb, or adjective depending on the context.

Clue #2: It has one vowel, and it’s in the second letter position.

Clue #3: If today’s word has you left in the dark, the word itself might help you.

Perhaps more than usual, it’s well worth remembering that Wordle’s answer list is made up of commonly used words. The answer for Wordle 226 absolutely falls into this category in a substantial way. It’s also not a plural, so don’t get stuck trying to stuff an S on the end of your late-game guesses.

Wordle #226 answer

As you can see via this screenshot below, the answer to Wordle #226 is LIGHT. To make my way through this puzzle I used SLATE as my standard starter word, which revealed the inclusion of L and T. Leveraging those clues I then selected BUILT, which told me that the T was at the end. Knowing that I, L, and T were all part of the word with a T in the fifth position, I just so happened to try LIGHT as my third guess, which brought me to the solution.

Here’s the solution for Wordle #226 on January 31.

Josh Wardle

If you didn’t guess your way to Wordle 226 today, we bet you’re probably feeling a bit frustrated right now. This is a prime example of a case when an answer can sometimes be so deceptively ordinary that it slips through your fingers. Not to worry, though, tomorrow’s another day. And, if you happen to get stumped again, we’ll still be here to reveal the results.

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