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How to Earn Sweet Rewards Doing Warzone 2.0 Data Heist Public Events

Upload data to earn rewards.

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Warzone 2.0 Data Heist

Activision continues to add intriguing new activities to Warzone 2.0, and the latest addition is the new Data Heist public event. This new feature appears during battle royale matches to give players an opportunity to earn high-value rewards. But, as with many Warzone public events, Data Heist is high risk/high reward, making it a little tricky for players looking to reap its benefits. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you’ll need to know about the Data Heist public event, including its rewards, and tips for completing it.

How to Start the Warzone 2.0 Data Heist

The new Data Heist public event is available on Ashika Island only (not available on Al Mazrah), and appears after the second circle collapse during battle royale matches.

Wait until the second circle collapse and you’ll get a notification for the Data Heist public event.


At this point, three uplink stations will appear in random locations around the map, giving players an opportunity to earn rewards. You’ll get a notification during a match, indicating the public event has started.

How to Complete the Warzone 2.0 Data Heist Public Event

Once the Data Heist public event has started, you’ll see a yellow, dotted circle appear on your tac map, indicating the general location of the computer you need to interact with. Navigate the inside of this circle and the objective will appear on your map once you’re close.

Once you get close to the computer, a waypoint will appear on your map.


Then, approach the laptop and interact with it. Once you do, enemy AI will begin pouring in, and you need to defend the laptop while the data uploads. It’s important to note that you must stay within range of the laptop while the data is uploaded. Getting too far will negate the upload process. Likewise, if enemies get too close to the computer, the upload will stop, so make sure you take them out to resume the process.

It takes quite a lengthy period of time and leaves you as a sitting duck while you defend the point, but you do gain access to decent rewards for your troubles if you make it out alive. It’s worth noting that the process actually goes by faster if you eliminate enemy AI, so make sure you take out every one of them.

Warzone 2.0 Data Heist Rewards

Defend the upload station and take out enemies to complete the Data Heist public event.


What do you get for successfully completing a Data Heist upload? Upon completion, you’ll get XP, cash, and a random piece of tactical equipment. However, squads that complete more than two Data Heist uploads are rewarded with a killstreak, with the possibility of earning an Advanced UAV.

In addition, you’ll need to complete three successful uploads to make progress in the Path of the Ronin questline, which eventually gives you access to the Crossbow. Completing three uploads also rewards you with the Loyalty (Chu Gi) Charm. Thankfully, you don’t need to complete all three in the same match to earn progress.

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