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All 16 special weapons in Splatoon 3, ranked

Which one’s the most special?

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Splatoon 3 may not massively change anything from past games in the series, but it has loads of little additions and tweaks to gameplay, in an effort to help balance the multiplayer experience. A big part of this includes a wealth of new special weapons, from a stand that lets your party grab stat-boosting sodas to an explosive inflatable dolphin. There are currently sixteen different special weapons, and while you’ll also want to consider the main weapon in each loadout, the special weapon could also be a deciding factor. With that in mind, we’ve ranked every special weapon in Splatoon 3.



Splashdown is the most limited of all the specials.


Splashdown can potentially be useful in ambushes, but the big problem with this special is it’s simply too easy to avoid. The roughly five second countdown before impact gives any opponents a good chance to dodge out of the way, meaning Splashdown generally isn’t very effective.



Inkjet isn’t nearly as useful as in Splatoon 2.


The Inkjet isn’t nearly as useful as it was in Splatoon 2, with its ink blaster having a severely limited range that makes hitting enemies difficult. Ultimately it’s not very good at inking turf of taking out enemies.


Ink Vac

Ink Vac is the weakest of the new specials.


Like Splashdown the Ink Vac can be useful in the right hands, but it’s also extremely easy for the enemy team to avoid. This new special sucks up any ink fired at it, so if the enemy team is on top of things they can simply make sure not to fire, thus making the weapon not nearly as effective.



The Trizooka is deadly but tough to use.


The Trizooka can be an instant elimination if it hits an enemy straight on, but it can also be incredibly tough to get the hang of. This special has a very specific trajectory, so you’ll need to put a bit of practice in before it’s really effective.


Tenta Missiles

Tenta Missiles feel unchanged from past games.


Tenta Missiles is one of the returning specials, and just like before it’s a good middle-of-the-road ability. The multiple missiles it fires are great at inking turf, especially if the enemy is near their spawn point, but it’s fairly easy for opponents to avoid the missiles themselves.


Ink Storm

Ink Storm is a solid choice for support-focused players.


Ink Storm can be a fantastic support ability, but you’re likely not going to get any eliminations with it. If you’re totally focused on inking turf, however, this is a great choice as the cloud has good ground coverage.



Reefslider is at least fun to use.


The Reefslider is easily one of the most fun specials to use, letting you jet forward on an inflatable dolphin that explodes in a cloud of ink. You’ll need a bit of practice, but the sheer range this move has can be an easy way to take out multiple enemies at once.


Crab Tank

The Crab Tank is deadly, but has a vital weakness.


The Crab Tank is an insanely powerful special, but it also has a major weakness that makes you totally vulnerable from behind. As long as you position yourself right, however, you can cover a ton of turf and take out at least a couple of opponents.


Booyah Bomb

Booyah Bomb is essentially a better version of Splashdown.


The Booyah Bomb is like a Splashdown that you can throw, which means it’s insanely useful. Being able to charge up the attack and throw it at any time gives this special unpredictability that can be hard for opponents to read.



The Tacticooler is great, but only if your team uses it.


The usefulness of the Tacticooler relies entirely on your entire team using it, so you’ll want to make sure your team is coordinated. Grabbing one of these drinks lets you move faster and respawn faster, which can easily give a good team an edge.



Zipcaster is the most unique special in Splatoon 3.


The Zipcaster is one of the most interesting new specials, essentially an explosive grappling hook. This special lets you zip around and stick to walls, but the real bonus is that you can still use your regular weapon while it’s active. When used right the Zipcaster can really let you ambush the enemy team.


Ultra Stamp

Ultra Stamp can be good whether you’re focusing on getting elims or inking turf.


The Ultra Stamp can be utterly devastating if used correctly, inking tons of turf and taking the enemy team out in one fell swoop. This special is best used in tight corridors or corners where enemies won’t be able to move or dodge.


Killer Wail 5.1

Killer Wail is perfect for players focused on getting kills.


The new Killer Wail is one of the better choices for players that like to focus on taking out the other team. This special has six homing lasers that fire at enemies, and you can continue to fire your own weapon while it’s active. It’s a great choice for more offensive players.


Triple Instrike

Triple Inkstrike is the best ranged special in all of Splatoon 3.


The Triple Instrike is a deadly special that lets you throw three targeting balls that almost instantly spawn deadly tornadoes. The sheer versatility of this special is really what set it apart, as not only can it get kills but can be used to essentially herd and zone enemies into chokepoints.


Wave Breaker

The Wave Breaker is great for disrupting the enemy team.


Wave Breaker is an insanely powerful special that shoots out damaging waves, and the only way to avoid them is by jumping. In a hectic battle this special can be devastating as it gets hard to focus on fighting opponents and avoiding the waves. As if that wasn’t enough, the Wave Breaker also tags nearby enemies, making it impossible for them to hide in ink.


Big Bubbler

The Big Bubbler can easily change the tide of battle.


Bib Bubbler is an essential special that can utterly change the tide of battle for a team with good coordination. The bubble blocks all enemy attacks but lets you fire outside of it. This means enemies will need to come into the bubble themselves to take you out. A team with mid or long-range weapons can make this special especially deadly.

Splatoon 3 is currently available on Nintendo Switch.

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