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Here's How to Unlock Street Fighter 6's Alternate Costumes

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Street Fighter 6 alternate costumes

Street Fighter 6 is finally here and it boasts a robust character list full of new and returning favorites. While these characters look stylish by default, you can also equip them with alternate costumes, making them look even cooler. In Street Fighter 6, there are two ways to acquire new costumes: By paying real money or by playing World Tour. This gives players multiple ways to earn alt costumes, without forcing anyone to spend additional cash. So far, each character has one alternate costume, but Capcom will likely add more in the future. In this guide, we’ll highlight both methods. Here’s how to unlock alternate costumes in Street Fighter 6.

Pay Using Fighter Coins

Of course, the fastest and easiest way to earn alternate costumes is to purchase them using premium currency — referred to as Fighter Coins in-game.

You can buy Fighter Coins and use them to purchase alternate costumes in Street Fighter 6.


Open the menu, then visit the Shop to see all the different purchasable items, including costumes.

All the costumes cost 50 Fighter Coins; if you click on one, you’ll be taken to the platform’s store, which has various bundles available for purchase. For $5, you can purchase 250 Fighter Coins, which grants access to five additional costumes.

There are other bundles available, including 610 Fighter Coins for $12, 1,250 Fighter Coins for $24, and 2,750 Fighter Coins for $50.

Unlock By Maximizing Bond Level

Maximize your bond with characters in the World Tour mode to unlock their alternate costumes.


The free method will take much longer, but it’s ideal for players looking to save money. With this method, you’ll need to play the World Tour mode and max out your bond with a particular character to unlock their alternate costume. World Tour is a free-roam RPG mode that allows you to pick a mentor and develop a bond with them in between fights.

As you complete quests, you’ll increase your bond level with them, and reaching bond level 100 gives you access to their alternate costume. While completing quests is the most straightforward way to level up your bond, the fastest way is to give presents to your mentors (like in Fire Emblem: Three Houses). You can purchase various gifts such as wrenches, rubber duckies, and food in the Shop. While all gifts will increase the bond level by 1 or 2 points, you’ll want to give characters their specific preferred presents to gain +5 bond levels. Each character has a gift they prefer, so be sure to prioritize these presents to maximize your efficiency.

These presents cost anywhere from 3,500 to 4,700 in-game currency, so you’ll need quite a bit of cash to buy 20 of them (needed to max out the bond level). To farm money, we recommend playing mini-games, which can be completed quickly and yield plenty of cash.

It’ll take around 78,000 to 99,000 currency to buy all the gifts needed to max out a character’s bond level, so keep that in mind. It’s best to start grinding for cash after you’ve completed the main story in World Tour mode.

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