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Where to find the 3 best Watch Dogs: Legion masks near London Bridge

The Pink Pig, Defalt, and Gas masks can be yours.

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You can recruit any person you encounter in Watch Dogs: Legion and customize them as you see fit. The most important cosmetic decision you have to make is to decide what mask you want your recruits to wear when they enter a fight.

While the game starts players off with some masks, you can unlock more throughout the course of the game. Three of the coolest masks you can claim are located around London Bridge. One of them in particular, the hard-to-find Defalt Mask is in an area with a direct reference to the first Watch Dogs game.

If you want your DedSec operatives to look spiffy both outside of and during a fight, here's where you can find three masks in Blue Parcel boxes near London Bridge in Watch Dogs: Legion.

3. Gas Mask

This is where you can find the Black Visor Gas Mask under London Bridge

A Gas Mask is located in a room directly underneath the London Bridge. But if you try walking up to it, you'll see you can't access it as the door in front of the box is locked. To get this one, make sure you have a cargo drone and Spiderbot at your disposal.

Towards the northern end of London Bridge, you'll see an opening to a long vent. Ride the Cargo Drone to it and throw your Spiderbot in there. Crawl out of the other end to end up in the room where you can pick up this mask.

2. Pink Pig Mask

This is where you can find another Pig Mask near London Bridge.


While the first mask you get in Watch Dogs: Legion is a pig mask that has gotten used in a lot of the game's marketing, there are some variations of it throughout London. One of them is near London Bridge in The Roberts and Scott Hall, which is covered in anti-Albion graffiti.

It's the easiest one to get in this area and hard to miss. Right when you walk through the doors that are on the river-side of the building, you should see a small opening that a Spiderbot can crawl through. Interact with the box hidden in there and you'll get this mask.

1. Defalt Mask

You can find the secret entrance to the room with Defalt's mask here.

One of the trickiest masks to find in Watch Dogs: Legion is the Defalt Mask, which is based on the villain from the first game in the series. To find this one, players have to go to the Cannon Street fast travel point just before 2 a.m. in the game. After that, they need to head to the area seen in the image above and jump into the water.

Players will find a secret door there, but it will usually be padlocked. It unlocks right at 2 a.m. before closing shortly thereafter. If you can get into this secret room when it's open, you can find the Defalt Mask in a room full of mannequins. This is that mask near London Bridge that appears to be several meters underwater, know that the game isn't glitching out with that icon.

Watch Dogs: Legion is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

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