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10 best VR games you can play right now, ranked

The best dips into virtual reality.

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Virtual reality video gaming remains niche rather than the “future of gaming” it was once touted as, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some incredible experiences to be had in VR.

Here are the 10 best VR games you can play right now.

10. Job Simulator (PSVR, PC, Oculus)

Job Simulator falls into the “goofing around in VR” genre, which makes it a fun and accessible entry point. Perform some mind-numbing office tasks or throw hot dogs at robots as a convenience store clerk.

9. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (PSVR, PC, Oculus)

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes tasks one player with defusing a bomb in VR, using instructions relayed from other players reading a real-life manual. The result is a chaotic test of communication and coordination.

8. Tetris Effect (PSVR, PC, Oculus)

Tetris Effect doesn’t do anything particularly novel with VR, but its gorgeous, psychedelic sights and sounds make it feel incredibly immersive from inside a VR headset.

7. No Man’s Sky (PSVR, PC, Oculus)

If you haven’t revisited No Man’s Sky since its disastrous 2016 launch, you’ll find a vastly improved game today. Whether you’re exploring alien landscapes or zipping around in a spaceship, the best way to do it is in VR.

6. Microsoft Flight Simulator (PC, Oculus)

VR brings Microsoft Flight Simulator to a whole new level of immersion. With VR, you can examine your plane’s cockpit controls in detail or gaze out the window at the simulated world around (and below) you.

5. Beat Saber (PSVR, PC, Oculus)

This fast and flashy VR rhythm game makes you feel like you’re swinging two lightsabers around to hit musical notes, making it a decent workout on top of a great game.

4. Star Wars: Squadrons (PSVR, PC)

There are plenty of space sims in VR, but few feel as good to play as Star Wars: Squadrons with its full single-player campaign and multiplayer modes.

3. The Climb 2 (PC, Oculus)

The Climb 2 shows VR’s potential to simulate real but extraordinary scenarios, giving players the chance to scale mountains and skyscrapers alike.

2. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission (PSVR)

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is both one of the best VR games around and one of the best platformers in recent years.

1. Half-Life: Alyx (PC, Oculus)

One of the high points for VR so far, Half-Life: Alyx is a full-featured FPS that gives you tons of ways to interact with the environment.

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