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Untitled Goose Game Dev Reveals Absurd Multiplayer Puzzle Game at The Game Awards

Take a walk.

screenshot from Big Walk
House House
The Game Awards 2023

Just minutes into The Game Awards 2023 (if we’re not counting the pre-show), we already got confirmation of free DLC for God of Wår: Ragnarok, but for fans of cute, weirdo indie games, it may have immediately been eclipsed. House House, the developer of Untitled Goose Game, revealed its first game after the avian nonsense simulation, and somehow it looks even cuter (and weirder).

Details were sparse on House House’s Big Walk, but it does seem to have a much larger scope than Untitled Goose Game, which was mostly confined to a few backyards. This time, you’ll have a vast wilderness area to explore, and you won’t be alone.

Big Walk is the strange, intriguing followup to Untitled Goose Game.

From the scraps of gameplay we saw, Big Walk looks like a multiplayer puzzle game about exploring the woods with your friends. According to House House, it’s set in the Australian bushland (which makes sense, given House House is an Australian studio). Also, your friends are a bunch of weird little birds that look something like a mix between children’s drawings and toys.

Environments are a mix of natural landscapes and artificial structures with the same chunky graphic style as the birds themselves. The puzzles look like they’ll take cooperation between you and other players, which goes far beyond just pushing buttons for each other. Something like a mix of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and the We Were Here series, they involve sharing information and working together to solve puzzles where each player only has a piece of the information they need.

House House describes Big Walk as “a cooperative multiplayer adventure about teamwork and talking” in a press release. It seems that communication will be just as much of a challenge as the puzzles themselves. Big Walk uses a proximity voice chat system, meaning you’ll need to stay close to your friends to hear them, and find other ways to communicate when you’re separated.

Communication is part of the puzzle in Big Walk.

House House

Even when you’re not solving puzzles, your teammates are essential to the experience of Big Walk.

“Adventuring aside, there’s plenty of time to just hang out,” House House says. “Sit and watch the sunset, or steal your friend’s binoculars and kick them into the ocean. Spending time with friends is the best part of a big walk.”

There’s no release date or confirmed platforms yet for Big Walk, but it’s set to release sometime in 2025 on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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