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Here's exactly how long it takes to beat Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village lands on PC and consoles this week. Here's how long you can expect to play it.

The reviews are in. Critics are loving Resident Evil Village, and not just because of the tall vampire lady. Capcom’s latest installment is being praised as a perfect combination of action and horror, though our own review felt it was a bit uneven.

For those who can’t wait to pop in this weekend, you’re probably wondering how long it’ll be. After all, it’s the biggest Resident Evil game yet in some respects due to its open village map. Here’s exactly how long it’ll take you to beat the main story and what you can expect to keep you occupied after the credits roll.

How long is the Resident Evil Village playtime?

There seems to be a consensus among many who have played the game already on this. The main story takes around 8-10 hours to beat.

There can be some slight variation in that final count. Unlike most Resident Evil games, this one has a few side objectives. Throughout the game, you’ll get markers on your map indicating the location of hidden treasure. These act as mini side-quests that can send you hunting for a key to open a door or an optional area to explore. Despite there being a handful of them, they don’t add too much to the clock. In our playthrough, we completed just about every one and still finished the game at around nine hours.

Lady Dimitrescu stalks Ethan Winters in Resident Evil Village.


There are a small handful of optional activities too. There’s a cooking system in the game, which grants certain boosts for hunting down different animals. Getting every single one will require some thorough scavenging, which boosts the 100 percent completion another hour or two.-

All things considered, it’s not quite the biggest Resident Evil game ever when it comes to playtime. It’s about on par with Resident Evil 7, but notably shorter than Resident Evil 4, which is its closest parallel gameplay-wise. It also doesn’t feature extra paths like Resident Evil 2, so there are no new scenes in additional playthroughs.

Is there a Resident Evil Village post-game?

Those who want to keep playing after credits roll will have a fair amount to do. Beating the game opens a CP system where players get currency for completing certain achievements. First and foremost, that can be used to buy the Mercenaries mode after credits. This is an action-arcade mode where players gun down waves of monsters and try to get a high score through different maps.

Promo art for Resident Evil Village’s Mercenaries mode.


CP can also be used to buy new weapons and things like unlimited ammo. The game has a new game plus setup where starting over lets you use every item you collected in the main game. Those who are really committed can play over and over to grind achievements, unlock every item, and try to speed run the story. In fact, certain achievements require players to beat bosses in record speed, so there’s a lot to perfect.

CP can also be spent on concept art and figures, so there are a lot of different ways to spend points. The main story might be enough for some, but hungry fans will have plenty of meat to sink their teeth into here.

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