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Everything you need to know about Star Wars Eclipse

The developer behind Detroit: Become Human is making a Star Wars video game.

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Star Wars Eclipse is coming from an unlikely source. Earlier this year, Lucasfilm confirmed it was expanding its deals for video games beyond EA. Star Wars titles from Aspyr, Ubisoft, and Zynga are already confirmed, and now one more Star Wars game not from EA leaked. The developer behind this rumored project? Quantic Dream.

Announced at the 2021 Game Awards, the Detroit: Become Human developer is working on a brand new Star Wars game that reportedly differs significantly from its previous project. We’ve rounded up everything that we know about Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game, from the potential release date to how it will play.

When is the Star Wars Eclipse release date?

Officially, Star Wars Eclipse is in “early development” with no scheduled release date.

You probably shouldn’t expect this game to come out for quite a while. Kotaku and DualShockers’ reports mention that the game has only been in development for the last eighteen months.

Modern video games can take five years or more to make (Detroit: Become Human took roughly six years from the first demo to release), and Quantic Dream hasn’t officially announced this project yet. If this game is real and doesn’t get canceled or delayed, you shouldn’t expect it until 2024 or 2025 at the earliest.

Is there a Star Wars Eclipse trailer?

Yes! the trailer debuted as part of the Star Wars Eclipse reveal at the game awards. You can watch it below. While there’s a lot we still don’t know about the story, Quantic did say the game is set in the High Republic era. This is the era in which the Jedi hit their peak, and it’s currently the area Disney has chosen to mine for most of its recent Star Wars programming. We also see that the game is set in the Outer Rim

The Star Wars Eclipse reveal trailer

What is Quantic Dream?

Quantic Dream is a French game developer founded in 1997 by video game designer David Cage. The studio is best known for its narrative adventure games that adapt to player choice, such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human. Quantic Dream helped establish the genre that Telltale and series like Life is Strange popularized.

While Quantic Dream explores unique storytelling possibilities in games, it is also quite controversial. Many have criticized the company’s portrayal of women in games like Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit Become Human. The developer was also accused of having a toxic and sexist work culture, which Quantic Dream denied in court.

This year, Quantic Dream has was wrapped up several lawsuits surrounding those allegations. Hopefully, the studio can fix these alleged issues, create a safe work environment for its developers, and make a great Star Wars game. Otherwise, we may have to think twice when the title is released.

Is Star Wars Eclipse a narrative adventure?

Quantic Dream is best known for linear, choice-driven adventure games that have wildly different endings depending on what the player does. As such, you’d probably expect a Star Wars game from the studio to be a similar narrative adventure game. Surprisingly, early reports suggest that is not the case.

This game features action elements, which means this droid better be ready.

“It won’t be the conventional type of quick-time-event-driven game we’ve come to expect from the French studio,” Kotaku reports. “Instead, they said, the game will have more traditional action gameplay, and possibly even open world and multiplayer elements.”

Officially, the game is described as an “action-adventure, multiple-character branching narrative game set in the High Republic era of the iconic Star Wars galaxy.” The press release also states that “the game will build upon Quantic Dream's expertise in delivering deeply branching narratives and will go beyond their already established acclaim.”

Will Star Wars Eclipse be a PlayStation exclusive?

Quantic Dream has a long history of being a PlayStation-exclusive studio, so you might think its Star Wars game will be a PS5 exclusive like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Remake. While an exclusivity deal could happen before this game’s announcement, Quantic Dream previously indicated that it is now a multiplatform studio.

The High Republic era was a prime tine to be a Jedi.

Quantic Dream/Lucasfilm

“Quantic Dream is not exclusive to any platform anymore,” David Cage said when I interviewed him for DualShockers in 2019. “Unless there are some specific exclusivity deals on a title-by-title basis, all our games will be released on all platforms at launch.”

No reports about this new Star Wars game have mentioned a platform, so we’ll have to wait and see where the game will release once it’s announced.

Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game is in early development.

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