Resident Evil 3 leaks reveal the dazzling makeovers for its grossest enemies

The glorious return to the bloody streets of Raccoon City is almost here.

The upcoming remake of 1999's Resident Evil 3 will let gamers relive Jill Valentine’s blood-soaked trek through the zombie-infested Raccoon City, but a whopping 36 screenshots just leaked that give fans of the survival shooter an early glimpse at the upcoming title’s gameplay, environments, and enemies. They include everything from a nasty new giant frog mutant to the classic villain Nemesis and his giant flamethrower.

The batch of new images originated from French games site Gamergen and were reposted on Reddit and other forums on Sunday. The combination of in-game snapshots and concept art has revealed that Capcom is designing the game similarly to the more recent RE2 Remake and RE7 while giving diehard fans of the 21-year-old game a horrific nostalgia trip.

Here’s everything we learned about the RE3 Remake from the leaks.

Classic baddies will be more terrifying than ever

The RE3 Remake will follow the same events as the original but with the help of modern computer graphics, the game’s most iconic mutants and zombies will be more bloodcurdling than ever before.


Intelligent bioweapon Nemesis, who hunted Jill for the entirety of RE3, will return to chase players down. Nemesis was the primary focus of the leaks, which confirm that Capcom stayed true to this monsters original design. His remastered character model looks fleshier, deadlier, and more menacing.

That's one scary frog.


Hunter Gamma is a mutated frog-humanoid that escaped a stasis chamber and attacked Jill in RE3. The amphibian monster appears to be much larger than its original model and is constantly spitting up slimy drool.

Kill it with fire, we say.

Grave Digger saying 'AAAAHH'.


The sewer-dwelling Grave Digger is also making a comeback and it also looks much bigger than it appeared in OG RE3. The leaks included a graphic photo of the killer-worm’s gaping maw.



Finally, the absolutely appalling Drain Deimos also appeared in the list of images. This mutated flea appeared hairy in the 1999 game, but Capcom has opted to make the beast more muscly and plated with insectoid armor plating.

A creepier camera angle

The RE3 Remake will make use of the same over-the-shoulder camera angle that Capcom used for the RE2 Remake and RE7. RE3 first featured a more detached third-person camera angle that gave players full view of each room they were in. This tighter camera will hopefully make it easier to aim and make monster encounters even scarier since players won’t be able to see what’s lurking behind them.

Bundled with Resident Evil Resistance

Sunday’s leaks also suggested that the RE3 Remake will come bundled with Resident Evil: Resistance and add more enemy units to the multiplayer spin-off for the series. There were multiple images of the game’s unnamed protagonists fending off Brain Suckers from RE3.

Brain Suckers will be featured in 'Resident Evil: Resistance'.


Capcom’s horror franchise has been going through a renaissance recently. The company announced that RE7 (2017) had just sold seven million copies worldwide and in 2019, the RE2 Remake outsold the 1997 version.

These leaks of the upcoming RE3 Remake have confirmed the company is trying to recreate the same nostalgic magic that made the RE2 Remake such a huge success.

The Resident Evil 3 remake will be released on April 3, 2020.

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