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4 best Nintendo Switch controllers for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Take your skills to the next level.

If you're coming to grips with Min-Min or simply trying to best your next-door neighbor in Smash Bros. Ultimate, feeling good about your game can be tough. Perhaps your foe simply has a better controller? Thankfully, that's an easy thing to fix. These four accessories will help take your Smash Ultimate skills to the next level.

4. HORI Nintendo Switch Wireless HORIPAD Mario Edition Rechargeable Controller

Imagine you're stuck in a rock and a hard place. You'd love a brand new controller, but can't justify getting one just for Smash. The HORI Wireless controller will work with all your favorite games and allow for ample battery life. It's set up like an Xbox controller. Make sure to give it to friends that aren't adjusted to Nintendo consoles, so they don't have an excuse when they lose. One unfortunate caveat: it's charged using a Micro-USB, so it won't fit with the Switch's USB-C ports without an adapter.

3. PowerA Wireless GameCube-style Controller

If you've ever dealt with a Smash veteran, there's no doubt you've heard tales of the glory of the GameCube controller. Perhaps you've been told that if you're not using a GameCube controller, there's no point to even playing Smash.

They're the status quo for good reason, but Nintendo's licensed goods have nothing on the PowerA Wireless GameCube controller. This one is wireless, allowing it to be utilized from a distance. The controller has modern Nintendo Switch buttons like "home" and "screenshot" seamlessly combined with the classic GameCube setup. Buy this one if you're a gamer that respects the past while looking towards the present.

2. Mayflash F300 Arcade Fight Stick

If you're more adept at Street Fighter II than Smash, you might consider swapping to an arcade-style control setup. You can map every Smash Bros. technique you know to the Mayflash F300. It's a comfortable, intuitive setup that's good for long play sessions with friends and honing your skills to their sharpest. If you one day leave Smash behind, the Mayflash is compatible with Xbox One, PC, and PS4, too.

1.Classic Smash GameCube controller and adapter

While cumbersome and wirebound, the GameCube controller has become standard-issue among competitive Smash players for a reason. You're going to trade out all the modern conveniences present on a normal Switch controller for the sake of being the best. The deep trigger buttons and maneuverable C-Stick give you ample reason to come back to this one. When you're playing Smash, there's really nothing

Make sure to always get an official Nintendo-made GameCube adapter, if you do need one. Other brands can be finicky and won't always work.

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