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3 First Operative abilities to look for when you start Watch Dogs: Legion

Your first DedSec recruit should have one of these abilities.

Watch Dogs: Legion's cold open has you play as secret agent Dalton Wolfe. But you'll need to select your first new DedSec Operative so the hacking collective can rebuild and overthrow the regime that's taken over London. In Watch Dogs: Legion, anyone in the entire city can be recruited, and each of them has special abilities. The agents that you can start with are procedurally generated, so no two players will have the same exact list of characters to choose from.

That said, there are certain abilities that will be extremely useful for players early on. That's why you should look for a starting character with one of these specialties in Watch Dogs: Legion.

All of the starting characters that players can choose from have one special ability. The best choices will give you a special boost or tool to make combat easier. Vehicles and weapons can be acquired fairly easily, and the recruits that can release other characters from jail or the hospital aren't as useful in the early game or when permadeath is on. So we recommend avoiding starting characters with those abilities.

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That's why we've chosen abilities that will give DedSec some welcome boosts and advantages in a fight ASAP. Even if you aren't a huge fan of your starting character's look or voice, that shouldn't be an issue for long. You can recruit anyone you want in London just a few missions into the story, so don't sweat it. But if you want an early edge, look for the following three abilities.

3. Physically Fit

The Physically Fit attribute is typically given to Watch Dogs: Legion characters that are quite literally physically fit. Having the official perk means that the character takes less damage overall. Early on, when your DedSec team is small and you risk losing the game if permadeath mode is enabled, taking less damage is crucial.

Especially on tougher difficulties, this ability can really make a difference in whether or not your character can survive or escape a fight with their life. It's a great ability to have at your disposal, so why not start with a character that has it?

2. Albion Vendetta

For each enemy faction in the game, there's a special ability that lets your recruit deal more damage to enemies in that specific group. Albion Vendetta will specifically function against the primary enemy faction. Once you gain access to more varied gadgets that can take out enemies quickly, this slight boost to only one type isn't as significant. But early on it can make a huge impact.

You'll fight many different Albion enemies early on, and they remain a threat throughout the entire game. As such, being able to deal extra damage to them during a fight is very useful in Watch Dogs: Legion's first few missions.

1. Cargo Drone

If you find a character that can summon a Cargo Drone in Watch Dogs: Legion, recruit them. This ability lets your Watch Dogs: Legion character summon a large drone that they can climb onto and fly around London on. While summoning stations for cargo drones are spread across predetermined spots in London, being able to summon one of these at any time will let you get the drop on your enemies in almost every situation.

The game will eventually require you to recruit someone with this ability during an early story mission, but even right from the start, the ability is extremely useful. While it's rarer than the other abilities on this list, definitely make your starting character one with this ability if it's an option. Most vehicle summons in Watch Dogs: Legion aren't this exciting, but this one is.

Watch Dogs: Legion is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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