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Everything we know about Smash Ultimate's DLC Fighter 77

Who's gonna be fighting next?

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With Min Min from Arms having joined the Smash Ultimate roster in June 2020, all eyes are on the future. Who will be the 77th character to join the massive crossover fighting game? When will it happen? Did Covid-19 affect development?

Here's everything we know.

When is the Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass 2 Character 77 release date?

We don't know when the next character will release just yet, but we can make a rough estimate from prior fighter pass releases.

While the first Fighters Pass was ongoing, there were three-month gaps between each character. That pass began April 2019 and concluded in January 2020, a month prior to the scheduled deadline in February 2020. Fighters Pass 2 has five fighters left scheduled for release between now and the December 31, 2021 end date.

Therefore, there are around 18 months between Min Min's release and that deadline. With five fighters to go, Nintendo can evenly release characters around every 3-4 months to hit that deadline. The next fighter should, therefore, be released in September or October 2020.

If Nintendo follows their previously established patterns, we should get an announcement for the said character within the same timeframe.


Who is the Smash Ultimate Fighter 77?

Nintendo probably won't announce the next fighter until much closer to the release date, but we have three guesses as to who it could be.

3. Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)

Since the initial release of Smash Ultimate, fans have held out hope that Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes would be added to the party fighting game. He's been rumored on numerous occasions as a character as early as December 2018, a month after release, and as recently as January 2020. Given No More Heroes 3's looming 2020 release window, the character would be a perfect addition that could help hype the Nintendo exclusive further.

2. Waluigi (Super Mario Bros.)

Who doesn't want Waluigi to join the roster? The purple-clad not-a-plumber has been a heavily requested character since long before Smash Ultimate's release. Min Min overturned the cardinal rule of "No Spirits," making anything possible, even Waluigi. Can Sakurai please reunite Wario with his brother?

1. Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney)

Like Travis, Phoenix Wright has a game releasing later this year, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Phoenix is already a veteran of crossover games, appearing in both Project X Zone 2 and Marvel Vs Capcom 3. It would be an easy fit and Phoenix already has popularity in both the west and east.

Sakurai himself during E3 2019


Has Masahiro Sakurai provided any updates on Fighters Pass 2?

No, not yet. We received word in April that development was slowed due to Covid-19, but we're not sure how much the infectious disease changed the targeted release date. Nintendo has yet to alter the December 31, 2021 end date for the full pass, so we can assume they're still on track to some extent.

Smash Ultimate is currently available for Nintendo Switch

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