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3 best Teamfight Tactics comps to crush the Galaxies Set 3 competition

One of these combinations is absolutely busted if you can pull it off.

Teamfight Tactics has just received its third big update that introduced an all-new roster of champions, combinations, and new items. Set 3 for the League of Legends-themed auto battler is currently only available on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), but it will ship to live servers on March 18 so everyone can experiment with its new team compositions.

For now, users with early access have been testing out Set 3’s most powerful champion combinations to give the rest of TFT fans an early look at the best game plans. Based on those results, here's how you can crush the competition.

All of the following team comps are late-game builds, meaning you’ll need to make it into the final stages of the game to achieve their full potential. In order to do that, make sure to be conservative with your spending in the early- and mid-game stages. That means resist the temptation to re-roll a lot in order to save enough gold to reach Level 9 to close out the game.

Here are three TFT Set 3 comps that have already seen proven results:

3. Sorcerer and Mech-Pilots

This build relies on getting at least four Sorcerers on the board to boost the magic damage of all three Mech-Pilot units that you’ll be aiming to roll. This is a magic-focused build so adding a Star Guardian and Demolitionist bonus will make it even more destructive. In the end, you should have 4 Sorcerers, 3 Mech-Pilots, 3 Star Guardians, and 2 Demolitionists.

Here’s a reminder of what all of these class bonuses do:

You’ll need to pick up Rumble, Annie, and Fizz to pull off this build. You’ll also want to make Rumble your team’s carry by stacking items like Guardian Angel, Quicksilver, and Jeweled Gauntlet on him.

Rumble’s Flamespitter ability does massive area-of-effect magic damage that will be boosted by literally every bonus of this comp. Get ready to melt your opponent's team if you manage to pull off this combination.

You’ll want to aim for Ziggs, Syndra, Ahri, and Zoe to pad the rest of your team.

2. Brawlers and Blasters

Next is a build that focuses on building a beefy Brawler frontline and an absolutely deadly Blaster backline by leveraging the Chrono bonus. You’ll be shooting for 4 Blasters, 4 Brawlers, and 2 Chrono, which should make your frontline very tanky while your backline rains down hell.

Here’s what you’ll gain for putting this comp together:

Jinx will be your backline carry and Cho’Gath will lead your frontline into battle. This duo is required for this build to and they’re both 4-cost units, which means you’ll need to level up to at least level 7 to begin rolling them more often.

Try your best to build a Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Infinity Edge, or Ionic Spark for your Jinx. But don’t pass up the opportunity to construct a Morellonomicon and Guardian Angel for your Cho’Gath.

The rest of the team should include: Malphite, Blitzcrank, Vi, Lucian, Miss Fortune, Ezreal.

1. Pure Sorcerers

What might be the most overpowered build at the moment: 6 Sorcerer, 3 Star Guardians, 1 Starship, and 1 Mercenary. This build heavily relies on 5-cost units, which means hitting level 9 would be massively beneficial. Much like the first build, this is a magic-focused burst team that is aiming to blow up opponents’ boards.

Here’s a rundown of how these bonuses will power-up your team:

The anchors of this comp are Miss Fortune and Aurelion Sol, which might be difficult to secure, but you can swap out for the less-effective Gangplank and Vel’Koz as needed. Getting high-cost units like these requires you to have a strong economy late in the game, so it's important to save up.

Equip Miss Fortune with Seraph’s Embrace and Jeweled Gauntlet and try to get a Morellonomicon and Guardian Angel on your Aurelion Sol.

The rest of the team should consist of Ahri, Lux, Twisted Fate, Zoe, Syndra, and Annie. All of these team comps will be among the most potent in the new meta, so best of luck on the battlefield using them.

Teamfight Tactics Set 3 is available early on Riot’s PBE and will be on live servers March 18, 2020.

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