How to use the Splatoon 3 QR code in SplatNet 3 to get rad rewards

A stylish reward awaits.

Splatoon 3

Now that Splatoon 3 is available worldwide, players can dive into arguably the best entry in the series yet. But before you jump in, you’ll want to scan a new QR code that was recently shared by the game’s Japanese Twitter account, giving you access to a nifty in-game reward. Unfortunately, utilizing the QR code isn’t as straightforward as you might hope, but in this guide, we’ll show you everything you’ll need to know about getting the free reward. Here’s how to use the Splatoon 3 QR code and what you get for doing so.

How to get the Splatoon 3 QR code

Although the QR code was shared by the Japanese Splatoon account, it functions in other regions, as well.

Simply visit the Twitter link to obtain the Splatoon 3 QR code. After that, you’ll need to utilize the SplatNet3 app, but Nintendo doesn’t make it easy.

How to use the SplatNet3 app to redeem reward

Visit the Lobby Terminal after finishing a match to claim your QR code prize.


The SplatNet3 app isn’t actually available standalone, so don’t expect to find it on the App Store or Google Play. Instead, you’ll need to download the free Nintendo Switch Online app on your mobile device (which you might already have).

Once you’ve done so, log in with the Nintendo account tied to your Splatoon 3 data and you’ll then have the ability to utilize the SplatNet3 app. You have to launch into Splatoon 3 to get SplatNet3 to appear. It’s essentially an app within an app, which is far more convoluted than it needs to be.

From within the SplatNet3 app, use the QR Code Reader in the bottom right to scan the aforementioned QR code. If done correctly, you’ll receive a notice about “celebrating the launch of Splatoon 3.”

After that, you aren’t quite finished yet. You’ll need to then head into the Lobby Terminal from within the game to get your hands on the reward. It’s found on the far end of the city and is represented by an elevator.

Play a standard online match and after it’s finished, head back to the Lobby Terminal and select the Get Stuff option. Here, you’ll see the SplatNet3 Splashtag banner reward.

What are the Splatoon 3 QR code rewards?

You’ll gain access to a nifty Splashtag banner for redeeming the QR code.


The reward is a nifty exclusive Splashtag banner, which you can set from within the Lobby Terminal. It’s a colorful banner that looks more stylish than the default option. Make sure you swap it out after you finish your first online match!

Splatoon 3 is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch now.

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