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Everything you need to know about Sonic 2022

Gotta go fast.

Sonic is coming at you fast. At a recent event called Sonic Central, we learned all about the franchise's future. The event announced a Sonic Colors remaster, a brand new hip-hop-inspired jewelry line, and a whole new Sonic game that’s tentatively called Sonic 2022.

But what’s the deal with that game? When will it zoom past you? What systems will it land on? Will Crush 40 reunite for yet another opening bop? What’s the game even called? There are many questions to answer about the first new Sonic game in four years. Here’s everything that we know.

When is the Sonic 2022 release date?

As the tentative title claims, Sonic 2022 will come out in 2022. We don’t know anything past that about the game’s release. It could be in January 2022 or on December 31, 2022.

Is there a trailer for Sonic 2022?

Yes, there’s a trailer. If you want to call it that. Watch the trailer below:

From the trailer, we can see Sonic or a Sonic-like figure dashing through a forest. As he’s running, Sonic spells out a few markings. First, there’s a loop-de-loop, similar to the classic one that he uses in Green Hill Zone, but it’s inverted.

Sonic’s path gains more clarity as the camera pans out. It spells out some weird symbols. Some have interpreted this as the game title, reading it as “Zap.” But we still have no confirmation on that.

The trailer does confirm that Team Sonic is back at the helm, developing this new game.

Following the teaser, the Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube account commented “Where have I seen that running before?”

This implies that the section that Sonic is running through is either a reference or a remake of an old area. The closest reference found is from the intro of Sonic Adventure, where a zoomed-in Sonic dashes through a forest.

Alternatively, it could just be a reference to the 30th-anniversary trailer from yesterday and we’re all reading too much into a Sonic game.

What consoles will Sonic 2022 be available on?

Sonic 2022 will be playable on everything you can imagine: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Is Sonic 2022 a classic or modern game?

No confirmation yet on this. It could be a modern game featuring 3D Sonic or a classic title with a 2D sidescroller or a mix of both like Sonic Generations.

Sonic from the recent animated series.Sega

Are there leaks for Sonic 2022?

Is Sonic 2022 a video game? Of course there are leaks.

The first leak is more a rumor with some official backing. Sonic 2022 is said to be a remake or sequel to the Sonic Adventure games. There were claims in 2015 that Sega was supposed to release a remake of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 with Sonic Generations style graphics. It was held back due to supposedly being full of bugs and the then-recent failure of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric shaking their confidence in the brand.

The Sonic Adventure remake would’ve featured improved graphics and an entirely remixed soundtrack. It’s possible that Sonic 2022 is another attempt to remaster the Adventure games.

Sonic 2022 could also be a sequel. In Fall 2020, the Sonic Twitter account posted a photo of Super Sonic from Sonic Adventure, calling the design “perfect.” Mike Pollock, who has portrayed Sonic’s adversary Dr. Robotnik for literal years, replied with the SchoolHouse Rock song, “3 is a magic number.” Many believed this to be a hint towards Sonic Adventure 3.

There’s one more leak that appeared after initial Sonic 2022 teaser trailer. A Twitter dataminer named PTKickass was able to use the files in the trailer to discover that the game could be named Sonic Rangers.

This name circulated on leak sites like 4Chan well before this teaser trailer came out.

Allegedly, it’s an open-world game akin to Breath of the Wild, but for Sonic. You complete puzzles, challenges, and defeat enemies to unlock abilities in a skill tree. One ability is called “SpinCycle,” which is the circular ability seen in the teaser.

Your goal is to collect Chaos Emeralds and orbs by defeating enemies. After collecting enough orbs, a portal will open and you’ll enter a cyberspace area. The Cyberspace area is described as reminiscent of levels in Sonic Unleased and Generations

According to a more recent leak, there are Ubisoft style towers throughout the world, meaning you unlock more areas by beating them.

The story will supposedly revolve around a human-ghost girl hybrid.

Is any of this true? We’ll just have to wait and see when Sonic 2022 comes out in 2022.

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