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Where to Find Every Rat for the Resident Evil 4 More Pest Control Requests

How to exterminate all the rats for each Pest Control Request.

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Resident Evil 4
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The Resident Evil 4 remake is a mostly faithful remake that enhances an already great experience with some new surprises, including a new series of side quests called Merchant Requests. These are optional missions that often require you to collect specific items or eliminate certain enemies. While many of these requests are straightforward, the Pest Control missions have caused some trouble throughout the game. These requests require you to eliminate rats across various chapters, but finding these vermin is a tricky task. Here’s how to complete the Pest Controls requests in Resident Evil 4.

Pest Control Request

To accept this mission, you’ll need to grab the request pinned on the tank next to the Merchant at the start of Chapter 2. This is your first time encountering the Merchant, just after you escape the abandoned factory at the beginning.

The Pest Control request is found next to the Merchant in chapter 2.


After you’ve accepted the request, head back into the abandoned factory to take out the three rats. You can take them out with your knife, but definitely actually easier to just shoot them.

Pest Control Request Rat Locations

Rat 1

Head back inside from the Merchant’s area, open the large gate, make a right, and then open the first door to reach the first rat.


You can take out the rats in any order, but the first one you’ll come across on your way back is after the first door, next to the broken-down wall.

Rat 2

The next rat is found just after you hop through the destroyed window.


Continue back through the abandoned factory, hop through the window, and you’ll find the next rat at your feet. It’ll be next to some boxes and debris.

Rat 3

The last rat is close to the second one, and is located next to the ovens.


From the second rat, simply look toward the ovens in the same room, and you’ll see the third rat.

After you’ve eliminated all three, head back to the Merchant and turn in the request. He’ll reward you with three Spinels, which are a currency used to obtain useful items such as weapon attachments, treasures, or even maps.

More Pest Control Request

The next request, More Pest Control, is found close to the goat/snake/lion statue on a wall right next to the door that leads to the Dining Hall. This is in Chapter 9.

More Pest Control Rat Locations

Rat 1

Head inside the Dining Hall and you’ll see this rat running around on the carpet right away.

Rat 2

Exit the Armory from the bottom floor and you’ll find the next rat in the hall that leads to the Grand Hall.

Rat 3

You’ll have to wait until Chapter 10 to find this rat.


In Chapter 10, make your way through the dark library and you’ll find the last rat in a hallway with animal heads mounted on the walls.

Even More Pest Control Request

You’ll find this request in the Merchant room between Waste Disposal and Cargo Depot in Chapter 14. It’s opposite of the Merchant himself.

Even More Pest Control Rat Locations

Rat 1

The first rat is located on the far west side of Waste Disposal in the hallway that leads south.

Rat 2

Head back across the bridge (have Ashley turn the valve) and then make your way to the right, where you’ll find the next rat.

Rat 3

Two rats are found in this area.


From the previous, head north, follow the path, and you’ll cross a walkway. Ahead, you’ll see the green computer monitor on the wall. Before this, there’s an area to your left with a bunch of trash. The rat is here.

Rat 4

The final rat is found running around in front of the aforementioned green computer monitor.

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