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What to know about Resident Evil 3’s launch, from start time to download size

Everything you need to know ahead of Jill Valentine's latest.

In just a few short days, one of the most underrated Resident Evil games ever is getting a full remake. While you can play through the Racoon City Demo and Resident Evil Resistance beta as much as you want right now, Resident Evil 3 remake will be available very soon across most platforms.

But how large is the game download? Can you pre-load it to your console? And when can you start playing? Here's all that and everything else you might need to know about the Resident Evil 3 remake's launch.

Resident Evil 3 remake release date and start times

Capcom will release Resident Evil 3 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on April 3, 2020 alongside Resident Evil Resistance, an asymmetrical multiplayer experience that was revealed even before the remake was. The Resident Evil 3 remake was unveiled during Sony's December 2019 State of Play, and this release date was confirmed at that point.

As for when you can hop in and start playing, the PlayStation Store promises that players can jump in right at 12 a.m. Eastern on April 3. Capcom has not officially revealed start times for the other two platforms, though it's safe to assume that the start time won't be too far off on PC or Xbox One.

When can I pre-load Resident Evil 3?

While the game officially releases at midnight on April 3, you'll have to pre-load Resident Evil 3 to start playing right at that moment. Anyone who purchases the digital version directly through their PS4 or Xbox One can already pre-load the entire game, and that's probably also the case with digital versions acquired through other retailers as well.

What is the file size of Resident Evil 3?

Following our review, Inverse can confirm that Resident Evil 3 is 23.8 GB on PS4. That's fairly small in comparison to other AAA games like Call of Duty: Warzone, though installing Resident Evil: Resistance as well will require players to allocate another 19.3 GB. The PlayStation Store listing suggests players free up 25 GB for each, so aim for a total of 50 GB.

While you may have to delete a game or two to make space for Resident Evil 3, it won't require the mass-uninstallation of some of its peers.

As always, the game's file size varies slightly by platform. The Microsoft Store listing indicates a file size of only 21.95 GB, while the game's Steam page asks players to have 45 GB of space ready.

What are the Resident Evil 3's digital pre-order bonuses?

If you can't help yourself and want to immediately pre-order Resident Evil 3, you will be getting some nice bonuses. No matter what platform you pre-order the game on, you'll get the Classic Costume Pack. This DLC will give main characters Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira their classic costumes and hair.

For those pre-ordering on PS4, you'll also be getting an exclusive theme as soon as you pre-order. If you decide to get the game physically from Best Buy, you'll get a steelbook case as well.

No matter what platform you decide to purchase Resident Evil 3 on, you'll be getting one or more exciting bonuses.

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